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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fabulous Fall Flowers

When planning a fall wedding the colors that come to mind are rich reds, oranges, and yellows. There are so many unique flowers to use in a fall arrangement. Here is a list of some popular fall flowers to use at your wedding:

*Asters- they come in just about any color and are very affordable

*Chrysanthemums- mums are a sturdy flower that won't wilt, green is the most popular shade in this flower

*Berries- they can give your bouquet a fun twist and are perfect for fall weddings

*Gerber Daisy- perfect for a colorful bouquet, can be simple and stunning

*Sage- add a creative twist with a fresh herb like sage, will smell great and also very affordable


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who Pays for What?

These days there are no set rules for who should pay for what in a wedding. It is important that the bride and groom's parents meet and everyone discusses about budget. The groom's parents and the couple normally help with the expenses now, but here is a list of a traditional way to pay for a wedding:


Wedding ring for the groom

Wedding gift for the groom

Presents for the bridesmaids


The bride's rings

Wedding gift for the bride

Marriage license

Present for the groomsman



Bride's Family:

The reception



Bride's dress



Wedding Consultant

Groom's Family:

Rehearsal dinner

Travel expenses

Wedding gift for the bride and groom

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

If the Shoe Fits...

So you've found your dress for the big day, now all you need is that perfect shoe to complete the look. Finding shoes to compliment your dress can be challenging, but if you follow a couple guidelines you should be sure to find your shoe in no time!

The type of wedding you are having will affect the type of shoe you should pick out. For example, if your having an evening wedding with a glam gown you could wear strappy evening heels. Make sure you consider that all whites are different shades, you should take a swatch from your dress to compare colors. Also, when your getting alterations on your dress make sure to take your shoes with you so the length of your dress goes with the height of your heels. There is one rule of thumb you should always remember; fancy shoes for a simple dress and simple shoes with an elaborate gown. If you choose to not follow the rule just keep in mind that embellishments on your dress should match with the ones on your shoes.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cute Kissing Poem

There are many different ways to have the bride and groom kiss at the reception without using the traditional clinking of glass. Here is a cute poem that can be used in place of it:

Please no clinking of glasses or bells rung out loud,

We'd prefer something different from this lovely crowd.

We've filled a box with Hershey chocolates and set it aside

Near the Head Table at which sit the Groom and the Bride.

If it's a kiss that you're after come forward and stand,

Now roll up your sleeve and dig in with your hand.

Reach down deep and retrieve a Kiss of GOLD,

A smooch between the Bride and Groom you'll behold.

But if you pull out a SILVER Kiss in your quest,

Then you'll be required to kiss another guest!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reception of the Stars Tour 10/2/11

On Sunday morning October 2, Jessie and I particpated in the wedding planner tour. We visited 6 venues
including Sacred Heart Banquet and Conference Center, Quality Inn and Suites, Lakes of Taylor, Portofino's, The Fairlane Club and The Henry. An enjoyable day was had by everyone!

Our first stop was at Sacred Heart and Josh Mayse of Thomas's Catering and the facility had 5 beautiful
tables setup and a wonderful continental breakfast with home made scones, cinnnamon rolls, raspberry and brie phyllo puffs and mimosa's. It was all delicious!

My favorite !

Josh and Melanie giving a presentation

Tracie and Intern Jessie
Our next stop was The Quality Inn and they had some delicious dessert waiting for us!  They have a few different themed rooms from African Safari, Butterfly, Asian, Beach and more. They gave each of us a 50%
discount on a stay in one of these "fantasy suites".

WOW!!! Which one do you think I picked ? LOL

Our host, Bill Lonskey

Next up was Lakes of Taylor. I had never heard of this venue and was quite pleased on their outdoor ceremony site for my brides and grooms.

We all headed to Portofino's next in Wyandotte. If you are looking for a venue near water this is a great spot. Their room in the back is great as it's surrounded by all glass and to rent it out you only need to spend a minimum of $10 a person. They set up some beautiful mock-up tables for us to view.

Got Zebra?

The next stop along the way was The Fairlane Club. When we walked in they had Harpist Diane Dunn playing beautiful music in the lobby. They gave us wonderful appetizers too.

The last stop of our tour was The Henry. What a beautiful venue this is. They greeted us with the most delicious chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters. They also had cheesecake on a stick and those were to die for too! The property is gorgeous.

These were the bomb !

Replica of a Sylvia Weinstock cake!

80th Birthday party at The Henry

Friday, October 7, 2011

MotorCity Casino Tour

On Tuesday, October 4th, Tracie and I got the privilege of going downtown to MotorCity Casino and checking out their wedding spaces available for our clients. First we went up to the top floor where their award winning restaurant, Iridescence is located. What a awesome view from up there! The restaurant is very small and intimate, surprising when you think about the amount of functions it has. You can tie the knot and play your favourite casino game at the same time. It has a custom made 300 bottle holder wine rack. The decor is gorgeous, with glass balls hanging from the ceiling and the illuminating panels on the sides of the walls.

 We then checked out what used to be Club Amnesia, but now is only rented out for private events. This space was amazing. It had a very urban and modern touch to it. This was my favorite space by far. Not really something for your "typical" bride, it definitely has more of a club vibe to it.

After that we headed down to Sound Board. This space is where concerts are held at the hotel. This space has state-of-the-art sound technology. Again, not really a space for the "typical" bride. It is definitely for someone who wants an over-the-top show for a wedding.

While we were there we also got to take a peak at the rooms, the spa, and their ballrooms. We had a great time viewing the hotel and hope in the future to help plan a wedding here! Call us at 248-408-4602 to set up your complimentary consultation if you are looking for a wedding planner or day-of coordinator to manage your day so you can relax and not worry about a zillion details!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fresh Flowers vs. Artificial Flowers

As a bride you have so many different options to choose from for your wedding day. The type of flowers you have can affect how your whole wedding looks. Here are some pros and cons to real and artificial flowers:

Fresh Flowers Pros:

*They have a natural feel and look more attractive

*They have a pleasant aroma

* Can be given away to guests or hospitals/care homes

Fresh Flower Cons:

*Very costly

*Don't last long and can wilt in high temperature

*Have to be prepared in a short time before the wedding

Artificial Flower Pros:

*Can be found cheaply and in almost any color

*Can get out-of-season flowers without great expense

*If you suffer from allergies these flowers are the better choice

Artificial Flower Cons:

*They do not produce sent

*Wedding may not feel complete without traditional real bouquet of flowers

*Brides may be afraid using these flowers will make their wedding look "cheap"


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