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Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding got you stressed? Don't be, it will show on your wedding day!

We have just the solution for you ~ one of our new Wedding Planning Ensembles!

This year we have decide to change up our wedding planning packages a bit. The first change was giving them a new fresh name! We are now offering our couples 4 Ensembles to choose from for their wedding day! Each one was created with you the bride and groom in mind! Our clients are busy with school and work so now by reading the new description of each investment you will be able to see which Ensemble is right for you! Let us take the stress of your shoulders so you can make planning your wedding an enjoyable experience. It doesn't have to be a tedious, stressful experience. Leave the headaches to your wedding planner!

Champagne Ensemble
This investment is perfect for the couple who have done all of the work planning for the wedding day but want the peace of mind of a professional wedding planner to ensure the wedding day will come together as planned. The couple also needs a little extra help along with the way

Satin Ensemble
This investment is perfect for the couple who also wants to plan most of the wedding themselves but is requiring more guidance than the Champagne Ensemble. This couple is not exactly sure what vendors to book and want attendance by a professional at some vendor meetings to ask the right questions.

Princess Ensemble
This investment is just right for the couple who really needs help from a professional wedding planner to guide them from beginning to the end with the planning and selecting of vendors. We will manage your budget so you can stay on track with expenses. You will still be able to do some of the leg-work on your own.

Queen Ensemble
This investment is ideal for the couple who would like to be part of the process. However, they have little to no time to plan and oversee all the wedding details and planning so they are looking to a professional to be there from start to finish. The leg-work, coordinating and responsibilities that need to be accomplished will be delegated to your wedding planner.

Lastly, our most popular service is

Day-of Coordination
This service is for the bride and groom who have planned their wedding themselves and just want assurance that someone will be there on the wedding day to oversee everything. Are you worrying if your flowers will arrive on time? if your cake made it to the reception? if the DJ arrived on time? if the chaircovers and centerpieces are set-up and a zillion other things? We understand how you are feeling! Our service allows you to have a relaxing experience and the best day of your life! Wouldn't peace of mind that everything is being handled behind the scenes and running smoothly make you happy?

Hiring me as your wedding planner is a very good investment as I can save you time, money and stress. I know the best deals and I have lots of contacts. I can tell you when your paying too much money and that savings alone often will pay for my services! I offer investments where each Ensemble I've designed is to help you stay on track so nothing is forgotten and timelines are managed resulting in a stress-free day for each bride. This peace of mind is priceless just ask our former clients. You can be a guest at your own wedding!

You can find a more detailed description of what benefits each Ensemble has for you!

Please contact us today to set-up your complimentary consultation 248-408-4602.

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Aaron Mayberry said...

From our experience, the best weddings always have a stress-free Bride. The guests really do feed off the positive or negative energy the Bride and Groom give off.