Blush and Copper Elegance Styled Shoot

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wondering what to wear to your engagement photo session?

Here are a few tips:

Keep it Simple

Avoid busy clothing with distracting patterns. If your shirt could talk, it should be whispering. Steer clear of bold stripes, logos, or ruffles that can add unwanted bulk. Dark colors are most flattering, but black can wash out a pale complexion. Opt for navy or blue instead.

Be Yourself

Don't reinvent yourself for the photo shoot. The photos should reflect your personal style. Wear something in which you feel comfortable and confident

Make-up is a Must

At a minimum, consider a concealer or light powder to even out your skin tone; you'll be happy with the result. Add in a touch of mascara to lengthen your lashes.

Compliment Each Other

Remember fourth grade, when you and your best friend wore matching outfits? This is not fourth grade. Pick a color scheme that both your wardrobes can accommodate. Coordinate your outfits together, but leave the matching fanny packs at home.

Mix it Up

Changing accessories during the shoot adds variety. Try subtle wardrobe changes like adding a scarf or switching out your necklace or shoes to add some character. Remember to keep it simple.

Article courtesy of Inframe Bride.



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Each Year

When it comes to anniversary gifts, there are both traditional and modern ways to go for buying your spouse a gift. Here is a list of both:


First/ Paper/ Clocks

Second/ Cotton/ China

Third/ Leather/ Crystal or Glass

Fourth/ Fruit or Flowers/ Appliances

Fifth/ Wood/ Silverware

Sixth/ Candy or Iron/ Wood

Seventh/ Wool or Copper/ Desk Sets

Eighth/ Bronze or Pottery/ Linens or Lace

Ninth/ Pottery or Willow/ Leather

Tenth/ Tin or Aluminum/ Diamond Jewelry

Eleventh/ Steel/ Fashion Jewelry

Twelfth/ Silk or Linen/ Pearls

Thirteenth/ Lace/ Textiles or Furs

Fourteenth/ Ivory/ Gold Jewelry

Fifteenth/ Crystal/ Watches

Twentieth/ China/ Platinum

Twenty-Fifth/ Silver/ Silver

Thirtieth/ Pearl/ Diamond

Thirty-Fifth/ Coral/ Jade

Fortieth/ Ruby/ Ruby

Forty-Fifth/ Sapphire/ Sapphire

Fiftieth/ Gold/ Gold



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kissing Games

An old tradition that is seen at wedding receptions is the clinking of glasses to make the bride and groom kiss. The clinking of glasses is a Christian tradition that explains the sound scares the devil away and the couple kisses in his absence. A lot of brides are thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas to replace this tradition. Here are a few that you could try:

Have the guest stand up and sing a song with the word "love" in it

Have the guest give the bride and groom marital advice

Have the guests kiss and the bride and groom have to duplicate how they kissed

Put out a basket and make guest pay $1, you can donate the money to charity.

There are so many ways to get creative and include your guests in new kissing traditions!


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Mixology

A new popular trend that has been seen more at weddings is creating a signature cocktail for your reception. The signature cocktail was first created in London in 1922 to celebrate royal weddings. There are many websites that can help you come up with ideas to coordinate with your colors, season, or theme. Creating a signature cocktail is a good way to add a personal touch to the reception. Also, it can be economical to cut back on your budget by just serving beer, wine, and your cocktail. Even if you choose a cocktail that is commonly known you can create your own unique name to go along with it. A few examples of signature cocktails are:

Blue Martini (Something Blue)


Chocolate Martini


And many more!! Get creative and have fun trying out different concoctions!


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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Websites

With the rise of technology in recent years, many brides are choosing to make a website dedicated to their wedding. It's a great way to ensure that guests have all the information they need.

A wedding website can be especially useful if you're having a destination wedding or out of town guests. You can provide travel/flight/hotel details, directions, and information on local places to eat or hang out during down time. If you have details that you don't want to clutter your wedding invitation, a great option is to include an insert with your wedding website.

Another great reason to have a wedding website is to provide guests with registry information. It's tacky to include it on your invitation, but it's perfectly acceptable to include it on your website! Some brides also choose to set up online RSVPing, it's a good way to save yourself postage and also gets your guests to view your website.

Aside from this, your website doesn't have to be all work and no play. Have fun with it! You can include pictures, the story of how you and your groom met, plans for your honeymoon, information on your bridal party, etc.

Cost wise, wedding websites range from free to $100. Depending on how HTML savvy you are, and how you want your site to look, will depend on what you want to pay.

Our August 20th bride Nania just put one together and hers in amazing!! We at You're The Bride are super excited for her wedding at The Michigan League in Ann Arbor.



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Undergarment Essentials

On your wedding day day it is important to be comfortable but also feel sexy. Many brides don't know what kind of undergarments to wear on their big day. Undergarments can change the way your dress fits, so it's important to purchase them before your first fitting. Here are a few basic rules of thumb:

1. Should be comfortable

2. Should not show in any way

3. Should allow you to go to the restroom without having to take your dress off

There are a variety of options such as spanx, lace, thongs, hip huggers, and corsets. It is important to choose a bra that gives you enough support in your dress. Whatever your personal preference on your big day, just make sure that comfort is your top priority.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grosse Pointe War Memorial: Uncle Brian and Cheryl's Wedding

Wanted to congratulate my Uncle on his recent wedding on June 11th at The Grosse Pointe War Memorial and share some pictures from their special day.

I was not in attendance but referred his bride to many of my vendor friends and they did a great job!!

Here are some pictures of their celebration.

Beautiful Flowers from Viviano's
Chaircovers by Gala Linen

My cousins with the Bride Cheryl
Wedding Cake by Hodell's Cake Shop

My Parents. My Mom is Uncle Brian's Sister.

My Aunt Denise and Uncle Denny (He was the Best Man)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Iroquois Club Bloomfield Hills ~ Abbey + Michael 6/11/11

Abbey hired You're The Bride over the phone last August to do day-of coordination for her vow renewal
at Kensington Church in Troy followed by her reception at The Iroquois Club in Bloomfield Hills. Abbey and Michael  planned their entire event from Chicago with a few trips back to Michigan to meet with vendors.

I used to be a member at Kensington so I was excited to be part of a wedding there. The Chapel is very pretty and my Assistant Jessie did a great job setting up candles and flowers on the altar while I decorated the aisle with more petals. We were so busy pinning flowers on the guys, trouble-shooting, helping the girls
upstairs that I was not able to get a picture of the ceremony decor but it was really pretty. 

Abbey looked simply amazing in her gown and her very large bouquet was so colorful and beautiful !! She was surprised at how heavy it was but it sure lasted all day as Viviano's always makes a great bridal bouquet.

I think coral is a popular color choice among my bride's this season as two weekend's in a row this color was worn by the bridesmaids! Very pretty!

Kelly and Allison at The Iroquois Club were great upon our arrival in helping us set up last minute items and making sure the room was perfect before guest arrival.

My favorite moment of the day is when Abbey instructed the guy who caught the garter how to actually put it on the girl's leg. It was hiliarious ! Wish I was able to get a picture of that one!

I love The Iroquois Club setting, it is so cozy and great for a smaller gathering. It was my second event there and am looking forward to going back. The staff and food are always amazing. Although they have a small dance floor that didn't stop these wedding guests it was packed the whole night and everyone had a fabulous time!

An Irish Blessing Coin at each place setting for more blessings!

Delicious Cassata Cake made my Gasper at Militello's !

Take a Bite !

First Dance is always so romantic! Michael surprised her with the song choice by Rascal Flatts.

Tracie and Jessie !

Church-Kensingston Chapel Officiant Chris Z.
Reception Venue-Iroquois Club
Cake- Militello's Bakery
Day-of Coordination-Tracie and Jessie / You're The Bride
Napkins-Affordable Elegance
Photographer-Digital Alchemy
Videographer-Dark Lake Video
Limo-Maxx Limo
DJ-Mike R. - Mike Staff Productions
Hair and Makeup- Bridal Beauty

If you are looking for a Day-of Coordinator to manage your wedding day details so you don't have to worry give us a call at 248-408-4602.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Hamilton Room Birmingham ~ Lauren and Joshua 6/11/11

On June 11, my friends Lauren and Josh, who got married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas, celebrated with friends and family at The Hamilton Room in Birmingham. The atmosphere was modern, with dim lights and flair bartenders. It was very fun and relaxed, and everyone had a blast celebrating with the happy couple!

You're The Bride also provided a photobooth, and all the guests were able to take photos and put a copy in a scrapbook. Guests were able to sign the scrapbook under the photo and write a special message for Lauren and Josh. It was really fun way to allow guests as well as the couple to remember their celebration!

Here is the custom footer that matched nicely with their invitations.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bridal Fitness Frenzy

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. Most brides have so much on their plate that exercise is put on the back burner til its too late. Keeping an exercise regiment not only promotes a healthy body, but also a healthy state of mind. Some of the current trends in bridal fitness include:

Bridal Bootcamp- A fun way to trim and tone your problem areas before your wedding. It is a high intensity total body workout inspiried by military training that can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. Individual programs available, or to help get motivated have your bridesmaids join you!

Yoga- Yoga is a popular mind-body practice that uses physical postures and breathing exercises to increase strength and flexibility.Yoga techniques can help you be relaxed and confident for your big day.

Personal Trainer- Working with a trainer can be beneficial for brides that don't have time to make it into the gym. Most trainers will do group training, which also helps cost and is a great way to get your bridesmaids and mothers involved!
Get a jump start on your big day and take the leap into fitness!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding Cake Stands

When it comes to cake stands, there are hundreds and hundreds of different ones to choose from. Whether your tastes are classic, modern, or somewhere in between, a cake stand is a great way to further accesorize your cake, as well as incorporate your style.

Here are some other cool ones we found:

If you are looking to rent a cake stand give us a call at 248-408-4602 to reserve it as we have a 18 inch round one. Click here for photo


Monday, June 13, 2011

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour serves as a way to fill up the window of time between the ceremony and reception. It allows the bridal party to take photos if they haven't been taken yet, allows you to greet your guests in a receiving line if you opt to do so, or allows a room to be transformed if the ceremony takes places in the same area as the reception. Cocktail hours are commonly an hour long, but can be shorter. Here are a few things you'll definitely want to have at your cocktail hour:

-Music. Music sets the mood for your reception. If you don't have the budget or option to use your band or DJ, talk to management about hooking up an MP3 player.

-Drinks to greet guests with. You don't want your guests spending 20 minutes of their cocktail hour in line at the bar, so make sure the waitstaff has drinks waiting for them.

-Seating. Especially for older guests, an hour is a long time to stand. So be sure to offer some type of seating. Also, a good rule of thumb is to have one high top cocktail table for every twenty guests.

-At least one food station. You'll definitely want to serve some type of food, and even if the waitstaff is serves hors d'oeuvres, a food station allows a place for guests to congregate and mingle.

-Enough bartenders. You'll want to have one bar staffed by two bartenders for every one hundred guests. If this is in your budget, it will keep the lines down.

-Premixed drinks. Speed up lines at the bar by having premixed pitchers of something like sangria or punch behind the bar.

If you follow these tips it should ensure that your cocktail hour runs smoothly, and will have your guests in a great mood for your reception!

If you need help planning a cocktail party or another event please call us at 248-408-4602.



Sunday, June 12, 2011

St. Mary's Cultural Center ~ Audrey + Mike are married! 6/4/11

Audrey and Mike are just the cutest couple! They were both beaming all day and a joy to work with. I was referred to this couple by my good friend Emily, Audrey's sister. You're The Bride provided day-of coordination for their wedding at St. Kenneth's in Plymouth and for their reception at St. Mary's Cultural Center in Livonia.

Here is Liz counting and checking to make sure each table and place setting are correct before guest arrival. She uncovered a couple of issues that we were able to fix!

Always love to watch the First Dance. Did I already say how darn cute these two are together?! Just look at
how happy they are to be together. I just love that!

They had a beautiful ceremony and celebrated with over 270 guests!

Delicious cake made by Daniel from Flower to Flour. I have had his cakes at a few of my weddings over the years and they are always so moist and delicious!

I love this picture of Audrey feeding her new husband a bite of cake!

My favorite moment of the day was their Grand Entrance! It was very high energy and the guests were so excited to get the party started. Here is Emily getting ready to make her entrance! 

Mike was getting low, low, low for Audrey's garter! The boys were definitley cheering him on!

Usually the guys never want to go out to try to catch the garter but not at Audrey and Mike's wedding. This wedding was off the hook. The dancefloor was always packed and the guys were swarming and ready to catch it! Just check out this guy who was really ready to dive in for it by loosening up his shirt! LOL

I snapped this great picture of the Parent's of the Bride. They looked great and seemed to enjoy themselves
well except when I had to get Dad's credit card to make a liquor run to the local party store! I told you it was a great party!!!

Also, seeing Audrey for the first time on her day as a "bride" was breathtaking! She looked so gorgeous and I was so happy for her!

At the end of the evening we had a lot of tear down since the florist was not coming back to pick up their glass or the linen company to get their linens. We also packed up crystals, leftover cake from kitchen, toasting flutes, cake and knife server, cake top, bathroom basket and a lot more. By having us there to do Day-of Coordination we were able to help tear down the room and pack up all of Audrey's belongings so the family did not have to. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you, it was a fabulous day!! Congratulations!!

Church-St. Kenneth
Reception-St. Mary's Cultural Center
Day-of Coordination-Tracie and Liz - You're The Bride
Photographer-Marco Antonio Photography
Florist-Something Elegant
Cake-Flower to Flour
Limo- Dream Limoousines
DJ- Fletcher - Music Box Productions
Photo Booth- Mobile Exposures
Chiavari Chairs and Chargers- Ann Arbor Chair Rental
Linens-Affordable Elegance
Hair and Make-up- Gerald's

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garland Resort Wedding : 5/7/11 Bethany + Chris

Our first wedding of the season was on May 7 in my hometown of Lewiston, MI. I was so excited when this wonderful family hired You're The Bride to start planning this event last August. It was nice to get a couple extra trips up north to visit my parents while planning this wedding since unfortunately I don't get up there too often with my schedule. This event kept me quite busy working out all of the details from 4 hours away when I could not be in Lewiston. I was thrilled to have my Mom working as my Assistant that day
since I thought it was a little too far for my interns to travel. I went up a couple days early also to do a final venue walk through and finalize other last minute details.

If you follow my blog you will know that I also planned the couple's wedding shower back in March
at Woodward Avenue Brewers. What a great time was had by all.

The weekend started with the rehearsal and cookout that I planned and coordinated for 56. It was a little chilly but the rehearsal went very smooth and the guests had a great time enjoying the BBQ menu and time by the bonfire.

Garland Resort and Lewiston are special to me for a few different reasons so it meant a lot that I could
actually plan something in my hometown. My Grandmother used to take me there for golf lessons  when I was a teen and I grew up in this little town in Northern Michigan where things are just peaceful and calm. If you have never been you should definitely plan a trip, it's worth the drive! You will love this quaint resort that is nestled between tons of trees and all that it has to offer. Ok enough about me now on to this fabulous wedding!!

Planning a wedding 4 hours from Detroit definitely has some challenges but I was up for them and so happy to be part of this celebration. We decided to bring the linens, DJ and cake from the Detroit area as finding vendors in Lewiston and surrounding areas is not the easiest task.

My favorite moment of the day was the "First Look" for the Bride and Groom to finally see each other before all of their pictures started. It is sooo exciting and went beautifully! Although I had went to all of the fittings with Bethany I was still dying to see her completed look. She decided to have a special bow/sash made for the side of her dress to wear during the ceremony. The bow was later detached and gave her dress a completely different look for the reception exposing the gorgeous beaded waist.

Garland Resort-Aaron and Tracy
Engagement Pictures-A Thousand Words Photography
Photography-Silvercraft Pictures
Hair and Makeup-Life Salon and Spa
Dress-Le Salon
Event Planning and Coordination-You're The Bride
Linens-BBJ Linen and lots of ascot chair tying by my amazing assistant Sue
DJ-Que-Encore Entertainment
Ceremony Music Duo-Bride's Aunt Shelley and Uncle Neil (loved these two)
Cake-Tanya-Domestic Arts
Favors-Pretzel Creations
Officiant-Rev. Toby Stadden
Misc. Items-Mother of Bride (she is very creative-from sand ceremony, seating chart, card basket, table names)
Slideshow-Father of Bride