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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cute Kissing Poem

There are many different ways to have the bride and groom kiss at the reception without using the traditional clinking of glass. Here is a cute poem that can be used in place of it:

Please no clinking of glasses or bells rung out loud,

We'd prefer something different from this lovely crowd.

We've filled a box with Hershey chocolates and set it aside

Near the Head Table at which sit the Groom and the Bride.

If it's a kiss that you're after come forward and stand,

Now roll up your sleeve and dig in with your hand.

Reach down deep and retrieve a Kiss of GOLD,

A smooch between the Bride and Groom you'll behold.

But if you pull out a SILVER Kiss in your quest,

Then you'll be required to kiss another guest!

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