Blush and Copper Elegance Styled Shoot

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ann's Wedding Invitations

I am working with a new client on her invitations for her upcoming May 2nd wedding. She chose Delicate Designs from the Nuart Simple But Elegant Line. They are very pretty! Now I am just waiting on the proof to come in so she can check it over. Ann has also hired me to Day-of Coordination for her wedding in Chelsea, MI followed by a reception in Ann Arbor. I am looking forward to helping her with the invitations and hearing more about her wedding plans!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Henry Ford Estate ~ Melissa and Marc Get Hitched 9/20/08

So this weekend I did a great wedding at the beautiful Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn with the reception following at Park Place also in Dearborn. The ceremony was breathtaking on the Music Room Terrace. Weber's did an amazing job as usual with the flowers and decor at the reception. Melissa and Marc are a great fun energetic couple that know how to have fun! Just look at this picture of them and their Bridal Party at the Park. They played and Melissa even went down the slide in her wedding dress! Now there is a bride who is not afraid to get a little dirty! They had a great reception with lots of little extra's that made it super fun for the guests. Marc and Melissa brewed their own beer and made their own wine! This couple even stood at the buffet line and handed each guest a plate so they were sure to greet everyone now that is thoughtful. So yes, they ate last but it sure made a nice impression among the guests. Melissa told me that she did not want to hear any glass clinking to get them to kiss so she brought in a putting green, golf club and balls and the guests had to get a hole in one for the couple to kiss! What a cute idea and everyone loved it! Alexis from Images Originales was there to capture all the great moments. If your looking for a artistic photographer she is your girl. Give her a call and tell her I referred you she might she give you a special discount if your one of my clients. It was great to see the gang again since I did Marc's sisters wedding last September too so I knew many people. They are a great group and know how to have a good party!

The Fun Extra's for your Reception!

So you want to be different and unique well there are a lot of different things you can bring to your reception to add this fun element. First, think about your style or what you think your guests would like. Some fun things I have encountered as a wedding planner are Photo Booths to start out with. These are a big hit and you can really get some crazy fun shots in that tight little space. Once the pics are taken it takes a few minutes for them to come out of the machine and then you can add them into the bride's photo album and add little comments or your best wishes! While these are fun they do add another expense to the budget. I have seen them for around $1,600 so while they may not fit into everyone's budget I will give you some other ideas too. Everyone seems to love the chocolate fountains at the wedding with all the little treats. Gosh what doesn't taste good when its dipped in chocolate?! These can set you back from about $500 and up depending on how long you keep it going. Now they can get messy so always get one that comes with a supervised attendant to clean up the drips and to restock all the goodies. What about a Martini Ice Luge? What a cool refreshing treat for your guests...whats better then your Martini drink coming down very cold ice before it hits your glass? Aaahh this is a great surprise for the guests at a summer wedding when its hot out! You can serve a signature drink or two! A midnight snack of pizza, coneys or even sliders works too! You could also bring in a magician for tableside tricks! Just use your imagination and you will think of something that will work for your reception.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Technical Woes

Sorry that I have been MIA for a while. My laptop's motherboard died so the screen won't work on it anymore so its basically toast! Not funny, right? So I am trying to make the best out of a horrible situation. I spend most of my time now at the library so I can keep up with the orders and emails from my brides. There is light at the end of the tunnel coming soon (I hope) since I ordered my new laptop yesterday. It won't ship out until the 26th so its still going to be another probably 2 wks total before I am back up and running. I think there is a black cloud following me as my printer/fax died 2 wks ago and also the microwave went out the day before the laptop crisis. It can only get better right? Hang in there while I am experiencing these technical difficulties and I will get back to everyone as soon as I can. Thanks!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sugar Buzz!

Why not treat your guests to a Candy Buffet? Instead of a favor at their place setting let them be a kid in the candy store!! Trust me the adults love this!! If you want to keep it in your color scheme like Kim my March 15th bride did then think of every candy you can in your colors otherwise the sky is the limit! You can be creative on how to display the candy from vases to glasses. Be sure to include candy scoopers and a box for everyone whether its a chinese take-out container or a bag. If your hall won't set this up I can do it for you as your Day-of Coordinator.