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Friday, December 31, 2010

Vote for Best Wedding Cake Contest

We see a LOT of beautiful wedding cakes in our line of work !  Please vote once using the initials below the cake to tell us which one you think is the best. We are going to send the bride that has the most votes on her cake a gift certificate for $25 to the Showroom of Elegance (jewelry store in Canton, MI). Good luck and thanks for participating. Voting ends on Jan. 5th.








Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Photo Booth Customer!

We just received an email from a customer who rented the photo booth for a winter dance in Ypsilanti, MI.

The dance was amazing! The kids had a great time and the photo booth was a huge success. Your staff were timely, professional and great with the kids. Thanks for all your help.

Happy New Year,

If you want to book our photo booth for your events give us a call.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter Wedding Ideas

Looking for cute last minute touches to add to your perfect winter wonderland wedding? Here are five surefire ways to bring some of that warm Christmas spirit into your wedding day.

Have the bride and groom travel by carriage to the reception, complete with a fur throw to keep them warm of course! Just remember that a horse drawn carriage goes much slower than a car, and it will likely be cold out, so plan your ride accordingly.

Decorate the reception with miniature and life-size lit Christmas trees. They will defiantly give off that winter forest feel.

Add an Ice sculpture to your reception decor, this addition is beautiful and will go perfectly with any colors. Some sculptors even light their sculptures with your choice of color to match your theme.

Use a crystal and beaded bouquet for a dramatic frozen flower look. As a bonus, you'll get to keep your your bouquet forever, without preservation.

Greet your guests with warm coffee or hot chocolate as soon as they come in the ceremony or reception site. Don't forget the Marshmallows!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Themed Centerpieces for Home or Wedding

Looking for a beautiful centerpieces for a winter/ Christmas wedding, or even for your table at home? Here are some beautiful arrangements that can easily be made from supplies found at your local craft store.  There is still time!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking for a purr-fect way to incorporate your pet in your wedding?

 Many couples want to have their furry or feathered friend to have a part in their big day. Whether in a formal role, for example, as ring bearers or flower dogs, or simply as honored guests.
The first thing you will need to do is check with your venues to see if animals are even allowed. If so, great! But if not, then you will have to compromise, like have your dog escort your guests to the door of the venue. Or keep your pet on site so they can be a part of your wedding day photos.

If you're allowed to have your pet at your venues, be sure to inform attendants and vendors that your pet will play a role. Also, you will need to discuss any special measures you'd like them to take in case something happens. You will also have to notify your officiant, as some may refuse to preside over a wedding that includes pets.

You will also need to consider hiring a handler for your pet, or have a friend be responsible for the pet during the wedding. You will want to bring your pet to the site before the wedding day so he or she can get acquainted with the space. Also, you should have your pet attend the rehearsal to practice his part if he will be participating in the ceremony. And finally, take the animal to the groomer before the wedding so he'll look his best too. Your pets can play a very cute roll in your wedding, as long as you go to the proper measures.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bay Pointe Golf Club ~ Cindy and Cyrus Video Clip

I just received a video clip from showcasing a wedding that we coordinated this past July for wonderful clients Cindy and Cyrus at Baypointe Golf Club. If you like what you see please contact us so we can help you with your special day / 248-408-4602.

Cindy and Cyrus Wedding

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What dress will Kate wear?

With the royal wedding plans well on their way, the question still remains, 'What dress will Kate wear?'

So brides, here are four dress options that we at You're The Bride could see the future princess wearing, but we need your help. Comment on this post with the number of the gown to cast your vote for the style you think Kate should wear. Happy Voting!

Friday, December 10, 2010

For Richer, Not Poorer

Recently I was interviewed by a student at California State University as she was researching and writing a paper on wedding planning. I found out she received an A. Here is her article if you would like to read it!

Almost every girl dreams of her fairy tale wedding with her prince charming who

will sweep her off her feet and into the sunset. But what many don.t realize is that the

prince has a less-than-perfect bank account, and instead of swimming in a sea of love,

the couple will be drowning in a pile of debt once they arrive home. That is, unless the

lovebirds know how to budget their wedding expenses accordingly!

Between the “Yes” and the “I do” comes one of the hardest trials that a couple

may have to endure – the wedding planning process. Many fear this time because of

the stress, the drama, the arguments, and most of all, the spending. There are many

aspects of a wedding that require heavy expenditures, and one of the biggest problems

that couples face is the issue of a creating a sufficient budget and maintaining a steady

cash flow. Sometimes the stress of planning can lead to online couples counseling as they need

a professional to talk to about the new added stress to their lives.

At the beginning of the wedding planning process, couples tend to feel overly

excited about the endless supplies and services that are available to them. This often

causes them to make impulsive purchases on unnecessary things. Then as the day of

the wedding approaches, they find that they do not have enough in their budget to pay

for the things that they truly need or the services that they have already requested.

Sara Ambarian, a wedding consultant and author of the wedding handbook, A

Bride.s Touch, has certainly seen this happen to several of her clients. She says that in

order to prevent this, couples need to prioritize, and even compromise, what it is that

they want most out of their wedding.

“The thing that is most important to you - if it.s your gown, or if it.s a good meal

for your family, or if it.s a certain number of people on the guest list – you work with that

first and try and make everything else fit underneath it,” she said.

Tracie Morris, a certified wedding consultant, also emphasizes the importance of


“We [have to] evaluate, „Okay, what do you really want to make your wedding the

way you want it to be?.” she said.

When a couple is prioritizing as to where to allocate their spending, there are

many prospects that they need to consider. Following are some of the most important

aspects of a wedding that couples tend to focus on and tips on how to save money on



. Venues often have packaged deals for couples who want to host both the

ceremony and the reception at the same location. This gives the venue the

chance to cater for both. The guests will also appreciate not having to go through

the hassle of transportation and parking.

. Many venues also have special discounted prices for weddings held during off-

seasons or on a Friday or Sunday when there is not a lot of business.

Guest List

. Keeping the guest list limited to a small group of people will save money on the

amount of food needed to be catered, the number of invitations having to be sent

out, the number of party favors given, and so on. It will also allow the couple to

book a smaller, cheaper venue, if desired.


. There is a new trend for brides who want a fancy wedding dress without breaking

the bank. Many are beginning to consider preowned dresses from online stores

such as Josie Daga, the founder of the

company, stated in an interview that, “Six years ago, buying a preowned dress

wasn.t an option, but today it very much is. And brides smartly realize that they

can get the dress they really want – for 50% off of the retail! It is smart, it.s eco-

friendly, and it saves money.”

. More grooms and brides are starting to have their dresses sewn and their

tuxedos tailored by friends or family who are good with handiwork. This not only

saves them money on store-bought outfits, but it also gives them a one-of-a-kind



. One type of decorations that Ambarian strongly recommends for brides to look

into is silk flowers. These are artificial flowers (not necessarily made of silk) that

can be found at local arts and crafts stores such as Wal-Mart or Michaels. When

creatively crafted, these flowers become beautiful ornaments that may be used

as bouquets or centerpieces. They are also much cheaper and longer lasting

than real flowers.


. A secret that both Ambarian and Morris shared during interviews was having a

small wedding cake for display, and supplementing it with a larger sheet cake

with the same flavor to cut and serve. “Maybe we can get away with not spending

as much on an elaborate cake,” said Morris. “That.s a good way to shave off

some money if you just ordered those sheet cakes, and no one would know



. One of the biggest aspects of a wedding is the photography, and couples tend to

spend a lot of money on it to ensure the best quality for their memories.

However, it also takes out a huge chunk in their budget to hire professional

photographers or videographers. It is debatable whether couples should ask

friends or family members with good cameras to take pictures for them, but it is

certainly a cheaper alternative. There is also the creative option of giving guests

disposable digital cameras as party favors to use during the wedding and then

requesting that they send the photos afterward.

In today.s media, television shows and movies often feature extravagant

weddings at lavish locations worth a million bucks, but in reality, many couples cannot

afford such venues. However, it doesn.t take a million bucks to feel a million bucks.

More people are finding out that their dream wedding is still affordable, and although

love does cost a thing or two, couples may now proudly declare, “For richer, not poorer!”

Jennifer M. Vu

Green Campus Program - Public Relations Coordinator

Human Services Student Association - Event Planner

California State University, Fullerton

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Printed Envelopes

Free printed envelopes from the paper duvet brand. Place your order for personalized invitations and receive FREE printed envleopes (up to 250). Offer applicable on ALL Paper Duvet orders until January 31, 2011. 

Click here to see these invitations. Please reference FENVP when placing your order.

paper duvet sale

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Want to know what the hottest new engagement ring styles are?

Ring designers and brides have given these styles their attention.

Modern Styles- Some of the most popular modern styles are those that have a center diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller gems. These rings are showstoppers and give the illusion of a larger center stone.

Solitaire- These rings are characterized by a single diamond on a rather simple band. These rings have grown in popularity lately and are beautifully simple.

Please leave us a comment as we would love to know what your favorite style is!

Vintage Styles- Heirloom styles, though rich in history, are definitely not a tired idea. Think intricate settings with metal and diamond detailing. And one of the best things is this type of ring will never go out of style.

Unique Styles- A big trend right now is twisted ring bands. This unique touch gives your ring dimension that captures the light perfectly, and constantly.

Colored Stones- If you consider yourself to have an untraditional style, colored stone engagement rings are a good way to showcase that. Ant there is every color under the sun, like pink diamonds to other gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and amethyst. ~ Becca

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Panera Bread Wedding !

The last-minute surprise one couple will never forget.
Jeff and Natalie Daniels were supposed to be married at 10 a.m. on August 16, 2008, in an outdoor ceremony at Lake Eola in Orlando, Florida. The bride was 45 minutes late but, unfortunately, Tropical Storm Fay arrived right on time with wind-swept rain that quickly soaked guests, drove the bride into her car, and sent the preacher scurrying into a nearby Panera Bread.

“We didn’t have a backup plan,” recalls Jeff. “I was so soaked, the dye from my tuxedo went right through my shirt. But then the reverend called and said it’s nice and dry in Panera, and the manager was willing to let us get married in there. I thought this is going to be one of the strangest weddings ever….”

The Reverend Glynn Ferguson and the Panera staff took charge, handing out towels and moving tables. A cloth was draped over a trashcan, and the couple’s Unity Candle was set on top. Meanwhile, the groom and his party were sequestered in the men’s room while guests formed a canopy of umbrellas so the bride could get from her car to the bakery-cafe.

“Once everyone was in position, I gave the staff the nod, they turned up the classical music, the bride and her father walked down the aisle, and I married them,” says Reverend Ferguson. “Everyone clapped, customers included. It was one of the most unusual weddings I’ve ever done, but it was warm, inviting, classy, and it sure smelled wonderful.”

“Natalie and I plan on going back to that Panera for our anniversary and giving the staff a photo of us taken in front of the store that day,” says Jeff. “Whenever we tell people this story, they can’t believe it. But it was very special, and we’ll never forget it.”

Publish Date: September 8, 2010 via

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Small Biz Saturday Special Offers (Nov. 27th)

We are happy to be part of Small Biz Saturday that is taking place on ONE-DAY ONLY Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010. In honor of this we have put together some special offers to encourage you to use your AMEX card. If you haven't heard AMEX will be issuing a $25 statement credit to any customer making a purchase to a small business with their card. How cool is that? You get a bonus to spend your money on things you already need!

Check out our special offers for this ONE DAY ONLY:

Note: Orders and Bookings MUST take place on Saturday, November 27, 2010 before midnight EST to qualify for free gifts.

1. Order your Wedding Invitations from us on and you will receive a SOMETHING BLUE GARTER FREE with purchase.

2. Order your Bridal Shower Invitations and receive 50 BRIDAL SHOWER THANK YOU CARDS FREE with purchase

3. Book our Photo Booth and receive 100 COCKTAIL NAPKINS FREE with booking.

4. Book You're The Bride for Day-of Coordination and receive ENGRAVED CAKE SERVING SET with booking.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Choosing a Cake Topper

When choosing a cake topper, the latest and greatest thing to do is find one that represents you. There are hundreds of types of cake toppers that you are able to choose from. Maybe you want one that shows how romantic, or funny, or artsy you are. Great! Here are my personal favorites. ~Becca

Check out our line of cake toppers we sell by Carlson Craft 20% off cake toppers.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lochmoor Club and More Wedding Planner Tour Recap - November 14

This past sunday I spent the afternoon with several other wedding planners touring great venues of Detroit. Bill Lonskey of  The Quintessential Event Company planned our tour. We all gathered at Chair Covers and Linens in Madison Heights. DeVonna treated us to coffee, donuts, pastries and fruit. She has beautiful linens and accessories and here is a picture of something blue!

Of course we traveled in style in this pink hummer courtesy of Satisfaction Limousine.

Our first stop was at Lochmoor Golf Club in Grosse Pointe. They treated us to a delicious brunch and the tables looked spectacular. Yes more food ! What a treat for us to be the guest's!

Here are a couple of simple centerpieces that I thought one of my May bride's would like to see so I snapped a few pictures of them as we are currently working on her table design.

We then headed on to Western Golf Club in Redford. This place is really a hidden treasure and is so close to my home. I discovered it last month when I participated in a Bridal Show there. They are definitely ready for the holidays and winter weddings. They also served us bruschetta and a tasty mushroom strudel. A beautiful table design was also showcased for us.

Our next stop was the Detroit Historical Society. This is an interesting place to have a event! Check out Detroit's first car.

 The Hard Rock Cafe downtown Detroit was another fun place to stop. Mary, the catering manager put together a fantastic tasting for us including a yummy salad, spring roll appetizers and my favorite was the twisted mac and cheese made with 2 cheeses. YUM! I think we all needed a nap after that! Everything was served in a beautiful martini glass for a classy presentation. Outside of the cafe there is an amazing Atrium space with a waterfall that extends from the ceiling. It is so unique and unfortunately my camera doesn't show just how stunning it is.

Our last stop on the tour was the Inn on Ferry Street. This is a collection of historic homes that have been turned into hotel rooms. It is a top-ranked property by Expedia. A great place to host your guests instead of the typical hotel chain.  They also have some space for smaller receptions or showers. They book up super fast so it's best to call early.

The tour is always a great day of fun away from the office. It allows us to be the best planners we can be by always seeing new and unique event space so we can plan awesome weddings for our clients. Can't wait until January 30th for the next one! If you would like any additional information on these venues or would like to hire You're The Bride to plan your event please call us today at 248-408-4602.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You're The Bride Seeking Intern's/Wedding Assistant's for 2011 Season

You're The Bride is seeking a motivated, reliable and detailed individual for a 2011 internship from March – November.  Must be able to stand for long periods of time and have a computer as assignments will be e-mailed to you. Previous event planning experience a plus but not necessary. Candidates must be able to take direction but also be able to think quickly on their feet as situations may arise that need to be solved with ease. Must have your own reliable transportation and driving knowledge of the Metro-Detroit area is helpful. This is an UNPAID position; however, an intern who successfully completes the internship may be hired on a part-time basis to assist at future events. This internship may involve pre-event preparation, cold calling using bridal lead lists, researching ideas and writing posts for the YTB blog, assembling favors/invitations, assisting in wedding ceremony rehearsal, on-site coordination/set-up for ceremony and reception. Other projects as needed. Must be available on weekends as needed. Must be at least 18 please. If this opportunity sounds like it would be a perfect fit for you then please send a cover letter and resume to You may visit our website and blog to learn more about the company at /


Friday, November 12, 2010

See your Groom Before the Ceremony?

You know the tradition of "its bad luck to see your fiancée in your wedding dress before walking down the aisle". Well, did a survey and it revealed that many couples who decided to wait until the ceremony to see each other would've preferred to have the inevitably emotional experience in private rather than in front of all of their guests.

Now days, couples are allowed to personalize their wedding in what ever way they like. This means that yes, you can spend every minute with your groom before the ceremony, or have a private 'revile' that your photographers can capture. Some couples are even doing all their photographs before the ceremony. This allows more time to take photos then, and also gives you time to remember any photos that may have been skipped. Not only then you aren't stuck having to miss appetizers and cocktails.

Here is a "First Look" moment between former clients Cyrus and Cindy this past July at their wedding we coordinated at Bay Pointe Golf Club in West Bloomfield. Considering Lilies Photography captured the moment!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have a Happy Honeymoon

When planning your wedding, you don't want to forget your honeymoon. A honeymoon is not only a great way to celebrate and spend some quality time with your new spouse. Here are some great tips for how to plan an awesome trip.

Ask Around- You ask your friends and family for advice in other areas, and your Honeymoon can definitely be one of them. If you still have questions, call a local travel agent for their advice. They will know when the best weather will be and when busy seasons are. That way, you will be able to plan your trip accordingly.

Decide- Figure out what type of destination you and your significant other will want. Maybe you want to go to a beautiful beach resort, or maybe you see yourself skiing in Colorado. But be realistic when it comes to your budget. And keep the weather in mind. You don't want to be stuck inside the whole time! But if you really have your heart set on a location, you can always think about postponing. Then you can just have a night or two at a hotel, or go to a bed and breakfast for a short relaxing weekend.

Compromise- Your marriage is all about give and take, and this will defiantly be true when it comes to planning your honeymoon. Say you want to spend a week in the Big Apple and your fiancée wants to go hiking. Try combining both interests and spend your trip on a beach that you could go scuba diving at. No mater what you choose, you will both be together, and that's what counts.

Finalize- Once you have decided where you want to go, and what you want to do, start to plan it. Normally, the sooner you make your reservations, the better chance you have at getting a deal. And don't be afraid to let the hotel know that you are booking your honeymoon, because you could have some upgrades or extras sent your way.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don’t Forget Photo Booth Save the Dates

The thing you would want is your guests making plans for your big day. Photo booth save the dates put a fun twist on a traditional task. You can pose with a chalk board to convey a message, or get creative and do something completely different.

Besides save the dates, we can also create favors for guests. Thank your guests for coming to your reception by giving them a photo booth image of you and your fiance. You can even use the monogram area to tell them a special message. Why not personalize your table numbers by holding up numbers/table names in the photo booth shots.

Your imagination is our limitation. Photo booth save the dates are very popular and pricing is reasonable. Setup your photo session today to receive complimentary color correction with touch ups.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

David Tutera on Access Hollywood

If you are a bride then you are probably familiar with Celebrity Wedding Planner, David Tutera. I love him !

Check out his recent appearance on Access Hollywood with a mini fashion show for his Faviana Bridal Collection. ~Tracie

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New rules for a Rehearsal Dinner

Once upon a time, all couples lived separately before they got married and engagements were only a few weeks long, so normally the rehearsal dinner was the first time both the bride and grooms parents could meet. Today, that is not always so, engagements are sometimes longer and sometimes couples may already live together. And while having a rehearsal dinner is still a nice way for everyone to catch up or reconnect, but if you are short on time or in a budget pinch, it's okay to skip it.

These days, there aren't many rules you have to follow to make a wedding a wedding (just sign on the dotted line). While it is always nice to have a welcome meal for out-of town guests, or your closest local friends and family for a nice pre-wedding dinner,  it comes down to what is logical for you. If you are a pre-wedding cocktails bar kind of couple, or a rehearsal lunch, picnic style couple, it's your wedding. ~Becca


Click here to view our Rehearsal Dinner Invitations if you are going to host this event.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Unique Wedding Colors

Having trouble picking colors for your wedding?? Want to be different?? Be bold and creative with bright and loud colors! Here are some unique color schemes for your wedding! ~Laura

Bright Green & Hot Pink

Royal Blue & Green

Purple & White

Orange & Blue

Blue & Silver

Brown & Lavender

Yellow & Purple

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Long Is Too Long?

The year-long engagement has been the typical amount of time a couple gives themselves before taking the plunge. However, more and more often it seems like this is not a necessity. Some couples will choose to elope while others will take months and months before deciding on the perfect shade of peach. It all comes down to what will work for you. If you have a quicker engagement, you often will spend less money on unnecessary things. However, a longer engagement will allow you to spread out the tasks and expenses that come with a wedding. Just do what is going to be the right thing for you and the husband-to-be, and you will always have the memories.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Wedding Favors

If you have selected a wedding date around the holidays, you will have two reasons to celebrate on your wedding day! When planning a holiday wedding, you want to incorporate a holiday theme into your wedding without making it be a major focus of the attention. After all, your wedding should be all about you!

When picking wedding favors for a holiday wedding, this is where you can get into the holiday spirit and add a little fun!

Here are some fantastic ideas for holiday wedding favors.

Christmas Wedding Favors

The perfect favor for a wedding near Christmas is, of course, a Christmas ornament! You can purchase ornaments in red, green and shiny metallics. Choose personalized ornaments from a company like Ornaments with Love to let your guests know how much you appreciate them. Unlike some favors that get thrown away or consumed, Christmas ornaments will last for many years to come.

Valentine's Day Wedding Favors

For February weddings, select favors centered around the theme of love. You can choose everything from Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters to the Key to Love Keychain.

Fourth of July Weddings Favors

For a wedding in July, how about red, white and blue candy? You can find an assort of gumdrops, jelly beans and other small candies that are perfect for Fourth of July. Package them in a small tins, favor bags or boxes for affordable, yet adorable wedding favors.

Thanksgiving Wedding Favors

If you are getting married in the month of November, give thanks by giving a donation to your favorite charity in the name of your guests, instead of providing traditional favors. Be sure to leave a card on each table at the reception, explaining the philanthropic gift.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

After Wedding Flowers

Wondering what to do with your flowers after the wedding? You just spent a decent amount of money on your beautiful flowers and you are just going to toss them. Think again! Keep your bouquet for years without going the dusty, dried-flowers route.

Snip blossoms and lay them on newsprint.

Fold newsprint over to cover, and insert in a flower press (or between the pages of a phone book).

Leave them for 10 to 12 days, until dry and papery. Use tweezers to transfer the flowers to card stock and arrange.

Use tweezers to gently lift each blossom, and a paintbrush to apply a dot of glue to the underside, then press into place.

Let dry, and frame.

Not only do you have the memory but you have framed art for your new home!

If you are a busy bride You're The Bride offers flower preservation services so please contact us for pick-up/ drop-off instructions and payment.

Here are some pictures of some recent bouquets that have been preserved.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Plymouth Manor ~ Nicole + David 10/10/10

Nicole was referred to us by Ronald Ponkey Photography. We coordinated her wedding day and the rehearsal the day before. 

The ceremony was at Mill Race Village in the Chapel and officiated by Rev. Fred from We Are Gathered. This historic chapel is located in Northville. Nicole looked absolutely beautiful as she made her way down the aisle to David.

After the ceremony the bridal party went downtown to get lots of pictures before arriving back to Plymouth Manor for a elegant black and red reception. 

Maggie from Memory Makers Decorating did a fantastic job with setting up all of the silk flowers that Nicole made.  She also provided table runners and chair covers for the event and everything looked great!

You're The Bride finished cleaning up the ceremony area and headed over to the reception where we set playing cards at each place setting, table numbers, candles, seating board, toasting flutes,  and placed a restroom basket for the ladies to use when freshening up.

Sweet 220 provided the wedding cake that was delicious!

Bill from Dark Lake Video was there to capture the wedding alongside Ronald Ponkey and his team.

I had wondered for a sunday night if this crowd would party until the end. Well Aaron from Rusch Entertainment did a great job of playing the music as the guests burned up the dance floor.

Nicole and David treated their guests to a photo booth which the guests loved! They also had late night pizza and warm cookies that were delicious!

My favorite part of the evening was when the Bridal Party danced to "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson instead of a slow song for the traditional dance!

Nicole and David plan to take a honeymoon later as right now they are busy with their new restaurant Ohana Cafe in Northville. Congratulations and thanks for letting us be part of your special day!