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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Down To A Science

An engagement ring is probably the most important and significant piece of jewelry a girl will ever receive.  It should be selected very carefully and have much thought behind it.  But how are we supposed to give all of our trust to a silly guy I mean fiance to pick this out? Well here are some tips, facts, and fun information of the anatomy of an engagement ring:

Emily Maynard's, ABC's most recent Bachelorette, Neil Lane ring from fiance and winner Jef Holm.
  • Engagement bands began in ancient Egypt, as the circle was used to symbolize the never ending cycle and the space in it as a gateway. 
  • Most people in the United States, England, France and Canada wear their engagement rings on their left hand, because of the old tradition that a vein in the fourth finger led directly to the heart.
  • On the other hand, in many countries including Germany, Russia, India and Norway, brides wear engagement rings and wedding bands on their right hands.
  • Is your love solid as a rock? All of these gemstones lead the pack in popularity and hardness:
  • The cut of your gemstone is the most important characteristic! Which one matches your personality?
  • A vast array of settings are available. Which one is best for you?

For more information on rings and assistance in planning your big day contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!


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Friday, September 28, 2012

Planning a Destination Wedding? Here’s What All Inclusive Resorts Won’t Tell You!! (Formula 6)

Going on a once in a lifetime vacation is everyone's dream come true. But what if what you see on the website misleads you to believe that after your initial payment you will not have to pay for anything else. But that is not always true. There are many things that are not initially included with the “all inclusive” package, and they won’t notify you until you have already arrived. So to make sure you are getting what you paid for check out our list of tips!

1.      Not every “all inclusive” resort is the same. Each resort has different things that they include in their packages. Make sure to read the fine print! Many times they DO NOT include things like 24 food and drink, motorized water sports, off the resort activities, happy hour is restricted and does not always include top shelf, spa, and certain clubs and restaurants even on the resort may not be included.
2.      Are flights included? Flights are a difficult thing to book because prices change depending on the season. Many times all inclusive resorts do not include the flight and if they do it is a very close airport, not one from across the country. Be careful of booking charter flights! Though they may be cheaper they are not known for re booking a canceled flight or reimbursing you either.
3.      Be sure to find out if they offer natural disaster insurance. For example if there is a hurricane and your trip is cut short this insurance will make sure that you are reimbursed for any part of the vacation you were unable to use.
4.      Make sure to get a confirmation number and any information regarding confirmation of your payment. Sometimes credit cards don’t go through or they loose your reservation. So to avoid this unfortunate misunderstanding bring all of that information with you on your trip, if this does happen they may even upgrade your room for the inconvenience!
5.      Make sure to find out if the hotel provides transportation to and from the airport. If not be sure to look that up ahead of time. Your best bet may to be to rent a vehicle right at the airport. It will save you a lot more money than paying a taxi fee of $150 each way.

So book and enjoy your fabulous and truly “all inclusive” vacation!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shoes..the Girls TRUE Best Friend

Since we all can remember the saying goes “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But honestly we all know that’s so not true. How many of us can actually afford to splurge on diamonds…not many. However, we all know who are real friends are…SHOES! Not many what type of woman you are we all love shoes! We all have that one special pair that we love to wear. They make us feel beautiful not matter what and always fit! They are there for us on our “fat” days and always make us feel better when we’re under the weather! So it comes to reason that on our wedding day the shoes are to be just as carefully chosen as the dress. But what type of shoe is appropriate for each occasion? The answer is whatever you want! Yes the dress should match the theme, but the shoes are your personality statement! So flaunt it ladies and show off your real best friends!

·         The Pump- if you can handle a little heel on your big day the pump is your friend! They come in short and tall heels and usually have a rounded toe.
·         The Pointed Stiletto- with its pointed toe, this is a very sexy shoe. Also can come in short and tall heel, but usually is pretty tall. Great for those who want longer looking legs.
·         The Flat- flat shoes are perfect for weddings because they are so comfortable, but you don’t have to trade in comfort for fashion! They come in every style you can think of!
·         The Mary-Jane- usually quickly identified by its signature single strap over the top of the foot. These are a comfortable and cute heel.
·         The Ankle Boot- great for those colder weddings where you want style but don’t want your toes to fall off!
·         The Rainboot- for those quirky brides who want a little funk on their big day

·         The Sneaker- show off your punk! Great for those cute tea length dresses! Not to mention your feet will thank you at the end of the night!
·         The Flip-Flop- we all love our sandals. These are perfect for beach weddings and you can get special ones that imprint sayings in the sand as you walk.
·         The Wedge- wedges are a great way to wear a heel because they provide support to the whole foot, making it a lot easier to wear them the entire night.
·         The Slingback- and open toe heel, can be small or tall. The shorter heel is the better choice in this shoe as the straps and heel are usually very thin and can be difficult to walk in. Make sure to get a pedicure!
·         The Peep-Toe Platform- very high heeled shoes, similar to a pump but have a cute cutout in the bottom to show off your toes.   

“What do women want? Shoes.” ― Mimi Pond

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Are you one of those honored guests who have been asked or are obligated to give a speech at someones wedding or dinner? Or are you having trouble coming up with the right words? Don’t worry lots of people do! Not to mention the stage fright and nerves that come with. However, with these few simple tips you will be on your way to giving a great speech at the wedding! And are sure to bring lots of smiles and laughs to the happy occasion!

1.      Be creative- don’t be afraid to tell a funny or embarrassing fact to open up! It brings in the crowd and by the time you get to the serious part everyone will be delighted! 

2.      If you’re nervous about speaking alone do it with another guest/friend.

3.      Add a special touch by creating a video montage or PowerPoint to go along with your speech. Also gives the guests a visual interest too!

4.      Don’t drag on the story. Rehearse your speech, and try to keep it under 3-5 min long. The ideal time is about 3 min, but for montages a little longer is acceptable. Guests don’t want your entire childhood history. 

5.      What to talk About? Unsure about what to say here are some ideas!
·         How you met the bride and groom
·         What do they mean to you and your life
·         Tips on a happy marriage
·         Special people in the couples life
·         Milestones in their lives
·         Describe their different characters (be funny!)
·         Wish them the best
·         Thank all guests for coming

6.      Do NOT get drunk before your speech. Guests cant understand you if your drunk and slurring your words. Plus it would be really embarrassing if you fell down or puked on the happy couple. However, a quick shot before to calm your nerves is fine. 

7.      Don’t roast the couple. Steer away from touchy subjects or mistakes they have made in the past.

8.      Be genuine- say what you mean and mean what you say. Your speech will be received better if it has heartfelt emotion and the bride, groom, and guests can feel your honest and true intentions. 

9.      When talking into the microphone its best to keep it about the length of your index finger to your pinky. This will ensure your words are clear and you don’t muffle the speaker. Plus no one wants to talk into the microphone if you have slobbered all over it. 

10.  Keep your thank you’s broad. Try not to single out specific people as this may offend others that they were not mentioned. Ex) thank you mom’s, dad’s, friends, and family.

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Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here Comes the….Dog?

            Do you love your furry friends so much that you want them to be a part of your special day? Many couples are dressing up their pooches to walk down the aisle alongside their adoring masters. From Collie’s in Couture to Teacups in Tiaras couples everywhere are dressing up their best friends to celebrate their union!
            Dog formal wear is becoming more and more popular every year. It is not in your everyday pet store, however is still extremely easy to buy. There are many online stores who specialize in doggie formal wear and can also customize them to your specific breed and theme! Some salons also rent/ sell formal wear for dogs so next time your there ask your stylist for a fitting!
            So if you want to have a “dog” bearer instead of a ring bearer here are some websites to dress your doggie!



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Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Best Venues in Detroit Metro

        Having trouble finding that perfect venue for your special day? Do you live or want to plan your wedding in the Detroit Metro area? Well look no further ladies! We at You’re The Bride have compiled a list of the most popular and beautiful wedding venues for you! All of these venues would be perfect for a spectacular traditional wedding, but if you would like to spice things up a bit have no fear! Each venue listed can be decorated to your taste and theme!

1.      Colony Club- has a gorgeous grand ballroom, ornate celings and wood moldings, marble staircase, beautiful chandeliers, and can fit a large wedding party of up to 400 people.

2.      The Inn at St. John’s- this is a 3 story building, it has multiple ballrooms to choose from to fit almost every wedding theme, also includes its own chapel and hotel! This building can accommodate small and larger wedding parties ( call for specific ballroom capacities).

3.      Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center- lavish setting in the center of downtown Detroit is sure to blow your guests minds! This is a riverfront location and plenty of photography opportunities! Their ballroom offers a whopping 1,800 guest capacity and 1,298 guest rooms so everyone is sure to find a place to stay!

4.      Cherry Creek Golf Club and Banquet Center- this golf club is open to the public and is a gorgeous space. With both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony or reception options your wedding will be a hit! Also provides great catering service and seating for up to 600 people!

5.      Edgewood Country Club- has a variety of rooms to choose from for your wedding reception, and a superb catering service to go along with it! Seating capacities for small intamite weddings all the way up to large elaborate celebrations Edgewood is the place to be!

6.      Gandy Dancer- built in 1886 this historic location is sure to knock your socks off! It has been professionally restored and has a beautiful restaurant to fit your needs. Guest capacity depends on the room selected.

7.      The Reserve- if you love wine country this is your venue. A California vineyard atmosphere provides a state-of-the-art facility to fit almost every guest capacity.

8.      Tre Monti- if you love Italian then you will love the Tre Monti Ristorante! Has a huge patio and many elegant rooms to accommodate up to 250 guests! Also has a gorgeous winding staircase and a dining experience you will not regret!

9.      Summit on the Park- a super luxurious venue, great hall and grand ballroom are sure to create a gorgeous setting. They offer cathedral celings, floor to ceiling windows, and can fit up to 350 guests!

10.  Laurel Manor- a very eleagant and sophisticated venue. It provies an excellent catering service as well as multiple ballrooms to accommodate any guest size! From a smaller wedding of 140, all the way up to 1400 in attendance! Also provides gorgeous grounds for unforgettable photography opportunities.

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Congratulations on Your Engagement!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Freeze Frame

Looking for some interesting ways to spice up your wedding photos? Well look no further! As if fireworks and sparklers aren't amazing enough, photographers have been taking them to the next level.  By change the shutter speed of a camera lens to a slower setting, photographers can capture things that would normally not be able to in the same amount of time.  With this feature, you can take sparklers and take photos of spelling a name, words, and other unique images.  Just ask your photographer and they should most likely be able to this!

For more cool photography tricks and assistance in planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Does Anyone Have a Depend?

Yes, you heard right! There are brides who are so busy on their wedding day that they do not have time to go to the bathroom! Or they have gowns that are so large and difficult to maneuver that they can’t get into the bathroom stall! Some brides are now just saying forget about the hassle and put on an adult diaper for the day! This allows them to just go wherever they are and slip on a new one within seconds, an all this without 3 ladies in the restroom trying to keep the dress from falling in the toilet water!
            For those of you who think this sounds like something you’re interested in they actually sell them! Online is the most popular and diverse place you will find them. They are actually called “Bridal Diapers”, but they are a little pricy. They tend to crinkle less than normal adult diapers and are more discreet. The brides who have chosen to wear them on their wedding day say that it saved them so much aggravation when making a restroom trip and found that they really didn’t notice them. They are most popular with brides who have extremely expensive or very ornate and complex wedding gowns. These brides just don’t want to ruin their dress and decide that a bridal diaper is a safe and very effective way to do just that.
            So if you are interested in purchasing or at least trying a bridal diaper here are a few sites and stores to visit!

For those of you who would still like to wear a “Bridal Diaper”, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one, any adult diaper will do the same. For example, Poise, Depend, and Tena are all great alternatives. So stay dry ladies! Check out these coupons
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Key To Success

The first steps into planning your perfect wedding is grasping your ultimate goal and appearance of the grand scheme of things.  Before going into all of the details, it's good to picture the general look and feel of how you want wedding.  In order to do that, it's good to have some standard ideas to success in planning your wedding.  Here are some great tips to get you started:

  1. Remember your guests
  2. Get a theme
  3. Decor
  4. Get personal
  5. Don't skip the cocktail hour
  6. Don't skimp on the food
  7. Have assigned seating
  8. Don't skip out on the entertainment
  9. Get the party started
  10. Get professional help
For more tips on wedding planning and assistance in planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving Mountains

As an intern at You're The Bride, I have been exposed to quite a lot in such a short amount of time.  I have family and friends come way and asking for my "professional" advice and I feel honored that I can actually give them some.  This has encouraged me to research additional outside aspects of the industry on my own.  I would like to highlight a personal favorite of mine in the photography department, Abbey Moore Photography.

Abbey is a recent graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in Journalism.  Recently, she photographed a great friend of mine's older sister's engagement photos.  Emily and Andy live in Colorado where Emily attends law school in Denver and Andy is an engineer.  I just happen to come across photos from the shoot and have never seen any pictures like it!  Abbey's photography is absolutely outstanding and would be a great choice for a wedding!

For more information on planning your big day contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nothing But The Best at your Detroit Wedding

Now that the glory of the engagement is over, it's time for the planning to commence!  Take a deep breath, because if you have the right tools planning a wedding is fairly easy. The key to planning any wedding is knowing what tasks to tackle first before moving on to the smaller things. Here are some of the best ways and things to do when going about planning your wedding:

  1. Get organized - The overall wedding plan will be your guide to creating a wedding without the hassle. Sit down with pen,paper, and note cards and write down a list of all the details you can think of for your wedding. That list should include everything from the date, gown, church, and flowers to the vehicles, music, and d├ęcor. No detail is too small for this list. Do not worry if it seems to be taking up a few packages of note cards. Just write until you cannot think of another detail.
2. Create a timeline - This will help guide you through the process. As a general rule, things like venue and date usually come first, as you will need to settle those items so you know how long you have to get the other things like your dress and flowers. They will also help you to set the main part of your budget. Once you have your cards in line, do it for your other piles.

3. Match tasks; save time and money - You can then compare piles and see which items you can combine. For instance, you may have flowers at your reception and your wedding, which you will order at the same time. Your venue may provide you with a caterer and cake designer, which will make planning a little easier. If you still feel overwhelmed or have no idea where to find the things that you need for your wedding, you need to seek out some help. Planning a wedding takes a lot of footwork and asking questions.

For more information on planning your big day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!


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Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Wedding Woes to Avoid When Planning

It all comes down to one day so there's no room for error! Here are ten of the biggest mistakes to prevent on your special day:

  1. Blowing your fashion budget on just the dress.
  2. Getting attached to specific flower types.
  3. Handing out save the dates too soon.
  4. Skipping a wedding videographer.
  5. Micromanaging your vendors.
  6. Picking your attendants too early.
  7. Telling everyone about your wedding.
  8. Starting your hair and make up too late.
  9. Speeding through photos.
  10. Hiring a friend instead of a pro.

For more information on planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy Planning


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Set Me Up!

While upcoming prospects in the hospitality industry are undoubtedly in need of a good education nowadays, there is much more than just street smarts that meet the eye.  Have that hands on work experience is just as, if not as important.  Many more personal and direct situations will be encountered and addressed.

A friend recently shared with me that her friend recruited some college students from the school's hospitality program to help out. The first thing they were asked was the proper way to set a table.  No one answered. These are things that students most likely will not learn in school but have a better chance of learning at a job position. This gave me the idea to explain the proper way to set a table for a formal dinner.  Here's the steps to do so:

Special occasions require a more formal table than the traditional five-piece place setting. Luckily, the modern art of table setting is quite simple once you understand a few basics. 
Settings vary slightly by country and personal preference, and there's no absolute right or wrong. If you learn the essentials of a well-set table, we guarantee you'll feel like a more confident, comfortable host no matter the occasion.

"Once you realize table setting is based on logic, things become less intimidating," says etiquette consultant Pamela Hillings, author of "Manners in a Minute: Dining." For example, you begin eating a meal by using the flatware at the outside left and right, and then work toward the plate as the meal proceeds. Stemware is set above and to the right of the dinner plate; bread-and-butter plates sit above the plate and to the left.

Flatware should align with the bottom rim of the charger, a large plate, which will be removed after everyone spreads his napkin on his lap (napkin rings, customary at family meals, may be used as a festive decoration). The water glass stands above the dinner knife, white wine to its right, and red wine top center.

Soup is served in a heated soup dish atop a dinner plate, and eaten with the soupspoon, at outer right. When every guest has finished and laid his spoon, bowl up, across the upper righthand corner of the plate, the plate, bowl, and spoon will be removed. The bread-and-butter plate and butter knife remain.

A midsize plate arrives bearing the fish course. Use the short, broad fork at outer left and the fish knife at outer right. When they have finished this, or any other, course, guests should place their silverware diagonally across the plate -- handles at 4:20 and knife blade facing in.


Course two has been cleared, leaving the table set for the main course. The large dinner plate may be brought in either bearing a portion of food or empty, if food is to be served at the table. In either case, the plate should be preheated unless the main course is served cold. Eat with the dinner fork and knife.

Salad is served on a midsize plate and eaten with the remaining fork, which has a broader end tine than other forks and can be used for cutting. After this course, the bread-and-butter plate, butter knife, and both wineglasses will be cleared, along with the salad plate and fork, leaving the table set for dessert.

A small dessert plate arrives along with a coffee or teacup and a teaspoon. Use the cake fork and the dessert spoon, laid across the top of the setting before the meal began (note that the fork's tines are set facing right and the spoon's bowl facing left). The water glass is the only stemware still on the table.

For more information on table settings or assistance in planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Like Good Newlyweds, Your Wedding Insurance Is There.

One of the best things that you can do for your wedding is to protect the special day. So, have you ever talked to your fiance about wedding insurance? Here are just a few reasons to really consider getting insurance for your wedding day:

  1. Protect yourself against financial losses and unhappiness.
  2. If severe weather, unexpected illness or military deployment force the event to be cancelled, wedding/event insurance can provide the financial freedom to reschedule.
  3. Coverage in the event of property damage to a venue, personal injury, or alcohol-related accidents.  Many venues now require purchase their own liability polices. Liability coverage can be purchased with or without a cancellation policy and you can add the venue as an additional insured at no extra charge.
  4. Insurance can provide important financial protection.  If an unforeseen occurrence forces the cancellation of an event, or an incident rules in significant liability on the part of the host/honoree, having the right insurance coverage can help make things right when things go wrong.
For more information on wedding insurance or assistance in planning your big day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or email.

Happy planning!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Dance With Dad

From country to pop to rock n' roll, these touching turns offer a fresh take on that dance with dad:

  1. Always, in All Ways - Kenny Loggins
  2. The Best Day - Taylor Swift
  3. Constellations - Jack Johnson
  4. Count On Me - Bruno Mars
  5. Daddy - Beyonce
  6. Daughters - John Mayer
  7. Dream Big - Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband
  8. Gracie - Ben Folds
  9. Hero - Mariah Carey
  10. I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
  11. I Loved Her First - Heartland
  12. Kind and Generous - Natalie Merchant
  13. Let Your Heart Sing - Katharine McPhee
  14. My Little Girl - Tim McGraw
  15. My Wish - Rascal Flatts
  16. Somethin' Special - Colbie Caillat
  17. Thank You - 33Miles
  18. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
  19. Your Song - Elton John
  20. You've Got a Friend - Scotty McCreery 

For more information on selecting Father/Daughter dance songs or assistance in planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!


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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Detroit September Couple of the Month ~ Brooke + Nick, Edgewood Country Club

Our September Bride of the Month is Brooke! Nick and Brooke met on  Nick is a construction engineer for a wonderful company and Brooke is a nanny for a fantastic, little boy. Brooke knew Nick was the one because she was incredibly nervous, not herself on their first date because she's usually a confident, outgoing person. Nick knew Brooke was the one when she first smiled at him, acting all shy. 

Nick to Brooke proposed on his birthday October 27th in 2011 on the beach in Traverse City. They were picking seashells when Nick told Brooke to turn around and he told her he found the perfect one. It was a dream come true for Brooke! She was shocked and overly excited.

They both have loving friends and family so it was hard for Brooke to pick one maid of honor, so she choose her two best friends, and Nick did the same for his best men. They both have 5 other people standing by their sides, with a total of 14, for their bridal party. The flower girl, is Nick's best friend's daughter, and the ring bearer is the little boy Brooke nannies for. 

Brooke's parents are over the top excited for their daughters wedding, sometimes Brooke thinks they are just excited to get her out of the house! They also love the way Nick treats Brooke. Nick's parents are excited as well, with their only child getting married, and cannot wait to have Brooke be a part of their life. They are both looking forward for their wedding, and cannot wait to be married to their soul mates.

The couple is getting married at Edgewood Country Club this October with an outside Jewish ceremony, and indoor reception. Brooke's favorite color is purple, so of course that was a must for the wedding color, with an accent color of light green, or Tinkerbell green, as Brooke calls it. 

We at You're The Bride are thrilled that Brooke + Nick are using our services and thank them for that.  We are very excited to work with them and coordinate their big day!