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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Seven Stress-Free Wedding Ideas

Before saying “I do” for a lifetime of love and devotion, you need to take care of everything first. There’s still the wedding planning, the cake and wine tasting, dress hunting, coordinating with caterers and flower shops. And the list goes on even more if you decide to do a DIY wedding for a personalized experience.

Hey, there is nothing to fret about. With the savvy tips and tricks on this list, you can avoid high stress levels before and during your big day. Are you ready to discover the secrets?

Before the D-day

Stay Focused and Organized

Write down all your plans so you don’t waste time recalling what to do, whom to contact, and when to set a schedule. Choose your priorities beforehand, and set realistic limitations especially when it comes to budgeting. Set deadlines and stick to them—say no to procrastination. Keep all your pertinent documents and other papers in one place that’s easily accessible.

Ask for Help

Do not be afraid to ask your family and friends for a reasonable amount of help. Remember that you cannot do all the things you listed on your to-do list alone. As you delegate, you can free up some time for other important wedding details that require more of your attention.

Set Aside Time for Communication

When it comes to sidestepping the stress of planning one of the most important events of your life, communicating with everyone directly involved is crucial. That is why you need to allocate enough time for a regular meeting, maybe weekly or bimonthly, to talk about significant updates, issues, and ideas with your core group. It’s also a good way to ensure that you're all working on the same page, which can be a good way to avoid the common mistakes in planning a wedding.

Have a Break!

Despite the busy schedule, you need to think about your wellness—and not to mention beauty. Take a break from all the hustle and bustle of your wedding. Try to ease the tension and stress even with simple pleasures.

For instance, you can have a date night with your partner without discussing the wedding details. Or you can treat yourself to a little tender, loving care to a spa. What’s important is that you can take care of yourself while taking care of your wedding.

During the Wedding Day

Choose a Wedding-Day Coordinator

Come on, you are the stars of this show—both you and your husband. You shouldn’t play hostess and run around the perimeter to make sure things like buying affordable wedding decors and coordinating with caterers have been well taken care of. Instead, appoint a day coordinator, or alternatively hire one, so you can celebrate all the moments of your big day.

Prepare for Emergencies

God forbid your dress’s zipper won’t budge or a bridesmaid suddenly has a headache. That is why it’s a good decision to anticipate and prepare for the most common emergencies during weddings. Just pack your getting-ready bag with the essentials in advance, and you’ll get through it smoothly.

Stick Together

Yes, you and your future spouse are both independent people who can talk to your guests separately. But you shouldnt be apart for a long period. There may be things that need both of your insights, and you don’t want to scour the area for your MIA husband. It’s a big sea of people filled with warm socialization, so you don’t want to waste your time looking for each other.

Plan Now, Enjoy Later

These may sound simple, but they can be your lifesaver. Take note of these things, create your own system, and keep everything under the radar. There’s a thin line between hopelessness and enjoyment, and you don’t want to test the border.

What are you waiting for? Begin doing the first trick, if you haven’t started yet, to pull off a stress-free wedding. And don’t forget to savor every moment along the way to your magical happy ever after.

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LGBT Wedding-What to Do About Walking Down the Aisle?

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We are all familiar with the traditional walk down the aisle. The groom is stationed at the front with his groomsmen, the bridesmaids come down, and then the blushing bride with the guidance of her father. So, what do you do if you are a bride and a bride or a groom and a groom? Consider some of our ideas below and figure out which works best for you.

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Traditional- You could stick with the traditional wedding walk and have one of you stationed at the front while the other is escorted by a parent or influential mentor. Speak with your significant other and see which of you would prefer to fill which spot.

Two Aisles- If your ceremony space has enough room, you could always do two aisles and walk down at the same time. These aisles could come from right and left of the center of the ceremony space or be right next to each other in the middle.

Walk Together- A newer trend is walking each other down the aisle. This works well if you plan on having a first look before the ceremony.

Separate Times: Another option is having one walk down the aisle first and then the other half of the couple walk down. This is different from the traditional since each person would have more of a ceremonial bridal walk down the aisle.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Must-Capture Wedding Moments

A huge regret of many brides is not capturing those special moments in both video and photograph form.

By having a professional like the photographer at  capture all of those once-in-a-lifetime
moments in both mediums, it is so much easier for the bride and groom, and their family and friends, to relive
the day, recall those memories in so much detail and always be able to remember just how that big day felt.

With that in mind, here are some must-capture moments that you should have recorded, in photo and video
form, at your wedding:

Getting Ready

Those hours before your wedding where you’re both totally nervous and extremely excited for your big day;
those moments where you’re getting ready with your bridesmaid or best man, transforming yourselves into
your most beautiful versions so you can walk down the aisle in style, they need to be captured so you can
remember what that amazing anticipation for the most important moment in your lives was like.

The Details of the Wedding

Most couples spend a lot of time and money planning how the reception will look, choosing the perfect
decorations from, spending hours shopping for just the right shoes and ensuring
that every little detail is just perfect of the big day, so it makes sense, if you want to relive your wedding in all it’s
glory to have your photographer/videographer capture all of that effort you put in. Yes, you should have lots of focus
on the people at the wedding, but the details should not be left out of the picture.

The Walk Down the Aisle

That moment when you walk down the aisle is likely to be one of the most overwhelming and emotional of your life,
which means that you might not remember it all that well once the wedding is over. Ensure that you do indeed recall
every detail by having it captured for prosperity. After all, there’s nothing like that look of devotion on your husband to
be’s face when he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time, That’s one memory you won’t want to leave in the

Those Amazing Speeches

A lot of people hate wedding speeches either because they drag on for too long or because they are frequently
embarrassing, but actually, those speeches are about the people who love you showing you how much they care
and wishing you the best in your life. Chances are you are going to want to hear them again, so get them on video.

The Guests having a Ball

Yes, your wedding is about you and your bride or groom to be, but it’s also about the guests who love you, and that’s why you are absolutely going to want to capture them dancing, eating, messing around, crying and generally having a great time at your wedding. Oh, those embarrassing end of the night photos are probably the best, so definitely tell your photographer to capture as many of them as you can!

Capture more of your wedding and create even better memories for the future!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Healthy Wedding Day Snacks

Finally the big day is here. You have been planning this day for months. The early morning will begin with hair and make up for all of your bridesmaids. You can't help but feel so excited to step into your dress, see all of the details come together that you have been planning and most of all meet your mate at the altar. Your mind begins to race and nerves set it as the clock is running out getting closer and closer to the ceremony start time.

It is important to pack some kind of Healthy Meals for everyone so nobody passes out from not eating. There are so many easy snacks that you can bring in a cooler so every one in your group stays hydrated and has something in their stomach. We recommend checking out Snack Nation and ordering a variety of snacks to have in your hotel room as well as the party bus while you are riding around in between all of the photos. Bananas, blueberries, celery sticks, hummus, yogurt, granola bars, nuts and so many other healthy choices to get you through all the pictures to dinner time!

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Should You Invite Everyone?

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Etiquette has certainly changed within the last twenty years. We are much more likely to speak our mind and put ourselves first. However, when it comes to weddings, we are a bit more traditional. This means that we are still concerned about keeping up with appearances when it comes to who is or is not invited. Firstly, this should depend on how big of a wedding you want, and what you can afford. If you only want a small group, only have a small group wedding. If you want a large wedding within your budget, invite as many as you please.     

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When it comes to strange plus ones, never met family members, and unwanted exes, do not feel pressured to invite them. You should spent your day surrounded by those that adore you, not random people you will not remember in five years. Keep your head held high, put your foot down, and do not be afraid to speak your mind.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

How Counseling can Help People with Eating Disorders

Getting married causes anxiety for many brides. Brides want to look their best in their dream dress and for some eating disorders leading up to the big day are a very serious matter. The human mind can take a normal activity and turn it into chaos. One good example of this is eating. The simple act of eating in order to survive can be turned into an eating disorder, where you have problems eating enough or too much, or are overly concerned about your relationship with food. This can lead to obesity, starvation, or not getting enough nutrition, among other risks.

Below are a few types of eating disorders:

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is an eating disorder where the person is focused on weight loss and has a distorted body image of themselves. Many people with anorexia are dangerously underweight, yet they feel like they need to lose more weight to achieve their ideal body. They will eat very little and may workout almost obsessively, and this will lead to various health conditions. Anorexia can lead to you being dangerously underweight and frail. Treating anorexia involves helping the individual identify and work through their negative thoughts about their body and food, and can help restore the individual to a healthy weight by introducing an eating and workout regimen, and a healthier mindset around their body image.

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia involves recurring sessions of eating in excess (binge eating), and then purging the food from your body through throwing up, or sometimes using laxatives or other medications to help expel what you’ve just consumed. Bulimia is hard on the body, making it an eating disorder that should be treated as soon as possible. Throwing up excessively can damage your esophagus and teeth, and other purging behaviors can eventually lead to thing like gastrointestinal problems, abnormal laboratory findings, and even reduced muscle mass.

Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder is similar to bulimia nervosa in that the person eats an excessive amount of food in a short period of time. When people that have binge eating disorder have a bingeing episode, they may eat quicker than normal, eat until they feel they’re too full, eat despite not actually being hungry, and they may eat by themselves to hide their embarrassment and their guilt. However, unlike bulimia nervosa, people who suffer from binge eating disorder do not purge the food they’ve consumed. This can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

These are the main types of eating disorders, and there are more out there. So how does counseling help with eating disorders?

Replacing Negative Thoughts

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, involves reprogramming your mind to first identify and then replace your negative thoughts with more positive ones. For example, if you have anorexia, your mind may constantly be overrun with thoughts that your body looks overweight, or is undesirable as it is. CBT can help replace those thoughts with more positive and encouraging ones.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

When you have an eating disorder, you will experience various negative emotions that will bring you down emotionally. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, is when you are aware of your emotions and you accept them for what they are.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, involves using individual psychotherapy techniques and group skills training classes to help you learn how to deal with your emotions. One of the modules in the skills training emphasizes mindfulness, which involves you being aware of and participating in the present. You don’t dwell on your past and your experiences with eating disorders, and you don’t worry about the future of your eating disorder. Instead, you concentrate on the present and be aware of how your body is working in this moment. Mindfulness can help with many mental health conditions, not just eating disorders.

Counseling Helps When You Experience a Setback

As you’re recovering from your eating disorder, you may experience a bit of a relapse. You may go through a round of binge eating after a while, or go a day not eating anything at all, when you’re currently working on eating on a regular schedule. When this happens, you may lose some motivation and instead, go back to your eating disorder behaviors. A therapist can be there when you relapse, and help you get back on the right track.

Counseling is Available at Any Time

Online counseling can help those who don’t have the time or the transportation to go to regular counseling sessions. Whenever you’re dealing with an episode, online counseling is a way to help cope with your problems instantly and prevent a relapse.

There are many online counseling services available if you want to get started in treating your eating disorder. If you want to learn more about online therapy, click here.  Eating disorders are hard to deal with, but with the help of a professional, you can be able to fix your eating habits and live a healthier life.

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Here's How You Preserve Your Wedding Day

There is always so much going on during a wedding that it can feel like a complete blur for the bride
and groom. This obviously means that they are really enjoying themselves which is  really good sign,
but it also means that memories can be a bit of a blur as well. For some, it can be difficult to remember
their wedding in full, even the very next day!

Don’t worry, though. That doesn’t mean you will lose your memories forever. Here are some ways you
can preserve them for years to come!

Video Diary

You will have no doubt already decided which photographer you are going to hire for the big day.
But have you also considered hiring a videographer? If you do, they will help you create a video diary
of the special day. If you are using a wedding planner, they might be able to help you learn more about
the wedding videographers in your local area. After the wedding, you’ll get sent the diary in a format of
your choice so that you can watch it whenever you like!


Some couples like to leave a guestbook somewhere visible during the reception and evening party.
This gives all your guests the chance to leave you and your partner a personal message of
congratulations. You can keep this book as a souvenir of the big day, and will be able to flick
through it when you want to remember all the happy memories.

Preserved Flowers

You might want to take a few flowers from your bouquet and preserve them. All you need to do is
place them between the pages of a book so that they are pressed down. You need to leave them
in the book with a fair bit of pressure on them for a few months. This will dry out the flowers, which
will preserve them for years to come.

Wedding Playlist

These days, lots of couples like to create their own playlist for their wedding and the evening party
using music software such as Spotify. Rather than deleting this straight after the wedding, you should
save the playlist so that you can continue to listen to it. Playing all of the songs will bring back lots of
memories of the day, and will stir up some emotions within you!

Preserved Wedding Dress

Lots of brides try to keep their wedding day in as good condition as possible after the wedding day.
This allows them to keep it and bring it out to show people or when they are feeling nostalgic.
You can simply hang it up in your closet, but could end up damaged by moths or just general wear
and tear. It’s a better idea to store it in a special dress preservation box. Before you do box it up, it’s
always advisable to get it professionally dry cleaned first.

You will want to hold on tight to all of your memories of your special wedding day. Hopefully, all of the
tips above help you do just that!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Planning a Party That the Kids Will Have a Blast With

There are many things you must consider when planning a party for kids. You must consider adult supervision, entertainment, destination, theme, food and more when planning a party that everyone can enjoy.

So, we give you this easy to use checklist of party ideas and tips.
Making the Invitations
When it comes to planning a party for the kids, you should include a bit of important information first. This is where the invitation comes in handy!

A good party invitation often includes:
  • The date of the party.
  • What time the party starts and ends.
  • Where the party takes place.
  • Who chaperones the children.
  • List of activities, attractions and possible guests for entertainment.
  • A list of things the guest should bring.
  • Whether or not to bring a gift.
  • Contact information, this is so that the parents of your guest can reach you right away. This information is useful for parents to RSVP for the party in advance, turn down the invitation or discuss details regarding the party and/or guests.
To get your kids into the party mood you can make the invitations together! However, if you prefer no glitter and glue, you can always buy premade theme invitations at most major stores.
Cool Party Themes and Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

  • Slumber parties and sleepovers

    A fun night filled with movies, popcorn, pizza, sleeping bags, story time and more! Kids often love the idea of having a sleepover with their friends. This type of party also allows the kids to have plenty of fun in a safe environment.

  • Favorite movie/cartoon themes

    Every kid has at least one favorite hero, heroine, princess, or cartoon. So why not throw an awesome party with this character in mind! Kids love it, and there are often ample amounts of party supplies with their favorite character, too.

  • Theme parks

    If you have older kids and enough parents who are willing to chaperon why not take everyone a thrill-filled adventure at a nearby theme park! From a wide selection of rides to the fun side shows you are sure to keep everyone entertained and happy. Many theme parks also offer party areas and sometimes party supplies.

  • Carnivals and circuses

    Nearby carnivals, state fairs, and circuses are all fun events any child would enjoy. However, if there are no carnivals or circuses in your area, you can always throw a carnival or circus themed party. From fun carnival games, magicians, clowns, treats and more you are sure to bring a smile or two with this party idea.
  • Pool parties

    Need a party that offers some fun in the sun and is also safe? You can't go wrong with a pool party. This type of party is perfect for kids of all ages. All you need is some cool floaties and a fun summer playlist.
  • Destination parties
Destination parties are often ones held at either the local park, zoo, aquarium, lakes and beaches, camping and so on. These types of parties are great for those who want something educational and family friendly.
  • A spooky Halloween bash

    Even if it isn't October 31st you can always throw a Halloween themed party. Kids get to enjoy playing dress up, playing traditional Halloween games and more.  Also, you must have plenty of food ideas, so you can include everyone including kids with food allergies.

Party Supplies and Other Goodies
When throwing a party for kids make sure you get enough napkins, cups, paper plates, trash bags, and plastic ware since these items get the most use.

To give your kids party a wonderful ending give each kid a fun little goodie bag full of party themed items, candy, pencils, and other small trinkets!
Friendly Food for Those With Allergies
When it comes to food and kids, you must take care. Some kids have food allergies that can often leave them feeling excluded. To prevent this make sure you ask all the parents beforehand about their children having any allergies. This way you can know for sure which recipes to pull out for fun finger food and which ones to avoid for the upcoming event.

Common food allergies are nuts, eggs, milk, fish and shellfish, fruits and vegetables, gluten-containing grains, processed foods, and so on.

Should someone have an allergic reaction make sure you seek immediate medical attention and/or administer an EpiPen. This article is just for information purposes.
Entertainment for Kids: Attractions and Activities

Are you looking for funny clowns in Long Island that make the kids laugh? Need a buyer's guide that helps you compare a square vs. round trampoline and more? Don't worry! we have you covered with finding the right entertainment for all your party needs. After all, there are many fun activities that keeps you and the kids occupied till the party ends.

If clowns and trampolines aren't what you are looking for, we have plenty of other great alternatives you can choose from. You can always try having a magician do tricks for the kids, rent a bouncy house/castle, host a water balloon fight with squirt guns, hit the piƱata, musical chairs, and more.

Partying With Adults in the Modern Age

Whether you prefer to plan a fun sober event or are going to the local vape bar with your crew to try something new like naked vape juice, you can always try these fun party ideas and tips!

Remember, a good party is one where everyone is interacting so try to limit phones to just for emergencies.

Getting the word out

When it comes to spreading the news about your upcoming party you can use many methods ranging from invitations to email/text messaging to even social media. Make sure your guest RSVP with you before you buy any food!

Cookouts, barbecues, and potlucks
We all have a friend or two that have particular tastes in food or a specific food allergy. Hosting any of these types of parties allows your guest to bring their own food without feeling embarrassed or worried. Nothing is more inclusive and fun than having a potluck full of delicious food and fun conversation!
Traveling with friends

Take the party on the road with a trip down south to try all the fun experiences in Vicksburg, Mississippi. If the south isn't your top choice destination, you can always look into other fun destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe, or the many fun places in the continental US.  

Party ideas that bring out your inner kid

  • Playing sports, kid games and fun party games

    Host a small competition with any of your favorite sports, play a few traditional kids games, card games, or make up a game everyone can enjoy for laughs.

  • Video game competitions with a fun trophy or prize

    Got friends who are major gamers? Host a fun gaming competition with your choice of prize to keep everyone interested.

  • Beach parties with a nighttime bonfire finish

    A classic choice of parties for those who like to have some fun in the sun and then relax on the beach by a warm bonfire. You caHow to Plan the Perfect Party for Both Children and Adults
  • Everyone likes a good party or celebration! Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, celebrating specific life achievements or just for fun, you can always find time to share good times and good food with the people you love.

  • With this list of ideas, tips, and other party goodies you are bound to plan the perfect party everyone enjoys!
  • chat, tell stories and even have a sing-along to make the best memories of a lifetime

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