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Monday, June 21, 2010

Dress Code: What to wear to a wedding

No bride wants to have to worry about her Great Uncle Freddie showing up to her wedding in a pair of Jeans and a stained T-shirt, so why should you? However, then you run into the issue of just how to let people know the dress code of the wedding with out coming across as rude.

So what is the best option? Well, if your wedding is going to be a black tie event, then you can put right on the invitation, 'Black Tie Attire.' But if you are just having a semi-formal wedding, etiquette says that there is no need to put that type of information on the invitation itself.

Actually, the formalness of your invitations should give your guests an idea of how formal the wedding will be. If you still have doubts, the best way to handle how to tell your guests what to wear is by word-of-mouth. Remember, its your day, and honestly, you probably won't remember what anyone else was wearing anyway.

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Daryl Thomas said...

I was just at a wedding this past weekend. OMG! Was I over dressed!