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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Naming Reception Tables

If you're looking to do something fun and different for your wedding, naming your tables instead of numbering them is a great way to do so. Doing this also avoids guests thinking of a number hierarchey, i.e. "I'm only at table 15, while so and so is at table 2". Here are some neat ideas on how to name your tables:

Colors - colors connected with your theme - so if your color is blue, tables could be sky, midnight, royal etc.

Places - places you've been together.

Hobbies - words connected with a particular passion one or both of you have - eg if you are golf fanatics then you could have tee, 19th hole, fairway, green etc.

Songs - names of songs by artists you both like.

Honeymoon - Going on an interesting/exotic honeymoon? Use names from that - for a safari you could use names of animals, for a beach holiday you could have palm tree, white sand, coral etc.

Venue - take inspiration from your venue. If it's castle you could have spires, moat, princess etc.

"I Love You" - "I love you" in different languages.

Season - table names could fit with the season - a winter wedding's tables could be called icicle, snowflake, blizzard etc.

Location - think of names relevant to your location - if you're getting married in a town or country with an interesting history then pick out some of those people/events.

Where you met - make a reference to where you met. If you met at university you could have landmarks from that town or a list of colleges/halls/bars.

Heritage - use your heritage/ancestors. If you have a Scottish connection then use all things Scottish - tartan, whisky, kilt, loch etc.

Types of wine grapes if you're buffs.

Flowers - if you are having predominantly one flower in your decorations you could pick varieties for the name - eg for roses you would have rose varieties.

Theme - are you having a strong theme? Use words from that - eg for a butterfly theme you could have names of butterflies. If you are having stars you could either use star signs or well known constellations.

Cocktails - if you're having a chic city wedding then how about names of different cocktails.

Countryside - at a country wedding you could have names connected with the countryside - meadow, bluebell, buttercup etc.

Favourite restaurants.

Football players from your team - past or present.

Landmarks from your home town.

Entertainment - you could tie names in to any entertainment you're having - rat packers if you're having a singer later on.

Famous couples - e.g. Fred and Ginger, Anthony and Cleopatra, the Lady and the Tramp, Romeo and Juliet.

Relationship - words that sum up your relationship - trust, laughter, companionship etc.

Movie Characters - famous characters from your favourite films.

Classic Video Games - If you're into video games, how about using classic titles for table names.

Movies - How about naming tables after your favourite films? You could use classic Bond films for example.

Planets of the solar system.

Premiership football stadiums.

Gemstones - names of gemstones eg sapphire, diamond, emerald etc.

Songs or albums - names of songs or albums by your favourite group or artist.

Authors - your favourite authors or books.

Stars - use names of stars or constellations.

Family - members of your family. How about all the grandparents!

Where you got engaged - make a reference to how/where you got engaged. If it was while having a picnic you could have hamper, picnic rug, scotch eggs etc.

Time of year - think about the time of year. If you're getting married in December you could have Christmas names - mistletoe, holly, cracker, mulled wine, or list the reindeer. Easter would work well too.




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