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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Technical Issues Fixed!! YAY!!!!

I finally got my new laptop from Dell yesterday..what a relief it was such a pain going to the library everyday! Everything is now set back up and I am getting caught up on my work. The power supply did not work for some reason so they are sending me a new one luckily I can use the one from my old laptop as their universal. If you need help with your computer issues, transferring files over, AOL filing cabinet, favorites, outlook calendar, etc. call Ryan at Platinum Computers he helped me out. He is located in Redford but goes all over Metro Detroit. He has reasonable rates and is super nice. I also bought a new microwave so that is better now too I was getting tired of making my lean cuisines on the stovetop but it worked! The only bad thing was I found out after I got the microwave home that the turntable did not work so I had to haul it back to Sears to exchange it. Not a fun task! So I am praying that the black cloud has left my house so I can function again. Thanks for your patience.

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