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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where will you Register?

So now on to the fun part of the wedding planning registering for all those gifts! Even the guy's will love this one. You should register about 4 mos. before the wedding so you have time to make your selections and have your showers. Some of you may not think you will need fine china but someday when you get a little older you will want to start entertaining and you will wish you had registered for it. So my advice is to pick some out and register for at least 12 place settings. 12 might seem like a lot to you but trust me the more you register for the more you will receive and then you can complete your set. Don't forget to select accessory pieces like matching creamer, sugar, butter dish and serving pieces. My favorite pick and suggestion for you brides to register is Bed, Bath and Beyond. There are a few great things about this place that you may or may not know. Your guests can of course use their 20% off coupons on most items. Just flip the back over for the name brand restrictions which are usually Kate Spade, Nautica, etc. If you receive something from your registry and you change your mind about it you can actually take it back and get CASH not a in store credit! They have a great return policy for you brides! As long as the item was on your registy you can get the cash and buy something that you really want or save it for something else. Also, sometimes guests will add items to your registry and although you did not actually register for them again you can take them back if you don't want them and get the cash. I have heard horror stories about the Target Gift Registy so I would not suggest that. Other great places that my clients have registered are Williams-Sonoma and Macy's. Have fun with that scanner and remember if its too overwhelming for one day you can save your selections and return another day to finish the list!

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Anonymous said...

Great advice Tracie!!! My friend just returned her china set to Bed Bath & Beyond (after a divorce, four years after her wedding) and they gave her CASH! She didn't even have the boxes!!! Now thats some serious customer service!