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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great questions to ask the DJ's your interviewing

1. Do you bring back-up equipment? 2. Are there O.T. charges and if so how much if you decide to keep them longer. 3. What is the deposit amount and how much is due up front? When is the remainder due? and what form of payment? 4. Do you have all my songs that I want to have played for the special dances, if not would you obtain them? or can I bring my own for you to use? How many cd's do you actually bring from your entire collection? 5. Do you bring an asst? or is it just you? 6. What kind of attire do you wear? 7. How early do you arrive to set-up and do a sound check? 8. Do you provide me with a info sheet for me to write in all of the songs, couples to be announced, announcements, other special dances, etc.? 9. Do you bring a wireless microphone? 10. Do you have a video or some web clips I can view to see you in action? references? 11. Ask how start and end times included with your package? 12. Is a meal required by your contract? 13. Do you make all introductions? grand entrance, first dance, bp dance, parent dances, cake cutting, toasting, etc? Will you say Grace or something to that affect if we don't have a pastor at the reception to bless the meal?

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