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Friday, September 28, 2012

Planning a Destination Wedding? Here’s What All Inclusive Resorts Won’t Tell You!! (Formula 6)

Going on a once in a lifetime vacation is everyone's dream come true. But what if what you see on the website misleads you to believe that after your initial payment you will not have to pay for anything else. But that is not always true. There are many things that are not initially included with the “all inclusive” package, and they won’t notify you until you have already arrived. So to make sure you are getting what you paid for check out our list of tips!

1.      Not every “all inclusive” resort is the same. Each resort has different things that they include in their packages. Make sure to read the fine print! Many times they DO NOT include things like 24 food and drink, motorized water sports, off the resort activities, happy hour is restricted and does not always include top shelf, spa, and certain clubs and restaurants even on the resort may not be included.
2.      Are flights included? Flights are a difficult thing to book because prices change depending on the season. Many times all inclusive resorts do not include the flight and if they do it is a very close airport, not one from across the country. Be careful of booking charter flights! Though they may be cheaper they are not known for re booking a canceled flight or reimbursing you either.
3.      Be sure to find out if they offer natural disaster insurance. For example if there is a hurricane and your trip is cut short this insurance will make sure that you are reimbursed for any part of the vacation you were unable to use.
4.      Make sure to get a confirmation number and any information regarding confirmation of your payment. Sometimes credit cards don’t go through or they loose your reservation. So to avoid this unfortunate misunderstanding bring all of that information with you on your trip, if this does happen they may even upgrade your room for the inconvenience!
5.      Make sure to find out if the hotel provides transportation to and from the airport. If not be sure to look that up ahead of time. Your best bet may to be to rent a vehicle right at the airport. It will save you a lot more money than paying a taxi fee of $150 each way.

So book and enjoy your fabulous and truly “all inclusive” vacation!

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