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Friday, November 15, 2019

4 Additions to Turn Your Car into the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

Many newlyweds choose to take a trip of a lifetime via a plane to the other side of the world but some like to keep it more low-key. Why not take time to explore your own state or another by packing up the car and taking a road trip! 

You will find a lot of purpose for your car - you would use it for your commute to work, to the mall, and to many other destinations. You might also think of using it for trips and vacations, but it may not be suitable for long rides. Fortunately, with enough budget, you can transform any vehicle for the ultimate road trip. For one, you will need to install a lot of gadgets to help make your car the getaway vehicle for your friends and family. Here are some of the items you need to addto make long road trips comfortable and enjoyable:

Car Rack or Cargo

A trip to a vacation destination like the beach means that you will be on the road for hours. You will have to carry a lot of stuff, especially if you are planning to stay there for days. The trunk, however, might not be enough for all of your items. If you try to jam everything on the back seat, you and your friends might be in for an uncomfortable ride. Fortunately, a car rack or a cargo can help you find a place for your items. All you need is to install them on top of your vehicle. With the help of ropes and a lock, you can put all of your bulky stuff there - even bicycles and kayaks. Everyone will be able to enjoy the drive because there is space available in your car.

Upgraded Audio System

Long drives require some form of entertainment. You might fall asleep behind the wheel if you do not have something to keep you awake. Turning on the radio can do the job, but you might be going through places where reception is impossible. Fortunately, the digital age has managed to solve this entertainment problem. You can install a car audio system from your trusted Utah County mechanic to help entertain yourself on a long trip. You can have a friend in your passenger seat play some music or might as well prepare a playlist beforehand. Singing along to the songs you love is enough to make the whole road trip enjoyable.

LCD Screen

An LCD screen can provide drivers and passengers with a lot of reasons to enjoy a road trip. The passengers can watch movies with a DVD player. As for the driver, the LCD screen will play a vital role in getting to their destination. You can install navigation apps to help you find the shortest route or answer calls and read messages without putting your hands off the steering wheel. You will also be able to check the footage on your rearview cam and dashcam. The LCD screen is slowly becoming an important gadget for any modern vehicle, which is why you should consider installing one for your upcoming road trip.

Cool Box

You and your family will need refreshments during the trip. However, nobody wants to stop at gas stations for a cold beverage. That is going to be costly if you do them often. If your car is the assigned vehicle for road trips, you should consider installing a fridge on the glove compartment. You will have access to cold drinks with a cool box, eliminating inconvenience during the ride.
There are a lot of other gadgets that can help turn your car into a dream travel vehicle. However, these additions must take priority over the others.

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Getting Married? Avoid These Wedding Planning Remorse Triggers

A wedding is a remarkable event not only for the bride and groom, but for the family and friends as well. As a result, many couples become stressed out when making the necessary preparations.
The thing about weddings is that we want it to be perfect. There is no one formula to ensure a successful day. However, there are things you can avoid doing to reduce your stress. Here are five things you'll surely want to avoid.

Thinking you can do everything yourself

Some couples want to personalize their wedding that they choose to do everything themselves. While this is not a bad thing, it can only add to your stress and headaches. Remember that a wedding is not just another celebration. It's always best to ask help in all the planning and preparations. Ask relatives or friends about how they planned theirs. Ask for recommendations, and you'll have better chances of enjoying a beautiful wedding.

Having no backup plan

What if your makeup artist won't be able to make it on time? Do you know whom you can call in case your reception or caterer backs out? If you're planning a beach wedding, do you have a Plan B in case it rains or when an outdoor wedding won't be possible? You'd want to make sure you have abackup planfor the major aspects of the wedding.

Cheap out on wedding photos and videos

Many articles are rounding up the internet on how you don't necessarily need a pro to take pictures and videos on your wedding day. While a wedding is possible without hiring professional services, you'd want to capture the moments the best way possible. You may have tons of friends with great cameras and smartphones, but nothing beats the real deal. If you want precious moments captured on this once-in-a-lifetime day, be smart, and hire a pro. Choose providers that offer wedding and video packages that will suit your theme, or even customize a package for you if you want something unique.

Going over your budget

Some couples think the more guests they have, the better. Remember that more people at your wedding can also put a strain on your budget. Only invite guests you would want to witness this special event in your life.Stick to your budget and don't go overboard. You don't want to face financial difficulties after spending on a wedding you couldn't afford.

Planning the wedding at the last minute

Plan your big day months before the wedding date. This will give you enough time to think about what you want to include in your wedding - down to the very last detail. Instead of stressing out and panicking, you get to enjoy your special day to the fullest. So, have everything sorted out months ahead or even a year before.
Many things can cause your wedding stress and anxiety. By keeping this list in mind, you get to avoid common remorse triggers. You get to enjoy your day and not spend the event stressing over everything.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Black Friday Deals at Macy's

With the holidays right around the corner everyone is making their lists and trying to come up with the perfect gift ideas for their friends and family.  Macy's is a wonderful and reputable retailer to shop for all of your season's gift giving. Everyone wants a great deal to keep a little extra money in their pocket and Macy's has some great deals this holiday season. You can grab special deals just for shoppers whom download their app from the app store. It's also great because you can shop the app 24/7 ad create gift lists and you won't miss any special offers while staying up to date on the app. When you place your order you will receive shipping notifications so you can plan ahead on your items arrivals just in case you need to hide something from the kids or your hubby!

There are also pop up sales that offers shoppers early access by using the app. It is also convenient because you can scan for prices, check store maps, access order info for  in-store pick-ups and more!

Special perk when you download and use the app for the first time you qualify for an extra 25% off your first app order! That is a great way to bundle those holiday savings!

Click below to check out the deals coming up! 

I love the style inspo area that helps you create and find your next outfit for the office or upcoming holiday party.

A few other awesome features I want to share with you are if you snap a picture of something you would like to shop and find it or something similar.  Also, you can see furniture in your space virtually before you buy it! They have thought of everything for today's shopper to make it a great experience.

Macy's has something for everyone on your list as they have a huge variety of departments to shop in. I am sure you can find just what your looking for!

I remember shopping here as a child although back in the day it was called Hudson's. The Santa Bears at the holidays are the cutest. My mother-in-law loved and collected them so each year we made sure she got one.  We would often shop for lunch in the cafe and my favorite was the Maurice salad and popover. Just the smells of walking though Macy's takes me back to my childhood and reminiscing on the time I spent there with my family especially my beloved Grandmother. I remember when I unwrapped a gift and I saw the Hudson's logo and now today Macy's I knew it was going to be something good that I really wanted.

I like to recommend our couples register for their gifts here for their wedding. They have a beautiful china area to select your place settings for your own holiday entertaining.  You can literally go through each department and scan something you will need for setting up your first household togther so I highly recommend it. I like the idea of offering your shower and wedding guests options and different price points as Macy's is more high end than other retailers.

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Promotion Strategies That Cost Less

You're The Bride was started over twenty years ago and took a lot of effort to bring everything to fruition. Building it from scratch took time and patience but the next step was bringing in clients so there could be a business. Marketing, promotions and advertising are another piece of the puzzle to making any business a reality. 

You have managed to start your own business. You get past the startup concerns and legalities. The next thing to hurdle is to promote your small trade. You cannot go overboard with expensive marketing strategies yet. What will you do to get noticed?

Do Not Look Far

Your community can be a strong customer base. You may host or join a small event that will help promote your product. Examples of which are a marathon, a street party, or a food festival. Choose activities that are related to what you are selling. Make your products attractive. Usecustom stickersthat are smartly designed. You can use these stickers as tags on your products or as giveaways in exchange for business cards. It must be a mix of aesthetics and information. Make sure that the pertinent details are present. This way, when people want to buy your product again, they know where to find you.

Look for Partners in Promotion

A good businessman knows how to research and form connections. Look for some budding or seasoned entrepreneurs who are not your competitors. See if it is workable to have a partner anddo cross promotion. If you have a salon, look for hair products that you will exclusively use. In return, the manufacturer of these hair products can advertise your hair services.

You have to analyze well the advantages and disadvantages of such a partnership. Your connection with your chosen businesses will affect the reputation of your product. Thus, be sure to choose wisely. But when done right, cross-promotion is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Strengthen Word-of-mouth

This can never be emphasized enough. Your customers are your greatest promotion tools. A satisfied customer will not hesitate to recommend your product to people they know. Thus, one of the cheapest ways to promote your business is to ensure that your customers are all satisfied. Take care of your current customers. If it is possible, get connected with them regularly. You can email them about product updates or for feedback. Make them feel that they are a priority.

Step up on Social Media Platforms

Social media promotion is starting to gather steam. This is for a good reason. Everybody is on social media nowadays. Your business has a greater chance of being noticed if it is on different social media platforms. Make sure that you have appealing visuals and rich content. These are yourmodern-day elevator pitches. Know which type of audience is more likely present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These famous platforms have different ways of presentation. Master the presentation on platforms where most of your target customers are.

Sell for Less (for the Time Being)

When you are introducing a new product, you have to test the waters first. One way of doing this is to lower the price first to gain customer attention. You may do this in different ways such as introductory prices, coupons, deals, and discounts. When a customer has tried your product and proven it effective, they will be willing to buy even at a higher price.

Some food companies even offer giveaways and a free taste to have a greater customer base. The first order of the day is to attract customers, not to gain a wide profit. Everything else will follow if you have loyal customers in place.

Product promotion is not as hard and as expensive as before. Many trends and innovations have taken place in the marketing area of business. An entrepreneur must only know how to use these strategies to their advantage.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Returns Management in a Nutshell

If your getting married you will be registering for gifts at retail stores or maybe even online. It's a good idea to know a little bit about how return policies work if you change your mind or get duplicates.

Returns are a normal part of the retail industry. There are over 70% of consumers looking for more flexible and efficient options for returns, but only 4% of retailers have adhered their business practices to this demand.For this reason, the returns management services industry keeps thinking of ways to improve services to accommodate consumers' demands.

Returns Management Defined

A returns management system is a process shippers offer to customers to improve customer satisfaction and streamline returned assets.Most companies employ a system where they take care of the end-to-end process, from receipt of the products to its processing all the way to the returned product's disposition.

Two Common Types of Returns Management Processes

  1. Pre-Authorized Returns-This process allows customers to email or call requests for returns ahead of time. Itgives you the chance to talk to your customers for more personalized service and the chance to cross-sell and upsell additional products.

  1. Hassle-Free Returns-This process allows the customer to initiate the return themselves saving you and your team time and effort.Typically, return slips and free shipping labels come with the package or your customer has access to return slips on your website and prints them.If done right, a hassle-free returns system guarantees happy customers and gives you higher customer-retention.

Its Importance to Businesses

A growing number of customers are now particular about a company's return policy.

A surveyshowed the following statistics:
  • 51% want free return shipping
  • 62% want a return label in the box
  • 61% want easy-to-print return labels from websites
  • 36% want a hassle-free return shipping process
  • 12% want a swift refund or store credit
  • 89% say they are likely to buy from the same shop after a pleasant returns experience
These numbers are indicative of customers' desire to have access to a hassle-free returns process for a more seamless and streamlined shopping experience for them.

Your margins are directly affected by your return efficiency.

If you can put the right returns management system in place, your revenue, sales, and customer retention rates are inevitably going to increase.About 67% of shoppers check out a store's return policy before making a purchase, while72% are likely to make repeat purchases in stores' with simple returns processes.Free returns services, on the other hand, can result in a 50% to 357% increase in customer purchases over a two-year period. Not only that, but customers arelikely to spend over $1,000 in online shopping.

Benefits of Having a Returns Management System

  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction -As mentioned, a good returns policy results in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction of Total Overall Cost - Since some industries consider the return supply chain a top priority, working with the right reverse logistics can save you money in the long run.
  • Protection of Income and Revenue -Working with reverse logistics experts will give you a better understanding of how much income and revenue are at risk in your supply chain and puts you in a position to lower that risk.
  • Improvement in Operations Transparency -Putting an effective returns management system in place allows you to have a transparent view on a returned item's status at any given time.
While things are still not yet perfect, providers keep innovating and improving their services. The proper implementation of a returns management system will be beneficial to all parties involved.

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Creating an Unforgettable Wedding

Weddings are beautiful occasions, no matter where it's held. For instance, Utah boasts of incredible venues to hold such special events. From the indoors to the outdoors, there is a place that will suit a couple's preference.

Indeed, weddings should be memorable times. People tend to forget, unfortunately. Even the couples themselves might have a hard time recalling certain details about their wedding as time passes by. But an excellent wedding photographer captures beautiful memories from beginning to end. And these photographs can serve as timeless reminders, fondly viewed by friends and family alike. But aside from great prictures, what other elements make a wedding stand out?

Beautifully Crafted Invitations

Invitations serve as windows to tease the guests on what's in store. The color and materials used here are a reflection of the motif and theme of the wedding. People often get excited with an invitation that is well put together.

Breathtaking and Accessible Venues

It could be from the most conventional or the wildly unorthodox. What matters is that the couple make the venue their own. Stunning florals, personalized decorations, and flattering lights are good accents to a venue. They make photographs more vibrant, too.

Accessibility is also important aside from its aesthetic appeal. Guests shouldn't have a hard time reaching the venue. If it is far, pre-arrange transportation. This is a thoughtful gesture coming from the couple to show that the presence of their guests matter. Also, it is advisable to house both the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. This would save energy and travel time for everyone involved.

Unforgettable Moments in the Aisle and Altar

Cue in the music. Open the doors (or curtains). The entrance of the bride must leave the guests in awe. This is one way to make a wedding memorable. The moments in the altar must not be anticlimactic, too. Have a good officiant that can relate to the couple, one who can weave an apt and compelling narrative to make the couple's story come alive to the guests. He should make the ceremony solemn and rich at the same time.

Short Transition between the Ceremony and Reception

The couple might want time to rest, freshen up, or take more nuptial shots. But, the gap between the ceremony and reception must be minimal. Long intermissions might not sit well with some guests. Some would be bored, hungry, or tired. Appetizers and cocktails should be served at this time, too.
Succulent Meals and Overflowing Bar

One salient element that would surely prove memorable to the guests is the food at the reception. The couple must make sure that everything is notably delicious. There should also be a wide variety of choices, while taking into consideration guests with allergies or food restrictions. And of course, there should be an abundance of drinks for everyone to enjoy as they pick their sugary treats.

A Good Dose of Entertainment

Liven up the reception with good music and dynamic hosts. Having versatile singers would indeed go a long way to adding some magic to the event. For after a solemn ceremony, guests would want a vibrant party. This is the best way to celebrate a new chapter in the lives of the couple.

The couple should make sure that each element adds up to the beautiful memories of the event. They who would be looking at their photographs the most, years and years after the wedding. Then, it would seem that their union was only yesterday.

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What’s On The Menu At Your Venue?

brown wooden containers on white table cloth

Wedding planning can be a tiring job, and a lot of people find themselves biting off far more than they can
chew when they’re going through a process like this. Not only will you have a lot of guests to invite and organise,
but you will also have to plan an event which takes them off their feet, all while trying to remain excited about the
big day. Planning things like food, venues, and clothing can be a nightmare, but this post is going to be showing
you how to combine a couple of these jobs. All it takes it choosing the right kind of venue for your wedding.

A Venue With A Menu

While it gives up the punchline somewhat, it’s worth exploring the idea from the very beginning. There are a lot of
wedding venues out there which can provide food to your guests, but there are also plenty which will leave this to you.
Options like The Parlor New Orleans are a great example of the sort of place you’ll want to be looking for. Not only can
they provide you with a great place for your wedding, but they also give you a lot of freedom when it comes to the food
you eat, and it will all be prepared by expert chefs. This includes bars, sit-down dinners, and food being carried around
on plates.

Research & Reviews

Of course, though, picking out a wedding venue is always a big choice, as it sets the framework for the rest of the event.
A lot of people put minimal research into this, assuming that most places will offer the same service, but this can be a mistake.
Instead, you should be working hard to research and read reviews which cover the experiences which other couples have had.
While a lot of reviews around the web are fake, these sorts of businesses rarely have to rely on this, and it should be fairly easy
to find proper accounts of the experiences people have had.

What Else Can They Do?

While food and venues tend to go hand in hand, there is more to this than just the things you consume. Alongside this, it’s also
worth thinking about the other features a venue might have, as this can change the day dramatically. For example, a lot of
venues offer variable floor plans, giving you the chance to tailor the space to the amount of guests you’d like to invite.
Alongside this, they may also be happy to help you to set things up, decorate, and provide your guests with service throughout
the event. All in all, this can save a huge amount of planning, and it’s always worth going down this route when you’re short on time.

Wedding planning has become increasingly important over the last few decades. While people used to go for humble events, this has
become somewhat of a competition in some social groups, and it can feel wrong if you don’t go all out. Of course, though, you should
also make sure that your wedding makes you happy, as this is something which can be easily forgotten when you’re throwing everything
into your plans.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

What Are the Bridesmaid's Duties Before the Wedding?

Many things can bring us joy, but one of the most exciting is seeing our dearest friends happy. And aren't they the happiest when walking down the aisle preparing to say, "I do" and spend the rest of their lives with their significant other?

Before they can do that, they must go through the flurry of preparation first. Weddings are grand affairs, and it takes a dedicated team for it to succeed without any hiccups. And you can make that happen as the bridesmaid.

Below are among the duties that you can accomplish during the months leading up to the wedding.

Planning for the big day

The logistics of planning for a wedding can be overwhelming for the bride and the groom. Therefore, having an entourage to complete some of the tasks is appreciated.While the couple may hire an event organizer, your input as the bridesmaid will be valuable throughout the process.

The venue, decorations, and documentation are among the few items on the checklist to fret over. Looking for a wedding photographer that has affordable rates, but at the same time will provide the best service. You can also help compile a list of venues around Salt Lake City that they can work into their budget. Aside from the bigger tasks, you can accompany the bride to her gown fittings, and even cast a vote for what the bridesmaids should wear.

Aside from physical work, you can also offer emotional support. The stress and the workload will be overwhelming for the bride and having someone to talk to about it will relieve her of some of her worries.Come the wedding day, you can also soothe her fears anxiety.

Bridal shower and bachelorette party

Before tying the knot, it's customary for the bride and her friends to celebrate the end of one chapter of her life. This is usually done through bridal showers and bachelorette parties. One non-negotiable duty of the maid of honor and bridesmaids is planning for this event.

While preparing for both, do take into consideration the bride's interests. In recent years, bachelorette parties have earned the reputation of being wild and reckless. But it doesn't always have to be like that.

At its core, bachelorette parties are any celebration where the bride gets to enjoy herself with loved ones while also getting away from the wedding planning. For some brides, getting the chance to spend time with their friends and loved ones even in a relaxed setting is more than enough of a celebration.

Pre-ceremony preparation

Preparations for the wedding only stop once the ceremony begins. As a bridesmaid, it's one of your duties to oversee the event being set up. Ensure that the flowers and decorations are right where they need to be. Moreover, check over the attendance in case there are some people who couldn't make it.
Taking charge of this allows the bride and the groom to focus on getting ready themselves. This is their special day where they get to celebrate their union. It's only fair that they're given the time to look their best.

As you can see with all these duties, a bridesmaid doesn't need to be wealthy to be of help to their beloved friend. Sometimes your presence, time, and effort are more than enough contributions to make the wedding a success.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Black Friday Shopping Deals

It's that time of the year again to gear up for your Black Friday shopping. Retailers are getting ready for shoppers by stocking up on everything we will be searching for to fill up our carts. Target is among one of the retail chains that will be offering holiday deals. There are ways to save especially by getting there early if you would rather go to the store and be in the overwhelming mix of all the people. Otherwise you can use your smart phone to take advantage of all the great savings. Target offers a app that you can download for free so you never miss a deal. You can get access to hundreds of Target Circle offers scanning barcodes to add offers while you shop.  You can also cash in on extra offers and Redcard exclusives. When you scan your Wallet barcode you can apply all your savings from  the Target Circle offers to gift cards to 5% savings with your RedCard. There are lots of ways to save money so be sure to download the app today from the App Store or Google Play. 

Rakuten formerly known as Ebates is another awesome way to get additional savings as right now they are offering 1% cash back when you use their site to access Target. They often will bump up cash back offers around this time of year so be sure to watch for extra savings.

I personally love shopping at Target for lots of items on my list like household and personal hygiene products. Plus I can even grab grocery items and fresh produce. For added convenience they even have a CVS pharmacy.

I love to stop by their in house Starbucks if I need a quick pick me up and I can even grab something to eat in their cafe. My favorite area I must admit is the area when you walk in the front door that has all their dollar items. There are always great finds that I can't resist! I also love that their shopping carts are plastic and not metal.  

This Black Friday I am hoping that they offer some great deals on winter coats and gloves since I need something new this season. 

Our wedding couples also register their gift items when they are getting married. There is a great selection of items to set up their new home. Target also offers couples a 15% discount on everything left on their registry that they did not receive. The gift tracking option is great so you can see who gave you what and who you'e already thanked. If your guests choose to pool their money to get you a larger ticket item the registry also makes it easy to accomplish this. Their return policy is easy you don't have to save your receipts. Target also offers a price match guarantee if you buy a qualifying item at their store then find the identical item for less at, select online competitors, or in Target's or a competitors local print ad. 

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Effective Strategies to Maximize Space in Your Commercial Kitchen

When planning a wedding one of your tasks may be to find and book a reputable caterer. Delicious food is important to having a memorable event. Many catering companies offer tastings for prospective couples to try their food. These caterers should be mindful when choosing their space to entertain clients. There are so may things to keep in mind when finding the perfect kitchen to prepare meals for event guests. 

Nowadays, food is not only a necessity but a source of experience. People love to try new dishes and derive pleasure from it. Many aspiring business owners jump into the food industry. They have new concepts of food presentation and restaurant ambiance to offer.

But space is one of the considerations of having a new restaurant. Not all can start with a big commercial space. The kitchen is one of the areas where one can maximize space. Here are some strategies to do this:

Get the Right Equipment

To help you decide, you may consult a good kitchen equipment supplier. They can provide you with the proper equipment according to your specifications. They may also help you plan or give you choices on what equipment will work best for your kitchen.

There is some basic but non-negotiable equipment to start your restaurant business. One thing that you must also keep in mind is to pick commercial equipment over residential equipment. The work that your restaurant needs will wear down household equipment. Another way to maximize space in your kitchen is to use multi-functional equipment.

Look at Your Storage Space

When dealing with storage space, think of different options for your cold and dry storage. Refrigerators with sliding glass doors are a practical alternative to those with conventional side-hinged doors. Under-counter fridges are good space-savers, too.

For dry storage, there is a wide range of stackable containers on the market. Always make sure that everything has proper labels and codes. Empty vertical spaces are good areas for non-food storage. Kitchen pans, pots, and other tools can be stored in hanging racks or cabinets. This strategy is also a time-saver. Everything is just within reach. Check the weight capacity of these installations to ensure safety. Also, choose prep tables that have a provision for storage underneath.

Direct a Good Flow

A good kitchen layout helps create a seamless food preparation. Organize your kitchen well. Food must be handled naturally from preparation, production, and service areas. Prep stations should have both the storage and the cooking station nearby. This layout avoids backtracking and eliminates heavy kitchen traffic.

Comfort and effectiveness must be considered when following a good kitchen layout. When tasks are completed with ease, clutter and chaos are minimized. Thus, space will be maximized.

Train the Staff

Equipment and tools are not the only factors to consider. On a regular day, your staff will go in and out of your kitchen area. Being clear on the workflow inside the kitchen will help maximize space. Proper training on how things should be done will ensure that nobody is stepping on another person's toe literally and figuratively. Avoiding clutter is also a good way to save space. Train your employees to always clean any equipment, tools, and the area right after use.

A potential restaurant owner usually is caught up with concepts for the dining area. It is only natural to think of this because it is what your customers would see. Still, having a functional kitchen means that there is a good production of food. This will reflect on what is on the plates. Good production does not need to be compromised by a small space. Careful planning will turn those small spaces into functioning areas.

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Your Basic Guide to Life Insurance

While planning your wedding you should consider purchasing a life insurance policy as you start your new life together.

If you've ever found yourself wondering if a life insurance policy is worth it, you're certainly not alone. Put it this way: When your car is insured, you're at ease because the insurance company will cover for the costs of damages should you run into an accident. Life insurance works the same way.Insurancepolicies give individuals financial protection against risks of losses from damage to property and liabilities from damages.

Believe it or not, many people In the Philippines are still reluctant about investing in life insurance. But, with atrusted insurance company by your side, there is really more to gain when you take out a policy.

Life Insurance

An Insurance Policy is a contract between an insurance company and the policyholder, in which the latter consents to pay a set amount of money at specific times. In turn, the insurance company pays out a financial benefit to the policyholder should an event that's covered by the insurance policy occur. These events may include retirement, critical illnesses, serious injury, and death. The policyholder will also have beneficiaries, to whom the financial benefit may be granted . Beneficiaries are usually immediate family members.

Types of Life Insurance

1. Term Life Insurance

Termlife insurancegives you coverage for an agreed term or a specific number of years, usually 20-30. If you pass away during the effectivity of the policy, a death benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries.

Compared to other types of insurance, term life insurance has the lowest upfront costs. You can get pure life coverage without the additional costs for other aspects involving investments. However, as you get older, the premium becomes higher, because your risk for illness and mortality also increases.

2. Whole Life Insurance

With a whole life insurance, a portion of the premium can be build up as a capital. It also pays for the face value or death benefit if you pass on during the period of effectivity of the policy.As the name suggests, whole life insurance lasts for the policyholder's entire life.

Premiums are fixed in this policy, and there's even a cash value that you may be allowed to withdraw, loan against, or pass on to your heirs. However, the fund invested only matures when you reach a certain age. The premium amount is also more expensive that of term life insurance.

3. Endowment Insurance

This policy has features of both term life insurance and whole life insurance. Its effectiveness is temporary, typically 10-20 years, and the time period is the set time for the fund's maturity. You can also build up capital from the premiums you pay.

After the maturity of term, endowment insurance can still keep on building up capital. It also pays a death benefit during effectivity, and you may withdraw the policy's face value after a certain number of years. However, the short-term maturity means higher monthly or yearly premium payments.

How Do I Know Which Type To Invest In?

Be clear on your goals and priorities beforechoosing a life insurance policy. Understand what you currently have in your life and then compare each types of life insurance to know which one best suits you.

It would also be helpful to make a list of every investment product you own. This includes all your bank accounts, investments (stocks, businesses), existing insurance policies, and real estate properties. Likewise, you should keep track of all your financial obligations like bank, SSS, and Pag-IBIG loans, as well as credit card debts, and more.

Analyze how much money you're receiving from all your income sources, and how much money you spend on bills and other expenses. This will help you determine how much money you can allot for other investments.

Identify your short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals, and from there, choose a policy that can provide the ideal coverage for you. For beginners, you can find this out by multiplying the amount of your annual expenses by 10.

Once you've accomplished all of these, you'd be ready to sign your first life insurance policy. Be sure to only approach reputable and trustworthy insurance companies.

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