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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Each Year

When it comes to anniversary gifts, there are both traditional and modern ways to go for buying your spouse a gift. Here is a list of both:


First/ Paper/ Clocks

Second/ Cotton/ China

Third/ Leather/ Crystal or Glass

Fourth/ Fruit or Flowers/ Appliances

Fifth/ Wood/ Silverware

Sixth/ Candy or Iron/ Wood

Seventh/ Wool or Copper/ Desk Sets

Eighth/ Bronze or Pottery/ Linens or Lace

Ninth/ Pottery or Willow/ Leather

Tenth/ Tin or Aluminum/ Diamond Jewelry

Eleventh/ Steel/ Fashion Jewelry

Twelfth/ Silk or Linen/ Pearls

Thirteenth/ Lace/ Textiles or Furs

Fourteenth/ Ivory/ Gold Jewelry

Fifteenth/ Crystal/ Watches

Twentieth/ China/ Platinum

Twenty-Fifth/ Silver/ Silver

Thirtieth/ Pearl/ Diamond

Thirty-Fifth/ Coral/ Jade

Fortieth/ Ruby/ Ruby

Forty-Fifth/ Sapphire/ Sapphire

Fiftieth/ Gold/ Gold



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Abbot Miller said...

aniversary gift ideas is the important for all couple if it is 1st aniversary it is better.