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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Got game?

Save the serious stuff for the big day! Ceremony, toasts, speeches are all apart of the traditional wedding day event. At the bridal shower, however, it’s nice to let loose and have some fun before all of the formal events occur. Here are two games that you could play at your bridal shower:

1. Toilet paper dress and veil: look no further than your local grocery store for this game. All you need is a couple rolls of everyday toilet tissue and your set! Start by dividing guests into groups of three or four. Then each team selects one member to be the model. Start a clock for one minute and each team must create a gown, veil, and accessories entirely out of toilet paper. The guest(s) of honor will then select the winning group. Each member could receive a prize or even just bragging rights. This is an easy and fun game that will boast the most scrapbook/photo album potential.

2. Bridal Bingo: use this game as an icebreaker. This way guests who don’t know one another can meet and learn how they know the couple. Simply create Bingo cars with phrases like “college roommate”, “cousin”, or “also born in 1985”. Each attendant finds someone who fits the standards for the particular square and directs them to initial the spot. The first guest to fill the cards wins bragging rights or a prize!

For more bridal shower game ideas and assistance in planning your perfect wedding, contact You’re The Bride via email or call 248-408-4602. Happy planning!


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