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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuck on trying to figure out wedding colors?

Color Trends that are Hotter than this Summers Weather

Inspiration Boards to spark some inspiration for your wedding.

Aqua + Chartreuse

Blush + Mauve

Garnet + Tangerine

Lavender + Cream + Chocolate

Lemon + Aqua + Grey

Monday, July 26, 2010

How many bridesmaids should you plan on?

Well the answer to this question is unique to every bride. You may only feel comfortable with your best friend and sister at your side while you say your vows. Or you could want more attendants than guests. Either way, there is no quota about how many attendants you have to have. But if you are looking for a good stating point, experts say that the ideal wedding attendant to guest ratio is one pair (bridesmaid and a groomsmen) per 35 to 50 guests. So, if you're planning a very small wedding, you might only need a best man and a maid of honor. The average number of bridesmaids is about 3-5, plus a Maid or Matron of Honor. This gives the altar a nice, full look with out it looking over crowded. Whomever you have at your side on your wedding day will be special, and will leave a lasting impact on you both for the rest of your life.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Looking for a DJ? Here are some tips!

According to the American DJ Association (ADJA), The cost of a DJ's services can vary widely with fees starting at $350 all the way up to $3,500. The ADJA also says that the average is $1,200 for a 4 hour booking. Keep in mind that the best price doesn't always come with the best DJ. You know what they say, "You get what you pay for." When it comes to your wedding entertainment, you don't want to skimp out on your DJ. When choosing a DJ, make sure that you ask these questions:

Is the DJ Insured? Dose he have liability coverage? Ask for proof.

Will he/she play requests? Don't just assume that they will.

What type of equipment do they have? Does he/she have backup equipment in case of equipment failure?

How will he/she dress? You don't want him/her to show up over or under dressed.

Will he/she agree to a written contract? If not... Run! This contract protects not only them, but also you as their client.

source: American Disc Jockey Association

Here are our recommended DJ's. All of them do a fantastic job!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Marriage Requirements for Local Counties

When your getting married its very easy to get caught up in all the fun planning details. Don't forget to obtain your marriage license! This is a key document you MUST have so here is some information my wonderful assistant, Becca, put together for the brides.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

You're The Bride Wedding Planner Slideshow

Check out our new video slideshow that Media Fuser put together for us. If you are a former client check it out you might be in it !

Photo Credits:

JS Photography

Mike Greer Photography

Ronald Ponkey Photography

Considering Lilies Photography

11-4 Productions

Rawlinson Photography

My Wedding Photography

My 35 mm camera LOL

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bay Pointe Golf Club Wedding ~ Cindy + Cyrus 7-10-10

Cindy found me via my blog while searching for a Day-of Coordinator in Michigan to help her coordinate her wedding day and rehearsal. This couple lives in Chicago but has some family in the area so they decided on Bay Pointe in West Bloomfield. This venue is wonderful and offers a breathtaking view for the ceremony under a pergola near the lake, a fabulous screened in porch for cocktail hour and a large reception room. It is part of Oak Management so the food is amazing!

Their dear friend Spencer got ordained and officiated their ceremony and was wonderful to work with. I over heard him say to the couple right after the ceremony that marrying them was the biggest privilege of his life. I could tell he felt so honored to be chosen to share in their special day in that capacity.
Becca and I getting ready to head out!

Cindy worked with Liz at The Parsonage on her floral design and decided on 3 different looks. My favorite was the grouping of 4 cubes with orchids and lots of candles surrounding. They also provided the chaircovers.

Her wedding cake was created by a family friend and was very moist and delicious not to mention the ornate design Cindy chose.

They also treated their guests to the most delicious tasting of gourmet popcorn. We placed them at each setting for the guest's to enjoy. This is no ordinary popcorn but drizzled with chocolate. Yes, that's right chocolate! I couldn't believe how yummy it was. Kelly, one of the bridesmaids Mom has a local business in Farmington Hills called b'drizzled and she made all of the favors. I can't wait to share this fantastic treat with all of my brides as it sure was a hit! Seriously check out her site and go buy some as its sold at places locally like Papa Joes, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Randazzo's, Holiday Market, Westborn Market and more.

The couple also treated their guests to our photobooth and they had a blast during cocktail hour and after. We provided lots of fun props and the crowd loved them. It was fun watching their guests come up with interesting combinations of "looks" for the booth pictures. As a memento of the evening our attendant put together a photo scrapbook with all of the pictures. I also sent them a copy of all of the images on a CD. Here is a picture of Cindy and two of her bridesmaids Freda and Nania from inside the booth. Freda on left is Cindy's new sister-in-law and emailed me a few days after the wedding to thank us for a job well done. The email sure was a nice surprise! Thanks! We had fun and Cindy really had the nicest bridesmaids. They were a fun group to work with.

Kim and Jamie of Considering Lilies Photography from Ohio were there to capture all the special moments. There are a couple of the professional shots below. Kim and I coordinated the "First Look" moment between Cindy and Cyrus under the pergola. Cindy looked so amazingly beautiful and Cyrus was in awe of her beauty!

Also, Cindy's relatives from Philly drove in to shoot video of the day. They do photography and videography. Can't wait to see the trailer from Jea Lee Photography. Bob, from Mike Staff Productions kept the dance floor packed. Cindy was very thoughtful and put together a basket of flip flops so her guests could toss off their dress shoes and boogie!

Here is Becca, my Assistant getting the troops lined up for the Grand Entrance and giving instructions on where to go and what tables everyone is seated at since there was not a traditional head table.

We only needed a few items from the emergency kit for this wedding and it was some batteries as Nicole, one of the bridesmaids needed them for her camera. Hairspray was needed by the guys and a crochet hook as requested for getting Cindy into her dress. I have to say this is the first wedding in a VERY LONG TIME that I did not have to pin up the bride's bustle over and over. Cindy's Mom put her bustle in and I must did a fantastic job!! I try to get my bride's back on the dancefloor as quickly and possible when their dress gets stepped on and the bustle breaks. It was really great to see Cindy just dance without those "repair" interruptions!

The first dance always a beautiful moment!

Thank you for choosing You're The Bride to help with your special day. We were delighted to be there and take care of your wedding day needs. Hope you are having a good time in Turks & Caicos. I really enjoyed working with you both and wish you many happy years together. Thank you for the lovely bottle of wine and note at the end of the evening. Such a nice gesture! xo

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Unique twist on wedding food

When It comes to food, plan on spending. In an average wedding, the reception takes up 50% of the entire budget. So put some thought into what you are planning on serving your guests. Today, wedding guests are looking for something other than a heavy plated meal. Consider having more hors d'oeuvre's and a smaller plated meal. Emphases on the one-biters, with nothing larger than a tablespoon. This allows for guests to spend more time mingling and wont weigh them down after the dinner. Also, consider a twist on comfort food. Like a spoon of gourmet mashed potatos, or a shot glass worth of tomato soup and grilled cheese. While they may look elegant, they have the flavors that your guests will be used to, and are bound to love.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Did you know that we are listed in this book?

We are very honored that we are listed in the Bridal Bargains book for being one of the best online invitation dealers. We are not exactly sure how we got in there but we must has been nominated by one of our brides. Our listing in this book had brought us increased business and we couldn't be happier. Thank you!
Available at several bookstores including Borders and on

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fancy Postage !

Want a way to personalize your wedding invitations. Well Look no further. You and your husband-to-be can purchase postage stamps that feature wedding themes, your own Monogram, or even a picture of the two of you. These stamps are real U.S. postage and come in 3 different sizes for all size envelopes. You can find your customized stamps at Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed, and your order will ship in 48 hours.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding Fashion Trends

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that this year is already half way over! That being said, we are entering a new fashion season in the wedding world.

There are going to be some big and bold new fashions brides-to-be will be seeing in the next year. These are some trends that you should expect to see.

Black Accents- Black beads, touches of black lace, and black sashes will add their own touches to the traditional white dresses. Talk about some major contrast.

Feathers- long, wispy, white feathers add an exotic drama that is both beautiful and playful.

Asymmetrical necklines- One shoulder necklines are popping up everywhere, and are giving the budget bride a off the runway look. Step aside strapless!

Tiered Skirt- Tiers are no longer just for the cakes anymore. Tiers of ruffled fabric give the most important dress you will ever wear even more dimension.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Did you know we offer Birchcraft invitation samples for free?

Right now we are featuring our Birchcraft line at a 40% discount. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

If you would like to order up to 5 samples at no charge please fill out this form with your item numbers. Offer good on Birchcraft brand only.

They are 40% off at checkout when you place your order online. Also we our including free printed return envelopes with all orders. When ordering 100 invitations that is a $41.80 savings!!!

Feel free to check out our main website for all of the other services we offer.

Friday, July 9, 2010

You're The BrideTestimonial from a favorite Bride!

I was cleaning some files off of my computer and ran across this wonderful testimonial that my bride, Jillian, wrote for me last year. I never had an opportunity to use it formally because it was sooooo long so I just thought I would post it on my blog. Thanks, Jillian your so kind! xoxo

The thought of hiring a wedding planner was always more of a dream than a reality. Having never missed an episode of ‘Whose Wedding is it Anyway’ or ‘Bridezillas’, I was preparing for my wedding long before the engagement ring donned my left ring finger. However, once the wedding planning began and the project task list continued to grow, having a full-time job and maintaining sanity planning this blessed affair became unbearable. The stress of getting everything done on time was not as large of a concern compared to how the day was going to pan-out seeing as I couldn’t be the Bride and the wedding planner simultaneously. Hence, researching the surrounding area wedding planners that offer day of services turned me to wedding planner extraordinaire Tracie Morris.

My overall goal and expectation of hiring Tracie was to simply be able to Hand off the Wedding Baton the night before my wedding. Being comfortable delegating and relinquishing control over nine months of planning and the coordination of a party that amounts to nearly one-half a years salary (sad, I know), was not an easy task. That is, until, I met Tracie. There is a certain comfort and overwhelming ease of being in the presence of someone who ‘just get’s it’. During our first appointment, Tracie reviewed all of the items I had planned thus far, supplied recommendations for those I had not yet confirmed/ researched and served as an enormous asset in the world of weddings. I never realized at the time I booked Tracie the benefits I would reap & amount of money I would save.

In the market today, many people will tell you that it is consumer dominated. Being the ever cautious consumer, paying large sums of money for items such as flowers, linens and invitations is nerve racking, especially when you are not familiar with the line of vendors. It’s nothing similar to clothing shopping, which I will admit I have an ‘Expert’ status in . . . you do not have the luxury of knowing the quality of how a product is manufactured prior to walking into the store. Tracie was able to provide expert feedback and valuable information, saving me huge amounts of time and money. For example, I had received two quotes from comparable linen companies that were in a five-hundred dollar range of one-another. Still not being comfortable spending 2500.00 dollars on rentals, Tracie referred me to a linen company she frequently works with. I set up an appointment & ended up getting equally identical linens for only 1300.00. That saved me 1200 dollars!

The same thing happened with the wedding invitations. I received a quote for the invites I loved, however, tossed and turned over spending 1200.00 dollars on paper that may get thrown out. Tracie was able to order the invites through her wedding planning company as a vendor and the grand total was 900.00. That’s another 300 dollars saved! Along with the extra income, I was also able to use Tracie’s input on how to word, format, & what she see’s with other brides regarding invitation wording. The invitation vendor I would have went with for more money I truly believe would not have been able to provide me with that level of expertise and experience.
 Overall, Tracie’s day of services fee was paid for x2 for and I still get to have her as a day of planner and resource for the next two months. She is a wonderful resource if you are a Bride like I who is planning and funding her own wedding and needs someone On Her Side for opinions and feedback. I highly recommend hiring Tracie & I can’t imagine doing this without her

~ Jillian, Wedding October 2, 2009

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fore Lakes Golf Club ~ David and Susan get married 7-3-10

I recently reconnected with my cousin David on Facebook, gotta love that huh? He told me he was getting married up in Michigan although he and his fiancee resided in Chicago. Of course I was excited to hear this news and was happy to be invited and share in his celebration!  What a beautiful weekend it was too! Susan and David were married under the gazebo at Fore Lakes Golf Club in Kimball, Michigan. It was just such a beautiful setting near the pond and with hundreds of snap dragon flowers on the grounds. Now I want to go buy some bulbs and get them in my yard as I'm in love with them! I have always loved them in long and low church arrangements. Susan looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and had the biggest smile I have ever seen from a bride and believe me I have seen a few in my day, ha ha! I could tell she was super excited to get to the end of that aisle and how could she not be with David looking as handsome as ever!
Before the ceremony started I was wondering if they would make any recognition to David's mother who passed away suddenly a few years ago. The couple was so very thoughtful and mentioned her name in the program as well as lit a candle in remembrance of her and placed a picture nearby. I of course cried immediately when I saw this because David's Mother, Bonnie Jean, was so very special to me to as she was my Godmother. She always had such a warm smile and was so easy to talk to. I miss her very much but I know she was looking down on all of us as we celebrated with her son and new daughter-in-law. Pastor Max also mentioned her and he did a wonderful job with the ceremony. I could not help but shed a tear during the ceremony too because it was just so beautiful. My favorite part is how he included that David and Susan are in a triangle with God being above them and watching over their marriage. That part was really special and so true! 

After the ceremony we went upstairs for cocktails and appetizers while the Bridal Party took pictures. Although I was not actually working their wedding I really enjoyed being a guest I couldn't help myself to strike up a conversation with their photographers! I can't wait to see the professional shots from Twin Shutterbug Studios out of Port Huron. I was honored when Susan also grabbed me asking for help with her bustle because she kept getting stepped on!

I was also excited to see David's wedding cake as he told me that the bakery that made it was a winner on one of those wedding cake shows on the TLC network. It was a very unique design and I think you will agree.

Susan is quite the wedding planner herself. I noticed all of the little details that she worked so hard on for their wedding. The first thing was when I checked into my hotel I was surprised by a special gift bag that she put together for all of her out-of-town guests. That really was a nice touch and we sure enjoyed all of the yummy candy and treats! She actually made tons of cookies and candies herself. I love details and she did a great job personalizing their wedding. Also, she had personalized water bottles for us at their day-after 4th of July BBQ. David's Dad and wife Pam did a great job bbq'ing chicken, hamburgers and sausages. Everyone brought a dish to pass and we had quite the feast! Yum!

It was great to see family that I have not seen in a while and I wish we all had more time to get together. I've included a couple of pictures from the wedding of my parents who I love so much!  The one by the waterfall is my Mom and the one inside at the reception is my Dad!  So who in my family is going to get married next? Call me I will help you with the plans if you want! LOL xoxo

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A few budget bride tips from You're The Bride

Many couples just like you are seeking ways to control, and even eliminate some wedding costs. You can always hire a wedding coordinator, which have been known to save enough money to pay for the honeymoon, but there are many other ways to do this also.

-Pick your flowers wisely. If you pick flowers that are in season, (like Peonies and Tulips in the Spring, delphiniums in the summer, dahlias in the fall and orchids in the winter) you will save money. It's not that they will be any less beautiful, but they will be less expensive,

-Have a faux cake. Many cake shops will decorate a Styrofoam cake, then using a sheet cake kept in the kitchen to feed the guests. And your guests will never know the difference! Just ask that one layer of the model, (the top is normally the smallest, so it will be the least expensive) be actual cake so you can still have the opportunity for the traditional cutting.

-Think when setting the date. Peak wedding season is between April and August. By avoiding these months, your site fees will most likely be less expensive. Also, you could consider having your wedding in the afternoon, and have a lunch reception, or have It on a Friday or Sunday. Most halls offer cheaper rates if you choose to have your wedding some time other that a Saturday evening.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unique Wedding Favors

Thе purpose οf wedding favors іѕ tο thank уουr guests fοr coming tο уουr wedding. So why not try to make them memorable. While small trinkets and candles are nice, they don't really make a huge impression. You want to look for favors that are unique enough to be remembered, but to overall blend in with your tables. Here are some favors that are both unique and also elegant.

1) Tea Forte makes beautiful single tea packets that are customizable to just about any color. Not to mention they taste great. These pyramid style tea bags are both interesting to look at and can be taken home as a favor, or used at the reception for those people who don't drink coffee. It's a win/win!

2) Decorated fortune cookies are unexpected but can be dipped in chocolate to match your color scheme. They are also unbelievably cute and can really give your guests a sense of your creative side. You can also have a customized message made for each of the fortunes.

3) This next favor Idea puts a new spin on taking a piece of cake home with you. However these yummy looking cakes aren't edible, in fact, they are 'Towel Cakes'. your guests will be able to take these towel cakes home, place them in water and watch them grow into a 8x8 hand towel.

I hope these unique wedding favors give you some inspiration. And If you fell in love with any of these unique wedding favors, they can be found at