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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7 Deadly Hair Mistakes Brides Make

1.    Trying Out a New Hair Color
This is your big day and trying a crazy new hair color may be a bad choice. The goal is to look like an enhanced version of you. Try to stick with what you normally color your hair and maybe tweak it a little to look fresh.

2.      Trying Out a New Hair Cut
If you are going to get your hair cut before the wedding do it about 3-4 weeks before, not days, so you have time to decide on the best way to style it before the wedding and you like the results.

3.      Choosing a Random Stylist
When choosing someone to style your hair for your wedding, make sure it’s someone who you have worked with before. If you don’t have a regular stylist make sure to hire a stylist that has a very good reputation you don’t want to look like a poodle on your big day.

4.      Choosing One Style
Make sure to keep in mind the theme of your wedding and the style of your dress when picking out a hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to try different styles too. The best way is to set up a consult with your stylist and choose between 3-5 styles you would like to try. This will give you an idea what looks best on you.

5.      Veil Removal
Be sure to have someone help you remove your veil after the ceremony carefully! You still want to look great for the reception and your veil is sometimes the deal breaker. In order to keep your hair looking great, have your stylist show you or part of the bridal party how to remove it properly without destroying your do.

6.      Wearing the Proper Clothing
When going to your stylist on the day of your wedding make sure to already have on the proper clothes. A button down shirt is the best option because it comes off without having to pull it over your head and ruining the hair you just paid for. T-Shirts are a really BAD idea!

7.      Preparation for the Wedding Day
Many stylists suggest that brides DO NOT use conditioner in their hair before going to get it done. If you must wash your hair before heading to the salon, only use shampoo and gently towel dry it. This makes it easier for your stylist to work with and will help guarantee that the style will hold longer.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

American Polish Cultural Center ~ Lindsay + Erwin 6/16/12

Lindsay was referred to You're The Bride by the Marriage Coordinator at St. Anastasia Church in Troy. Thanks Loretta! She hired us for day of coordination for her reception. We took care of setting up all of her guest tables with reception programs, street name table assignments, lighting the candles, digital picture frames and more! All of these features were very unique and added a lot of character to their reception space that were noticed amongst all.  Guests were greeted by the happy couple and welcomed in by some fun Motown themed music.

She and Erwin got married at St. Anastasia Church. Her reception was held at the American Polish Cultural Center. She had the APCC piped and draped to spice up the walls and the rest of the space was filled with a bursts of orange (literally!) and turquoise accents. It all looked beautiful and fresh!

Tracie, Jessie, and I had a blast with Lindsay and Erwin.  The couple had a hilarious grand entrance; Erwin held a bucket of KFC while strutting with Lindsay on his arm (Lindsay is a dietician!).  Following their entrance, the happy couple met at Karate class so they busted out those martial arm moves and each chopped wood! It was a sight to see! Then they had a blast burning up the dance floor!

We'd like to thank Lindsay & Erwin for using our services. They had a wonderful celebration and we were so happy to be a part of it!

Church- St. Anastasia, Troy
Venue - American Polish Cultural Center
Transportation - Aristocrat Transportation
Photography - You Bet I Do Photography
Video- Swensen VIdeo
Florist and Design - GoIzzy
Cake - Pamela Klesko

Pipe & Drape - Light Up My Event
Photo Booth - Encore Photo Booths
DJ - All Night DJ's
Day of Reception Coordination - You're The Bride (Tracie, Jessie and Samantha)

Happy Planning!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Royal Engagement

No we are not talking about Kate and William, we're talking about you! While you may not be official royalty, it is important to be treated that way for your wedding.  A great way to do that is with an engagement announcement.  Here are some tips on creating this special proclamation:

  • Check policies for publication: some papers limit photographs and announcements to strictly weddings.  Many papers have a form you must fill out as well. Check your local papers websites for online submissions as well.
  • Include full names of you and and your fiance, hometowns, parent's names, and other general information. If you are submitting this announcement to a local paper, make sure to tie in a connection with it.
  • Generally the parents of the bride make the announcement.  If the parents are divorced or passed away, you should mention them as well.

For more information on engagement announcements and planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy Planning!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Have you ever had a hard time trying to local vendors in your area? Do you live in a different state than you want to have your wedding? Yelp is a great place to go! Yelp is an online referral site where businesses can promote themselves and are organized by area. Yelp is also a great site because real customers can post real reviews and no business can edit them. Businesses are also not able to pay people to place good or bad reviews on the sites only customers or clients are allowed. So every review you read is real! 

            This site has many huge advantages because it has a filtering system that allows you to search in local areas, provides reviews for those businesses, and gives you their information! This will help you to filter out those businesses who you would like to work with and those you don’t. This is a huge advantage for brides especially when they are not familiar with vendors in their area.
            Yelp also offers a unique Check In button. This button allows customers to check in on a specific businesses website or posting, and many times will provide special offers to their potential customers.
            So avoid googling for those random and possibly resourceful businesses and start looking local on Yelp!
            You’re The Bride is a proud member of Yelp and we would love to see you visit our site and read our rave reviews!!

For help planning your perfect wedding contact or call 248-408-4602

Friday, July 27, 2012


Overall, a wedding planner on your special day is undoubtedly the best idea in having a smooth, successful, stress free wedding.  While there are thousands of great planners out there, there are certain things to look for in who will be the lucky one to plan your perfect day.  Here are some clear characteristics as to who would not be the best at planning a wedding:
  • A new life journey director: while after your wedding you will be starting that next chapter and experience new things, planners aren't quite the people to address that.  While we most definitely would love to guide you in the right direction, we are not professional psychologists and are not the ones to promise a complete and better new life plan.
  • A sublime wedding sidekick:  there is a reason why there are bridal parties and that is to have loving friends and family members who are always there and guide you, especially on your big day.  Your planner is not there to be your best friend and hold your hand.  They are there to do the work behind it all.
  • A unity illuminatrix:  let's just say, if you are going to get married, you should be ready to be united.  Planners do not have magic wants to reignite that together-ness spark even when some tough decision making and arguments can come along.  Remember why you love and fell in love with each other.
  • The mistress of wow moments: now while your planner should be able to create wow moments, they sure need your help.  There vision of wow moments could be much different from yours so they need just as much feedback and direction.
  • A wedding guidance counselor: your planner should not also be your psychologist or counselor, they are there to plan your wedding.  They should give you advice but it should be geared towards your wedding planning not how your life should be after it.
  • A demagoge of logistical goodness: while planners are darn good at know what's logical and what is not, that may not always be what the bride wants.  Practicality is one of the best qualities of a good wedding planner but it also must please the bride.
  • The queen mother of implementation: although ever planner would love to be able to freeze time, not every single thing will happen and pan out as planned on your wedding.  Even planners can come across unexpected twists and turns.  They are there to take care of it when it does happen however.
  • A reception facilitator:  reception sites tend to have a good amount of workers and staff.  It is there responsibility to make sure everything that happens your wedding day is taken care off.  Planner will most definitely supervise and advise any bumps along the way but they don't own the place.
  • A bridal party wrangler:  planners are the least bet cowboys with a rope, ready to real in your party.  While you should be having the time of your life, make sure your bridal party is always at least somewhat aware of what is going on and is supposed to happen.  No one likes a bad babysitter.
  • And simply a party thrower:  planners are not frat boys, casually throwing together a rowdy good time whenever they feel like it.  There is a reason why there are so many wedding planners out there and event planners in general.  For the best, smoothest, stress-free, smartest wedding day, a planner is the way to go.
For assistance in planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy planning!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best Locations for Outdoor Weddings in Michigan

Weather is always a great worry for many couples for their wedding day no matter what time of the year.  It could most likely be the greatest worry leading up to the big event.  Choosing a great and practical location is key in selecting your wedding venue.  While we all want the most beautiful and spectacular scenery, functionality is just as important especially in an outdoor wedding.  With the state of Michigan and the midwest in particular always facing extremely different weather conditions, here are some suggestions for outdoor wedding venues in the state of Michigan:

1. Frog Pond Village located in Interlochen, MI
2.  Castle Farms located in Charlevoix, MI
3.  Felt Mansion located in Holland, MI
4.  Cafe Cortina located in Farmington Hills, MI
5. Lighthouse Point located in St. Ignace, MI

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Royal Park Hotel Rochester ~ Jamie + Jason 6/8/12

While this wasn't the royal wedding, it was awfully close! Jamie has been a bridesmaid and friend of a few other of our couples and always told Tracie she would call her when it was her turn. Tracie was very exicted when she finally got that call ! You're The Bride was so happy to be part of this event and it was a great second wedding of the season.  The couple hired us for Day-of Coordination, Tracie, Jessie and I took care of setting up her place cards, pinning on all the bouts and corsages, setting up and organizing the ceremony and more! Jamie didn't have to worry about a thing! She was able to relax and just enjoy her day with family and friends.

She and Jason got married by Pastor Sue Marquis officiating in the Royal Park Hotel's glass conservatory.  The ceremony was beautiful with Jamie giving a dedication to Jason's son Joshua as she would take him under her wing.  After the ceremony the guests were directed towards the gallery for a cocktail hour of beverages and appetizers.  Following that, the bridal party made their grand entrance into the ballroom to some fun, upbeat songs  and then the party really got started!  Click here to catch a glimpse of all of the fun!

We had a blast with Jamie and Jason and would like to thank them for using our services. They had a wonderful celebration and we were so happy to be a part of it!

Venue - Royal Park Hotel
Officiant - Pastor Sue Marquis
Photography - J.S. Photography
Florist - Twig & Berries Event Design
Linens and Chair Covers - Special Occasions
Cake - Royal Park Hotel's Chef Mark Slessor
Transportation-Aristocat and Al Peters Executive Coach
Hair and Makeup-Todd's Room
Lounge Furniture-Colonial Events
Video-Dark Lake Video
Harpist-Heart and Harp, Diane Dunn
Photo Booth-SG Photo Booths
DJ - Ryan Rousseau
Hair and Makeup - Todd's Room
Day-of Coordination-You're The Bride (Tracie, Jessie and Samantha)

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Nine Wedding Music Mistakes

  1. Offending your Officiant - It may be your wedding day but it’s not your religious venue. When it comes to ceremony music, many churches/temples have certain rules that will affect your tune selection.  They typically prohibit secular songs or ones composed by anti-religious composers.  Some may ban electric music or not allow an orchestra on the altar.  It is best to always check with the officiant before deciding the music.
  2. The Unending First Dance - You may have fallen in love to a certain song but if it’s eight minutes long, it’s probably not the best choice.  Even four minutes can seem like forever to you and your guests if you’re just rocking back and fourth.  If you’re heart is set on a certain song, however, there are other options.  Talk to your DJ or find a local music studio that could trim it down for you.  It will be short and sweet in the end.
  3. The Painful Past Song - While you should trust or DJ/band as far as music selection, it’s always a good idea to provide a short (or long) list of do-not-plays.  No one wants to hear a song with painful associations pop up.  Start by consulting your DJ on what genres you like/dislike.  Then sit down with your fiance and write down specific songs you want and don’t want to hear.  If you’re using a band, make sure to do this plenty of time in advanced so they have time to learn music.  Hand the lists to them and then leave the rest to them!
  4. Blowing Out Speakers - Despite the alcohol and college friends, your wedding should not be compared to a frat party.  Loud music will frustrate older guests and make it challenging to talk to one another.  When coordinating the playlist, be sure to give appropriate volume transitions.  Maybe ask a bridesmaid or groomsmen to monitor the volume level.
  5. Playing Certain Songs Dinner - Of course you want to hear the songs you love but don’t destroy your lovely dinner with drug/alcoholic references.  Music should fit the mood of the moment.  Stick with instrumental music/soft ballads during cocktail hour and then slowly transition into the dance party that suits you.  Any expert DJ/band should know what songs fit each moment.  Work with them to pick an appropriate number of dinner-friendly selections so your attendees can digest with out the screaming of Led Zepplin.
  6. Rocking Out to R-Rated Songs - The times have definitely changed but be careful not to mix progressive with perverted.  Beyond blatant profanity, really pay attention to song lyrics and interpretation.  There might be inside, innocent jokes behind your request of “99 Problems” but Grandma Annie will be perturbed. Keep it to a sensible PG-13 for best results amongst all age groups.
  7. Too Much of a Good Thing - You both may love electronic music but five full hours of Dubstep beats might makes someone actually go deaf.  A night of Skrillex or an single genre is just bad. Including your favorite kind of music is perfectly fine but do so in moderation. Your wedding is a celebration of your relationship, one that could be based a lot on music, but it’s also a time to share with your family.  Throw your parents back with some Dean Martin here and there a long with the your favorites and you’re sure to have a good night
  8.  Starting the Ceremony in Silence - Because the focus of your entrance is so big, it is easy to forget that part of the ceremony before you appear. There will most likely by 20-30 minutes where your attendees will be waiting for the service. To avoid impatient guests, be sure to start your music at least 45 minutes before your processional as people arrive. It should be music that’s consistent with the other songs chosen for your ceremony but doesn’t necessarily have to be classical.
  9. Skipping the Sound Check - With so many outside noises and distractions at outdoor locations and the closeness in an indoor vicinity. Be sure to carefully assess the setting when coordinating DJ, band, etc. Noise can easily drown out instruments and wind can even cover the strongest voice. Make sure to talk with the venue manager since they have experience with the sound. Though you may have your heart set on one thing, losing the music entirely will be more disappointing.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Curtain Call!

Without a doubt, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  With that in mind, it is also just as important to rehearse it.  There is a lot of added stress, pressure, and work that goes into a wedding day and having a rehearsal will most definitely eliminate a majority of those things.  While a lot goes into planning a rehearsal dinner as well, here are some basic components to highlight:

  • Contact your ceremony location: schedule your rehearsal with your ceremony venue just as far in advanced into booking your actual wedding day.  Typically, the staff will take your wedding day into high consideration and pair the dates right together.
  • Select a restaurant:  have fun with this.  Choose your favorite restaurant as a couple or one with some significance.   Make sure to make reservations far in advanced as well.  Make it a true reflection of you.
  • Invite your bridal party and closest family members:  this is one of the last times you will see your  parents, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.  Make sure they are just as included and involved in it as you.
  • Relax and enjoy:  you're spending time with the people you love right before your wedding day. All the stress will be taken care of.
For more assistance in planning a rehearsal dinner and your perfect wedding day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy Planning!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flower Power

Flowers are a huge aspect of a wedding.  This factor is really special because not many other events really even entail having so many flowers let alone as have flowers at all.  Flowers really lighten up any venue and create a real magical feeling.  There are literally hundreds of options to choose from varying in flower, color, length and arrangement.  They also, however, can be a big expense and are very time consuming to set up.  Here are some tips on selecting the perfect flower for your wedding.
  • Set aside apart of your budget: before even choosing a vendor, know how much you want to spend on flowers.  Then the florist can direct you to what options are best suited for your budget.
  • Know your theme/color scheme:  For example, a beach wedding might have whites and blushy pink lilies while a winter wedding would call for something like red roses and black orchids.  While flowers can come in a lot of colors to transform to any theme or colors, some flowers will not.
  • Have more than one flower:  even in simpler, smaller things like bouquets, more than one flower creates much more body and life.
  • Don't go overboard: first of all this will save you money.  It will also avoid something being overwhelmed or swallowed in flowers and directions.  No wants an obstructed view of people or things.

For more information on selecting your perfect flowers and planning you big day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy Planning!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Five Secrets of Planning Perfect Wedding

Samantha's Five Secrets of Planning a Perfect Wedding:

1. Plan a budget: before do anything, plan a structured budget.  You know how much money you have to spend now you need to decided how to spend it.  A budget can be created easily by prioritizing what you'd prefer to spend more money and what to spend less on.  Time of year, location, etc. can also effect your budget.  With a budget you can be most successful in achieving what you want.

2. Decide on a look/theme: Regardless of the who, what, where, or when of it all most brides typically can imagine what they'd want there wedding to look like.  With this envisioned, it will help lead you in the direction and weed out anything you know you are not looking for.

3.  Research Vendors: this is your wedding and (hopefully) your only time to get it right.  While the first thing you see in a magazine may be just what you want, researching your vendors is the sensible route to go.  Look into every factor of every aspect (venue, attire, cake, etc.) of a wedding before signing any contract.

4.  Plan ahead and confirm: booking things early will always allow your vendors to be most prepared and give them plenty of time too.  When the day comes confirm with them all to make sure nothing has changed and everyone is on the same page.

5. Stay calm and enjoy the moment:  as stated prior, this is your wedding and you've (hopefully) only got one shot.  Enjoy every moment because it's a once in a life time event. Worrying about anything will just make things work.  Relax and remember why you are getting married.

For more information on planning your perfect wedding, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy Planning!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let's Dance!

Looking for fun and entertaining way to spice up your traditional wedding dances? Well look no further! Being an intern at You're The Bride this year has encouraged me to incorporate my hobby of dance from the past 17 years with my love of the wedding planning industry.  

This was the first couple I was able to choreography, Kendra & Charlie.  They live in Lansing, Michigan but were from and got married in Chico, California! They started out with a traditional, slow first song to "Open Arms" by Journey then busted out into "P.Y.T." by Michael Jackson (hence the fedoras and gloves!).  I had a blast and it was a riot to create!

From a bridal party dance to a surprising first dance, I will guarantee a fabulous routine of just what you want for your perfect day! Price will vary and depends on time taken to create the routine, travel, and time to teach the routine.

For more information, email or call 586-850-5206. Don't forget to contact You're The Bride for the rest of your wedding planning needs! Happy planning!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Proper Etiquette for the Meet and Greet

Ever wondered how it would be meeting your spouses’ parents/ family for the first time? Many couples dread the meeting of their parents. Are they going to be civil? Will they like each other? Will we receive their blessing? All of these questions can cause nerves to sky rocket but there is no need to fret! Here are some great tips to ensure that the first time your families meet goes as smoothly as possible!

1.      Meet Each Other’s Parents Beforehand
To make the meeting a little easier try to meet each other’s parents separately beforehand to get an idea of how the family feels about the union. For example, the bride and groom meet the groom’s parents at dinner
 one night, and then the same for
 the bride’s parents another night.

2.      Stay Away From Typically Touchy Subjects
Try to keep the conversation light for the first night. Steer away from subjects like politics, religion, and money. These can all raise tensions especially if one of the families has strong feelings about them.

3.      Inform Parents Prior to Meeting
If you know that your spouse’s family has certain feelings or will say things that may make you or your family uncomfortable try to let them know ahead of time. This will prepare your family to react properly and help to avoid those uncomfortable silences.

4.      Stay on Topic
Try to remember that the whole point of this meeting is to discuss and enjoy the fact that the two of you are getting married! If you feel the conversations are becoming to heated try to direct the attention back to you two and about the wedding date, color scheme, theme, ect..

5.      Act as a Bridge
You and your spouse are the bridge that combines these two families. Introductions are crucial and if done right can really set the best mood for the whole night. Try to be very respectful when introducing your parents to his and his to yours. For example, a proper way of introducing your parents to his would be, “Mr. Smith, I would like you to meet my father, Mr. David Biggs. He is a wonderful hunter and has gone on an elk hunt recently too!” This allows the grooms father to engage in conversation quickly while being introduced respectfully by the brides daughter.

6.      Remember the Big Picture
Just remember that no matter what happens during the planning of the wedding that your two families will be joined for many years after. Cordialness is a must during the time of planning a wedding and keep in mind its only one day, and is not worth years of tension. Those family members are now both of yours and will be involved in your lives weather they live 20 or 20,000 miles away and life will be much easier if these ties remain conflict free!

For help planning your perfect wedding contact or call 248-408-4602 or visit


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wine and Dine

After a long ceremony, pictures, getting ready and everything else in between, a bride can be really exhausted but even more so, hungry. After countless wedding day events, it is best to be rewarded with a delicious and satisfying meal.  It's hard to decipher though what exactly and how exactly should be served at your wedding.  Here are some tips in select the perfect wedding day meal for you and your guests:

  • First off, you need to decide if you'd like a plated, family style, or buffet set up.  They rank from most expensive to least.  The more guests, the more expensive as well.
  • Choose an appetizer or multiple ones if your budget allows.  This can be anything from a small, house salad to calamari and crab cakes.
  • Next, select at least one meat option and one vegetarian. Typically chicken or beef is chosen for the meat and a fish for the vegetarian choice.
  • Then choose side dishes.  Two is always a good choice no matter what style your food is being served.  Vegetables is always a good option too that way any vegan eaters will have several dinner options as well.

For more information selecting your wedding menu and planning your perfect day, contact You're The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.

Happy Planning!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wanna Show Those Curves?

Are you the curvier than average woman who likes to flaunt what shes’ got? Then here are some tips to work that body on your wedding day!

1. Choose the Flattering Materials

Choose materials rayon, silk, cotton, satin, taffeta. These all are really comfortable materials and almost always work in your favor. Steer away from clingy materials that create static easy, especially in a free flowing dress because it may end up “clinging” to you in an unflattering way.

2. Use Proper Necklines

Being a plus size bride has many advantages, especially having a great bust! For the best looks use a v-neck, halter tops, sweetheart, or scoop necklines because they allow for proper support but give you just the right amount of cleavage.

3. To Strap or No Strap?

Straps can give some brides more comfort in a dress and some feel they restrain them. For top heavy brides a strap can sometimes be your best friend, but if you want something more than just the usual spaghetti strap try using an off the shoulder look. It is a great way to show off your shoulders while still getting some lift. For those of you who choose to not use a strap but still want some support built in bone and/or a corset is the way for you!

4. Be aware of the shape of your curves

Even though you love your curves you may not look great in every dress. Certain shapes will be more flattering to a plus size bride. If you want the curvy look in all the right places try wearing A-lines, Mermaids, Sheath, Siren (Trumpet Flare), Empire, and Princess.  Also a dropped waist is great for elongating a short waist!

The best tip is to love yourself for who you are and the way you look. Confidence is the greatest accessory you can wear on your wedding day. Even the skinniest bride can be blown away by a full figured woman who works it! So strut your stuff ladies and congratulations on your big day!

For help planning your perfect wedding contact or call 248-408-4602
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

What if I Don’t Eat Meat?!!

Are you a Vegan or Vegetarian? Do you find yourself stressing out about finding a caterer who will provide those options to you while still including great flavor? As a Vegan/Vegitarian many brides find it difficult to include what they love into their dinners while still providing other options to their guests!
The best way to include Vegan/Vegetarian diet into the menu is to pump up the flavor! This way your guests will be able to experience your lifestyle and maybe start eating a little healthier too!
·         American Style Entrées:
-          Rice with slivered almonds and snap peas
-          Southern fried mock chicken with BBQ sauce- basically non- meat chicken
-          Seitan meatloaf with mushroom gravy- similar to turkey meatloaf, but is made from nuts, rice, ect.
-          Lemon-rosemary mock chicken
-          Mushroom ragout with pasta
-          Refried black beans and tomato rice with guacamole
-    Sweet plantains and corn tortillas with pico de gallo
-    Stuffed butternut squash
-    Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables

·         Mediterranean-style Entrees:
-          Spicy ratatouille served over rice- VERY GOOD!
-          Couscous stuffed portabello mushrooms
-          Pasta primavera with seasonal vegetables with sauteed onions or marinara sauce
-          Mushroom phyllo roulade with smoked-paprika crème
-          Tofu-squash ravioli in a cashew cream sauce
-          Roasted bell peppers stuffed with bulgur, herbs, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and toasted pine-nut stuffing
-          Roasted vegetable lasagna with vegan ricotta, broccoli rabe with white beans, sundried tomatoes, chili, and garlic

·         Yummy Side Dishes!
-          Garlic Mashed potatoes
-          Herb roasted vegetables
-          Collard greens
-          Sauteed vegetable ragout
-          Vegetable skewers with garlic and rosemary
            -     Endive and apple haroseth salad
-          Fruit skewers  
-          Stuffed Mushrooms
-          Stir-fried sugar snap peas with shiitake mushrooms
-          Mini spinach quiches
-          Faux farmer's cheese and caramelized onions in a puff pastry
-          Crudite with dips like cannelini, black bean, hummus, or spicy artichoke Grilled Veggie brochettes (could be mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, chives, herbs, etc)
-          Tomato bruschetta brushed with olive oil
-          Lemon-potato pancakes with gingered avocado creme
-          Stuffed grape leaves

For help planning your perfect wedding contact or call 248-408-4602 or visit  


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A'hoy Mates! Nautical Theme Wedding Ideas

Looking for an interesting way to tie (or in this case sailor knot in) a nautical theme for your wedding but already have ideas for the big day?  Well how about doing a nautical wedding?  This is a classic but corky way to have a fun theme incorporated into your big day.  Here are some tips and ideas on planning a nautical themed wedding:

Table Setting: Use fishnetting down the center, like a runner but slightly messy and long enough to hang over ends, loosely pinned at corners.  The tablecloths under this could be white or a off-white.

Centerpieces: Ship lanterns with tea candles inside next to small glass fish bowls with small shells on bottom and a goldfish in each. Those can be surrounded by large sea shells, star fish, and natural sponges.

Place Cards: Try large sand dollars with each persons name hand painted.

Sanity Center: A separate kids play table that can be covered in craft paper so they can draw on it! Each child can have a silver bucket and be labeled with each child's name on a bucket with stick-on letters. Inside buckets could be individual packets of Goldfish crackers, crayons, coloring books, gummy worms, etc.  Kids probably wouldn't last long at the dinner tables!

Room Decor:  Try using an actual sail from a sail boat and hang it from the ceiling acting as a canopy.

Picture Display: Try a large, fabric three paneled room divider that has the crisscrossed ribbons to hold pictures. Drape additional fishnetting over the three panels and attach color or black and white copies of pictures. Also, randomly attach some fishing lures to the netting and hopefuly snag in a starfish or

You can also refer to this handy Pinterest board for more inspiration:

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Happy Planning!


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