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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Questions to ask your Priest or Officiant

I have been asked several times by my brides what kind of questions should I ask the priest at my church? I have put together a list of questions that will help you with this.

1. Do you provide some kind of template for the wedding program? (because you will need to know the format of how he runs his service).

2. How long before the ceremony can the church be opened?

3. Is there a place for the guys and the girls to both wait separately?

4. What is the charge for an organist ? (unless your going to be using a string trio/quartet)

5. Are there any extra charges for a janitor fee, church wedding coordinator/volunteer, cantor, any singers I might want to have?

6. Is an aisle runner allowed? (I personally dont suggest it as its a hazard and guests end up tripping on it anyways on the way out. Instead if you can get your church to allow petals that is a nice touch).

7. Are there specific marriage classes/counseling we need to go thru?

8. Will there be any more follow-up meetings with you to prepare? He should probably give you a church guideline/handbook and that will probably answer a lot of your questions too.

Final Tip:
You should definately get them to give you a receipt for the date of the wedding and your paid deposit. Confirm with the church office they have put it on their calendar.

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