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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Handy Hints for your Honeymoon

Between the cost of weddings and moving in together, a lot of couples find they don't have the extra money they need for a honeymoon.

But there are ways you can save and not spend a fortune on your honeymoon. Here are 5 simple suggestions to cut costs:

1. Consider a Honeymoon Registry- Some travel agencies and resorts offer a registry service and applies contributions from your guests towards your honeymoon expense, they can buy you anything from a nice dinner to golf lessons.

2. Talk to your Friends- Ask around if your bridesmaids or family members have a vacation home for you to use on your honeymoon.

3. Consider an All-Inclusive Trip- Includes all you need for one flat fee. Room, food, drinks, activities, and more!

4. Travel during the Off-Season- Many families vacation between January-April so travel prices are higher. Wait until after these months for a much cheaper deal.

5. Stay Close to Home- The shorter the flight the cheaper the fare! To save even more honeymoon in the U.S.


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