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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fun Extra's for your Reception!

So you want to be different and unique well there are a lot of different things you can bring to your reception to add this fun element. First, think about your style or what you think your guests would like. Some fun things I have encountered as a wedding planner are Photo Booths to start out with. These are a big hit and you can really get some crazy fun shots in that tight little space. Once the pics are taken it takes a few minutes for them to come out of the machine and then you can add them into the bride's photo album and add little comments or your best wishes! While these are fun they do add another expense to the budget. I have seen them for around $1,600 so while they may not fit into everyone's budget I will give you some other ideas too. Everyone seems to love the chocolate fountains at the wedding with all the little treats. Gosh what doesn't taste good when its dipped in chocolate?! These can set you back from about $500 and up depending on how long you keep it going. Now they can get messy so always get one that comes with a supervised attendant to clean up the drips and to restock all the goodies. What about a Martini Ice Luge? What a cool refreshing treat for your guests...whats better then your Martini drink coming down very cold ice before it hits your glass? Aaahh this is a great surprise for the guests at a summer wedding when its hot out! You can serve a signature drink or two! A midnight snack of pizza, coneys or even sliders works too! You could also bring in a magician for tableside tricks! Just use your imagination and you will think of something that will work for your reception.

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