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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ten Biggest Mistakes Brides Make

Copyright (c) 2009 by Tracie Morris,

As a wedding planner with over 11 years of experience I have seen just about everything. I wanted to share just a few of the mistakes you may make as a bride but don't have to. I understand that you have never planned a wedding before and you want it to be perfect. There is no shame in calling in a professional to help assist with the most important day of your life. You may work or go to school and planning your wedding is another full-time job so try not to spread yourself too thin by doing it all. A bride can't possibly know what to do in every situation that arises so leave it to the professionals to put out the fires! There is so much to do, know and remember!
1. Don't pay full price for vendor meals. Make sure your hall backs out the alcohol portion as your vendors are professionals and should not be drinking at your wedding.

2. Don't assume your banquet hall will fold your napkins brought in from an outside vendor. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't so if they don't you have a big problem on your wedding day and the job might not get done.

3. Don't not order extra invitations and envelopes. A second printing always cost much more than the first batch. It's better to order more now than pay more later.

4. Don't assume your Catering Manager at the hall is your Day-of Coordinator. They have one goal in mind the day of your wedding and that is to make sure that their responsibilities are being taken care of meaning getting the food out to your guests, taking care of any bar problems, etc. They will not help you fix your bustle, or pack your items up at the end of the night plus many other things inbetween that come up.

5. Don't assume that your DJ, Photographer or Videographer works alone. They often bring along an assistant and that is an extra meal that you may or may not have to pay for. It is best when you hire that vendor to ask them if they bring along someone so you know if you will need to provide another meal.

6. Don't assume your guests know that they can't take home your rented centerpieces. Yes, you heard me often the vases are rented and need to be returned to the florist and your guests just walk off with them not giving a second thought to this. Then you are stuck paying a replacement fee to your florist for the missing vases!

7. Don't assume that getting a chaircover for a $1 or so is a great deal. Often these are a mess and not clean or pressed. I have even seen them with holes and rips at the bottom..not very classy for your dream reception. Not to say that you won't find some chaircover vendors that do take pride in your work and will deliver a nice and clean finished product but you must be careful.

8. Don't assume your Limo Driver knows where he/she is taking you although you have provided directions and/or the address to each location. It is best to type something up and give it to him/her at the first pickup. This way you won't have to be yelling up every 5 turn here, back up, stop!

9. Don't assume your wedding guests won't come up and bother you at your reception with seating issues. Trust me this is the last thing you want to deal with while you are trying to enjoy your meal. Having a point of contact in charge like a day-of coordinator to trouble-shoot these little issues that often come up will save you a great deal of stress.

10. Don't assume your hall will cut and serve your wedding cake to your guests for free. Be sure to check your contract to see what the charge is and often you can negotiate it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

You're The BrideTestimonial from a recent bride!

I highly recommend Tracie Morris and You're the Bride for your wedding invitation needs. We had a set budget in mind for our wedding invitations and were up front on wanting the prices to be inexpensive, however did not want to sacrafice the look to be "cheap". Tracie understood our request and guided us to the right invitations that would fit our budget and look.  She was able to provide a variety of options that fit our budget and did not tempt us to look at items beyond our means. Her extensive knowledge and collection of vendors made it very hassle free, as we did not have to spend endless hours looking at invitations that we could not afford. All of our guests have commented on how classic and elegant our invitations look! She delivered, inexpensive price but classy, elegance. Thank you, Tracie

-Marla R.
Livonia, MI

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Having trouble finding the perfect dress?

You've found one that is classic and elegant enough for your ceremony but you cant really dance in, and also found a different dress that has the ability to dance in and be comfortable at your reception? What do you do? Get both! The popularity of having a ceremony dress and a reception dress is growing, and while it is not always a cost effective solution to your fashion problems, but it will add a lot of the "Wow!" factor.

If you do decide on two gowns for your big day, don't forget two sets of accessories. You may want to nix the veil for your reception, which is perfectly normal, but you may want to think about some cute hair jewelry. Also, some of your ceremony accessories may not go quite right with your reception look. Normally, the reception dress is lighter in weight. This may mean that you choose a tea length dress or possibly a sheath would make for a amazing transformation from ceremony to reception.

No matter what you choose to do for your wedding look, all eyes will defiantly be on you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cute substitutes for a veil . . .

Not every Bride is a Veil bride, and you might not be either. Whether you're looking for a non-traditional accessory to top off your wedding day look, or you don't want to be hidden under a veil, there are plenty of bride appropriate hair accessories.

Pinning flowers in your hair do will create a romantic and sophisticated look.

Adding feathers to your up-do creates a playful look that is beautiful and unexpected.

Combs and Pins
Combs and Pins are perfect for a classic, timeless look. Combs and Pins come in all different types of styles to match your overall look.

A cute headband can really show off your personality while also keeping your hair out of your face for pictures.

All of these options make for great substitutes for a veil, but also can be used in addition to the veil for even more accessorizing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You're The Bride Featured in the Knot Magazine! Yay!

We are so excited that one of our weddings is featured in the Knot magazine. Check out the fall/winter 2010 issue. Page 178 in the Special Ann Arbor Section ~ Kelly and Dave. Their wedding ceremony took place at The Michigan Union and their eco chic reception at Cobblestone Farm also in Ann Arbor. Plz RT.

Please Vote for You're The Bride on WDIV's 4 The Best Guide

Thanks for all your votes and supporting You're The Bride. However, if you have not yet voted for us for the #1 Wedding Planner in Metro Detroit it's not too late. We would love to have this honor!  Link is below. Thanks in advance!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You're The Bride: Want to Plan The Perfect Wedding? Learn the Six Ps

I wrote this article a while ago and thought if you are a bride-to-be that you would enjoy it!
Please click the link below. It is posted on several websites and I just came across it on google so it
reminded me to tell you brides about it. Enjoy!

Wedding Article

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dress Code: What to wear to a wedding

No bride wants to have to worry about her Great Uncle Freddie showing up to her wedding in a pair of Jeans and a stained T-shirt, so why should you? However, then you run into the issue of just how to let people know the dress code of the wedding with out coming across as rude.

So what is the best option? Well, if your wedding is going to be a black tie event, then you can put right on the invitation, 'Black Tie Attire.' But if you are just having a semi-formal wedding, etiquette says that there is no need to put that type of information on the invitation itself.

Actually, the formalness of your invitations should give your guests an idea of how formal the wedding will be. If you still have doubts, the best way to handle how to tell your guests what to wear is by word-of-mouth. Remember, its your day, and honestly, you probably won't remember what anyone else was wearing anyway.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A solution for those old bridesmaid dresses

So i stumbled upon some really cute ideas for just what to do with your old bridesmaid dresses. While it may seem unbearable to part with them, there comes a time when you really have to face the facts. The ... lovely... taffeta ball gown isn't going to be worn again. Why just throw away your well spent money when there are a lot of really fun things that the material could be great for.
Check out these great examples!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Crystal Gardens Southgate ~ Maryann + Achilles' BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING !!

What an amazing day Maryann and Achilles had although it was super HOT !! She looked radiant! They had a lavish reception at Crystal Gardens in Southgate with almost 500 guests. The room looked absolutely gorgeous from the lush centerpieces, fabulous linens/chaircovers and the never ending dessert table. You're The Bride took care of day-of coordination. We had a couple snafus during set-up that we were able to catch and fix before guest arrival so no worries for the bride. Overall it was a smooth day and everyone had a blast!

Becca, my new intern/assistant, did a great job helping set-up this wedding, interacting with vendors and greeting guests. I was grateful for her help since this wedding was so large and usually I am a one woman show! She is going to be a great help to me this summer and I am happy to have her on board! 

We had a great vendor line-up at this wedding. I was so impressed with the service of Silk Thumb in Wyandotte, their attention to detail and friendly staff is world class. I am excited to go visit their showroom soon and build a new relationship with them. The food was amazing and I loved the twice baked potato! YUM!

 Looking forward to getting some of the professional shots and the video trailer in a few weeks. Will post more then!

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Papakonstantinou !!!

Photography-Croft and Campbell
Cake-Cakes By Stephanie
Limo-Capital Style
Linens/Chaircovers-Unique Chaircovers
Day-of Coordination-You're The Bride
Church-St. George

Floral-Silk Thumb

Friday, June 11, 2010

Move over white wedding cake! (repost)

You've chosen your colors, so now why not infuse them into the sweetest part of your wedding? The cake! The long tradition of a white on white cake is history, and has been replaced with pops of color that mimic your wedding color scheme. Take a look at some of these color clad cakes. At You're The Bride we work with meticulous cake designers whom will make the wedding cake of your dreams! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slideshow from Reception of the Stars Tour

On Sunday, May 23 You're The Bride toured several reception locations in the area that I blogged about in another post. As a Wedding Planner these visits are really beneficial and save a ton of time when scouting out new venues for my clients. Here is the slideshow of pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

Reception of the Stars Venue Tour

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't forget the Photobooth!

I know we have talked about photobooths before in a earlier post but I just want to inform new brides about this fun service if you haven't heard the buzz. You may be worrying “will my guests have fun?” Well you can put those worries to rest because of this new trend popping up at weddings and special events everywhere. This is a really fun service! What is it, you ask. It is a portable Photo Booth that can put a new swing on the boring guest book. Your guests can take pictures and have a copy pasted into a scrapbook-style guest book that they can then sign underneath. Many photobooth companies bring a prop box and the guests young and old really get into that. 

We will provide a full service experience for all events. Our traditional style, portable booth is professionally designed and produced.Whether you are hosting a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or corporate event, we want to bring fun for all of your guests. Want more than just the traditional photo strip? We can do that. Choose from our Duo Foto Strips, Duo Sticker Foto Strips (perfect for Guestbooks), Foto Cubes, or Artistic Portrait Creations. All packages are customized for YOUR event. 

If you are interested in booking a photobooth for your event give us a call at 248-408-4602.