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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What the Groom Should Wear

When thinking about what a groom typically wears to a wedding we think "tuxedo". When your groom goes to get fitted there are so many different options that go along with his tuxedo. Here are some key terms to help your groom understand what he wants when going to pick out a tux:

Jackets: There are five primary choices to choose from

*Tuxedo- Most classic look you see at traditional weddings. Most choose from single breasted (1-4 buttons on front) or double breasted (2-6 button front)

*Full Dress Jacket- There are the type that have the "tailcoat" on the back and are shorter in front, good for very formal events

*Morning Coats- Also known for the "cutaway" jacket, great for daytime weddings

*Mandarin Jackets- Also known as Mao or Nehru, have a stand-up collar and no lapel

Lapels: Material that attaches to the collar of the jacket and extends down the buttons that are on your jacket, there are three different choices

*Notched- The most popular, a triangle cut out on both sides of where the lapel joins the collar

*Peaked- The most broad, features a V-shaped lapel point on both sides

*Shawl Collar- Is smooth and rounded and has no notch or indentations

Collars: The collar you wear helps choose which jacket you should wear

*Wing- Most formal and popular, a stand up collar that has downward triangle points

*Crosswyck- Old fashioned but still used today, crossed collar that is fastened with a button

*Mandarin- This collar goes up around your neck, great for guys who don't like to wear ties

*Spread- The most casual collar, resembles your normal button-up shirt except a wider gap at the collar points in the front


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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weddings with Pets

On your wedding day it is important to have everyone who is close to you present. For many people, this includes their family pet. There are many different ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding. Your pet can play the role of ring bearer, bridesmaids, or groomsmen. Also, if your are getting engagement photos taken you could have your pet in those with you.

When considering having your pet by your side on your big day there are things to consider, such as if the pet will be allowed at your venue, the type of pet, and what role they will play. It is important to inform your guests and vendors that you've decided to include your pet. Make sure the pet will be with someone they are comfortable with to be taken care of. You should bring your pet to the wedding site for some practice before the wedding day and also bring him to the dress rehearsal to practice his part again.


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Monday, November 28, 2011

The St. Clair Inn ~ Nick + Nikole...The Hunt is Over!

My cousin Nick was married to his bride Nikole back on August 27, 2011. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend their wedding as I had 2 client weddings that weekend. However, wanted to share their celebration on my blog and some of the family pictures that were taken.  They were married outside near the river at The St. Clair Inn. The reception followed at the couple's home also in St. Clair.

Here Comes The Bride!

Nick and the Bridesmaids!

The Bride and Groom with Nick's parents, Aunt Denise and Uncle Denny

Doug (Nick's Brother) and Nick

Grandma, Nick and Nikole. Granda flew in from Florida. I was able to see her while she was in town
 so that made me happy!

The Memory Table. We miss you Vic, Mary and Grandpa D.

The gorgeous wedding cake

The guest tables

Dinner is served!

Chocolate covered strawberies, don't they look delicious?

My Mom with her Brothers (Denny, Kent and Brian) and Grandma
My sister Marcie with Cousin Nick

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Unity Candle

The lighting of the unity candle is an old tradition that has become very popular at wedding ceremonies. You can use many types of candles such as a simple taper candle, a white or ivory pillar, or a fancy decorated candle. Most couples save these candles and they become an "anniversary candle" which they relight each year on their anniversary.

To do the traditional unity lighting you need two smaller candles on the side on your unity candle. If you want the candle to represent the unity between families, then it is customary to have the mothers light them at the beginning of the ceremony. After being declared husband and wife, the bride and groom take the two smaller candles and place the flames together to light their unity candle. Then the two smaller candles are placed back on their holder symbolizing the bride's family, the groom's family, and the new family (the bride and groom).

If you would like to save on a unity candle click here

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Royal Oak Music Theatre: Military Weddings 11-11-11

On 11-11-11 You're The Bride participated and donated our day-of coordination services for the day to these 8 special couples. Here is an email I just received from Jessie at the Royal Oak Music Theater with a thank you for helping and a link to the pictures.

Hello everyone,

Congratulations to us, we did it !

Thanks to everyone's help, 8 military couples and their families were treated to a spectacular wedding that no one will soon forget. I hope you feel really good about your efforts because without each of your contributions, these couples would not have had such a beautiful and complete wedding. I wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation and let you know what a truly good deed you did. I talked with many of the parents at the wedding, and most of them had tears in their eyes as they told me that without this opportunity their son, or daughter, would not have had been able to afford such a wonderful wedding.

I received many heartfelt sentiments from the couples, their families and friends throughout the night, which made me extremely proud of what we accomplished collectively. What we did was nothing short of remarkable and life changing for these families!
If you want to see what the happy couples looked like, Steve and his team took some amazing pictures of the event!

To view the pictures go to then click on the girl sitting on the bench that will direct you into the site. Once in go to the proofing section and enter in the event id: USA11 then press go you will be directed to enter your name and email address.
I wish I had the words to express how much all of you mean to me...! I apologize for the group email but I wanted to express my thoughts and acknowledge everyone together. You are all incredible individuals and I am honored to have had this opportunity to work with you. I will never forget the generosity of spirit you each gave, and neither will the couples!

All my love!

Special Events Director

Royal Oak Music Theatre


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tulip Theme Wedding in Washington

This wedding I wanted to feature as I got to know the bride and all her details pretty well although
I only worked with her via email.  She ordered many stationery items from our website and
needed some planning advice along the way. Sharon ended up having a beautiful wedding! She
gave us many details about her wedding that I am including in the post that she wrote.

A few words from the bride, Sharon, Thanks so much for all your online help with our wedding. I'd never have made it without your bridal bundle and all your online help. If I were doing it again, which I may if I start consulting for the weddings at our church, I would plan it out using your bridal bundle and give everyone in the party a print out of where they were supposed to be when, with exactly what I wanted them to do.

It is always the little details that make a wedding individual and special. We chose to make cones of paper printed with lavender and fill the cones with lavender buds, and were showered with lavender and bubbles as we left.

Skagit County's leading industry is agriculture, and besides the tulip festival, which provided many activities for out of state guests, we used the local IQF strawberries and whipping cream made from Twinbrooks Creamery whipping cream, which is pasteurized, but not homogenized.

Our signature mocktail, the Strawberry Daquiri, was the most popular menu item. The beer was from the Skagit Brewery, where we got a pony keg, on tap - and served it after the first course so everyone ate before consuming alcohol. The tulip festival also has n special wines that we served with the buffet from the Farmhouse Inn, and featured a green pea salad, as the most green peas in the world were grown in the Skagit Valley when I was growing up. The farmers alternated legumes (peas) and bulbs (tulips) to enrich the soil.

The theme of the wedding was that you can go local and have a destination wedding - actually most weddings are destination weddings now because most families are widely scattered, so all the planning components are the same as if one went to an exotic location.

Skagit County has both the tulip fields in the valley and the American Alps (North Cascade Mountains near Cascade National Park) so people can see glaciers and tulips in the same county, river raft, and enjoy local fruits and vegetables and flowers. As my home town is the county seat, Mount Vernon, it was the natural choice, and Spring was the natural season for a new beginning.
Since it was the first big wedding for both of us, even though we were older, we wanted everything as if it had been done by our parents when we were young - we wanted one day to party with all our friends.

My favorite part was the bouquets of tulips on the reception tables made by my bridal attendants.

Current trends can be difficult to use as a theme when everything changes so rapidly, so I went with my favorite colors and plants, and then added accents of the color of the year, honeysuckle.

The rehearsal dinner was done in honeysuckle and lavender, with bright rain boot vases of tulips. In the wedding, honeysuckle was used as an accent in the pew bouquets, which were silk to avoid any damage to furniture by live blooms.

I planned the dresses around an old English folk tune "Lavender's blue, lavender's green. If I were King, you would be Queen." (And no, the date was not chosen because of the royal wedding. We had set the date before they announced. It worked out perfectly to let each bridesmaid use her favorite colors of lavender or blue, with everyone using the signature bi-color lace. Since the groom's uniform was Coast Guard blue, the groomsmen were in black and a dark plum.
I love little girls, and had a bouquet of jr. bridesmaids and flower girls, which worked very well, as the three little ones are best friends.
The three main colors were ivory, lavender, and bronze. I used bronze or metallic chocolate brown as an anchor color instead of black and gold or silver, although there was plenty of those too.

To save money, we constructed an impromptu photo booth from an archway and some orchid lace background. I sew, and raided my stash of fabric for as much of the wedding as possible.

To reduce stress, I used a lot of silk flowers, so many of the bouquets were done long in advance, and wrapped in plastic, with no worries about how it would all come together for the reception.

Many couples choose a symbol for their theme and we choose the double ring.

The trends that we incorporated were: Using baby's breath among our main flowers; I wore a bolero with my dress for part of the reception. When the room became too warm, I switched to a dress that was ivory with a plum waistband, and put a plain light silk wrap with it. It was relaxed, and then I put the bolero back on for warmth when we left.

The unique feature was the lavender train, with amethyst tulle and purple/lavender roses in the pick-ups. My shoes were also dyed to match the train. (I will try to get you a shoe picture) i I bought a dress from the Arizona Bridal warehouse, and it was perfect, but the bolero should have been altered. When a bride saves buying at a warehouse, she needs to remember there is probably a reason the dress is in the warehouse. The best part was the questionnaire on their website which helped clarify in my mind what I wanted in a dress. Then we added lavender Swaroski crystals to the bodice to carry out the lavender them from the back to front.

The one thing that I would have done differently would be to order chair covers and ties. It would have been worth the money. Also, having someone who designs receptions do the reception room decorations for us would have been worth it. I think more people would have dance if the alcohol had flowed more freely, but it was not worth the risk with so many driving an hour or more to the event.

Instead of an afterparty, a few people went to the Trumpeter, a local bar and restaurant that features locally grown chicken, beef, vegetables, berries and has many gluten free menu items.
Instead, we had a brunch the next day at the Farmhouse Inn.

~written by Sharon the Bride

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tracie Turns Four-Oh Bash!

I decided that since I was approaching a BIG milestone birthday this year that I was going to have a fun party since I am always planning parties for all my clients. Turning 40 has actually been great and it really
just is a number! It helps that I keep telling myself that 40 is the New 30 so I am good! Plus, people
only think I'm about 34 ish and I owe that all to my Mother for telling me about Oil of Olay at a young age.
Thanks Mom! I do think it's in our family genes as my Mom looks pretty young for her age too so whatever
it is I will take it :)

My good friends Emily and Jodi were all for a girls night out and party so the planning began. Yes, I planned my own party but how could I not ?! Emily owns a photo booth company and is also a professional in the wedding industry so she was a big help with some of her vendor connections for my party so it was great to get many things donated and at reduced prices. Josh at Underdog Wine and Spirits gave us a case of wine and some vodka! Maya at Sposa Seating let us borrow her beautiful purple and black linens.We will both definitely be returning the favor by sending you business as we truly appreciate it.

The party started at Emily's house with about 15 guests.  We had a blast going in the photo booth
taking fun pictures and each guest got to take a photo strip home as a memento from the celebration.
They also put one in the photo album and created their own page and special message to me. I really
enjoyed the time everyone put into making this wonderful keepsake for me and I will always treasure it.
We also sent everyone home with some nice smelling hand sanatizer for their purse.

For the food I wanted to do something that my friends would not be expecting but also wanted to keep it
simple, classy and trendy. I love the Mashed Potato Bar that my friend Josh of Thomas's Catering sets up at his events so I "borrowed" his idea! He helped me get everything that I needed to put this together. It was a huge hit and my girls were wow'ed and kept saying what a cool idea! I was so happy with the way it turned out. It was just the right amount of starch along with the other food served before a night of some adult beverages! I also served my favorite spinach and cheese pies from a local bakery along with chicken wings and other party snacks.

Emily led the group with a lovely champagne toast and a few funny but nice words! Including telling everyone how she planned this fabulous party by hiring You're The Bride! Everyone laughed at that one! Although, I told everyone "No Gifts" my friends are so sweet and of course didn't listen so I got some nice gifts. My friend Jodi who recently turned 40 in February decided to pass her "40 Prank Bag" over to me. It had funny things in it like a bed pan type thing, head band workout gear but the BEST thing in that bag was the pink
"Birthday Princess" Badge that I wore the entire evening.  I will admit I wore it many times the following week when I went to Orlando to continue celebrating my birthday. Let me tell you I scored a lot of
free stuff with that badge! Many drinks, a bottle of champagne and 3 free desserts at various restaurants in Florida! It was a blast! I We met a nice couple at one of the clubs in Orlando and hung out with them for the evening. I also got many other great gifts but wanted to share that one as it went with the Four-Oh Bash.

We continued to visit with each other and look through a scrapbook that I had brought of my life starting with me as a baby.

Aunt Denise and Mom!

We were all super excited for the cake to get there by my friend Tanya of Domestic Arts. She had a very busy day with many wedding and other party deliveries but she was able to get my cake there and go to Boogie Fever with us! Everyone loved the cake and the design. Thank you so much Tanya for making my special 40th cake. I love you!

Eventually the Party Van arrived about 9:30 p.m. and we all ventured over to Boogie Fever in Ferndale to meet up with some more friends and family that didn't make it to the house party. We all had a great time there too! So much fun in fact I am planning another outing there soon so if your reading this and you want to go just let me know. Were hoping for sometime this month or next but if it gets too busy with the holidays we will shoot for January.

Jessie and Tracie
 After we boogied the van dropped off many back at Emily's but then another group of us were taken over to The Embassy Suites in Livonia where I had reserved a room for 5 of us so we didn't have to do any driving that night. The hotel is fabulous and my guests really liked it as well as the next morning we all enjoyed
a made to order omelette breakfast! It was the perfect way to end a great weekend and send my friends and family on their way home.

Thank you to everyone for sharing this with me and for your friendship and kindness.

This was in Orlando with my Mom and Sister at City Walks/Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

Special thank you to the wonderful vendors who helped make this possible! I apologize for some of the blurry pictures we were using mostly camera phones :)

Venues-Huntley Home and Boogie Fever
Photo Booth-Mobile Exposures
Linens-Sposa Seating
Wine-Josh Brooks/Underdog Wine Merchants
Mashed Potato Bar Rentals-Thomas's Catering/Your Event Party Rental
Cake-Domestic Arts
Favors-Emily Huntley
Decor-Jodi Pampreen
Signature Drink/Vodka Slush-Tracie
Transportation-Dream Limousine
Hotel Accomodations-Embassy Suites Livonia
Event Planning-Yours Truly-You're The Bride

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Burton Manor Livonia ~ Jenny + Nate 9/24/11

Andrea and I started our day at The Livonia Marriott at Laurel Park Place. Our first mishap to solve of the day was a missing boutionniere so we whipped one up in the parking lot by using items from our emergency kit and some other flowers we had on hand. We're always prepared!

Jenny was a referral from my vendor friend Bruce at Weber's Floral in Livonia. She had booked him for her personal and reception flowers and expressed needing some help with managing the day and the rehearsal coordination at Genetti's in Northville as we could not use Burton Manor due to another event that night. Jenny was super sweet and organized! One of my favorite moment's of the day is the "First Look" between the bride and group.

The ceremony took place at Burton Manor inside an adjacent banquet room to the reception. Jenny walked
down to "In my Life".

I met Rev. Phillip Rogers at this wedding for the first time. He officiated and was very friendly and did a great job. If your looking for someone to marry you and add meaning to your ceremony give him a call. I have been getting to know him personally and he is a really nice guy!

Jenny needed a referral on transportation so we recommended our friends at Aristocat Limo in Warren. Richard the driver was very attentive and loves weddings too.

Here is the seating chart that our designer at You're The Bride created for her. It came out really pretty! She had a reception of 162 and provided mints and beer/pop koozies for all her guests. They were super cute and said "I found me a keeper".

My Assistant, Andrea did a great job decorating the cake with the beautiful orchids and roses. Jenny rented our cakestand to display her delicious cake made by Elite Sweets. I have to say our stand never looked so nice and shiny and that is thanks to the fancy photography work of Northstar Photography. Thanks!

Thank you so much for choosing You're The Bride to help with your special day. It was a great wedding and we wish you much love and happiness!! xoxo

Venue-Burton Manor
Photography-Northstar Photography
DJ-Night and Day Productions
Hair and Make-up-Charisma Salon
Officiant-Rev. Phillip Rogers
Photo Booth- Exposure Photo Booths
Cake-Elite Sweets
Rehearsal Location-Genetti's-Coordination by You're The Bride
Day-of Coordination-You're The Bride/ Tracie and Andrea

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wyndgate Country Club Rochester Hills ~ Irina + Tom 9/10/11

Irina hired You're The Bride to coordinate her Rehearsal and to do Day-of Coordination so she could just relax and enjoy the party that she and her Mom worked very hard to plan. When my Assistant Jessie and I
arrived we saw Irina and Tom getting their pictures taken by what seemed the paparazzi! They had hired quite the crew of video and photography professionals so their day was quite documented. The images that Lance from Studio L Artistry provided to me for this post are amazing!

She was very detailed and had a lot of personal touches including signs for her signature drink and table numbers. One thing that was a big hit was their dessert table and gelato bar. This was the first time I have seen the gelato bar and is a really unique and fun idea. You can choose 3 flavors to wow your guests!

Love the dress and the "Special Hanger" with her name!

Something Blue on her shoes!

Signing the Jewish Ketubah before the ceremony

The Girls striking a pose!

The boys being silly!

Irina being very serious! I love this picture of her she belongs on the cover of a magazine.

I loved the Rabbi and the ceremony she prepared. Tom and Irina read "love letters" to each other during the ceremony and it was so meaningful and let the guests know just how much they love each other and are meant to be together. I think more couples should do this to really personalize their ceremonies as it was a great idea!

The New Mr. and Mrs. Sybrandy!

The gorgeous cake on my favorite pintuck linens!

The place card table

Love, love all the pink!

First Dance!
Thank you for choosing You're The Bride to help with your special day. Mazel Tov!

View a recap of their day by clicking here

Venue-The Wyndgate Country Club
Officiant-Rabbi Tamara Kolten
Hair and Make-up-Jessica and Mardy
Photography-Studio L Artistry
Videography-Fairytale Productions
Florist-Twigs and Branches
Transportation- 247 Limo
Cake-Give Thanks Bakery
Reheasal Services-You're The Bride / Lanie
Day-of Coordination-You're The Bride / Tracie and Jessie
Chaircovers-Couture Chair Collection
Linens-Affordable Elegance
Music and Lighting-Ben Opengeym
Gelato Bar-Paciugu