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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding

Whether you're thinking about taking your vows in the great outdoors or a customized indoor affair, there are some pros and cons of each to consider:

Indoor Wedding Pros:

*You are in a Controlled Environment- No worries about rain or snow, you can be sure your guests will be comfortable

*2-in-1 package- Many indoor spaces can double as your ceremony and reception venue, which could save you a lot of money

Indoor Wedding Cons:

*Could be Rules on Space and Decor- Some establishments don't allow extensive decor and may be limited space for guests

*High Demand in the Colder Months- Harder to book if last minute, recommended to book at least 6-9 months before

Outdoor Wedding Pros:

*Little Decor Necessary- A scenic outdoor ceremony does not require much to make it look spectacular

*More Family Friendly- If inviting kids to your wedding, it is easier to entertain them in an outside venue

Outdoor Wedding Cons:

*Lighting Limitations- Depending on the time of day, locations, trees, etc it can make it hard for your photographer and videographer

*The Weather- Having a wedding outside is a gamble, you don't want the weather to ruin your perfect day


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