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Saturday, July 7, 2012

What if I Don’t Eat Meat?!!

Are you a Vegan or Vegetarian? Do you find yourself stressing out about finding a caterer who will provide those options to you while still including great flavor? As a Vegan/Vegitarian many brides find it difficult to include what they love into their dinners while still providing other options to their guests!
The best way to include Vegan/Vegetarian diet into the menu is to pump up the flavor! This way your guests will be able to experience your lifestyle and maybe start eating a little healthier too!
·         American Style Entrées:
-          Rice with slivered almonds and snap peas
-          Southern fried mock chicken with BBQ sauce- basically non- meat chicken
-          Seitan meatloaf with mushroom gravy- similar to turkey meatloaf, but is made from nuts, rice, ect.
-          Lemon-rosemary mock chicken
-          Mushroom ragout with pasta
-          Refried black beans and tomato rice with guacamole
-    Sweet plantains and corn tortillas with pico de gallo
-    Stuffed butternut squash
-    Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables

·         Mediterranean-style Entrees:
-          Spicy ratatouille served over rice- VERY GOOD!
-          Couscous stuffed portabello mushrooms
-          Pasta primavera with seasonal vegetables with sauteed onions or marinara sauce
-          Mushroom phyllo roulade with smoked-paprika crème
-          Tofu-squash ravioli in a cashew cream sauce
-          Roasted bell peppers stuffed with bulgur, herbs, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and toasted pine-nut stuffing
-          Roasted vegetable lasagna with vegan ricotta, broccoli rabe with white beans, sundried tomatoes, chili, and garlic

·         Yummy Side Dishes!
-          Garlic Mashed potatoes
-          Herb roasted vegetables
-          Collard greens
-          Sauteed vegetable ragout
-          Vegetable skewers with garlic and rosemary
            -     Endive and apple haroseth salad
-          Fruit skewers  
-          Stuffed Mushrooms
-          Stir-fried sugar snap peas with shiitake mushrooms
-          Mini spinach quiches
-          Faux farmer's cheese and caramelized onions in a puff pastry
-          Crudite with dips like cannelini, black bean, hummus, or spicy artichoke Grilled Veggie brochettes (could be mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, chives, herbs, etc)
-          Tomato bruschetta brushed with olive oil
-          Lemon-potato pancakes with gingered avocado creme
-          Stuffed grape leaves

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