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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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7 Mistakes Couples Makes That Can Ruin Their Wedding Budget

Most couples dream about having an extravagant wedding to celebrate the occasion. One of the most difficult
aspects of planning a wedding though is creating a budget. Every decision you make from the venue you choose
to the guest list count and chosen vendors are all affected by how much you’ve allocated.

But even with a budget it’s surprisingly easy to end up spending more than expected. Continue reading to learn
about the most common budgeting mistakes couples make and what to do instead.

Creating Estimates Without Researching

A common piece of advice is to create a spreadsheet with estimates for each aspect of the wedding. Doing so helps
to give you a better idea of estimated costs. But creating estimates without any research to support those figures could
lead you to underestimate the actual costs. Instead, reach out to multiple venues and vendors to come up with more realistic figures.

Not Finalizing the Guest List

The final guest list count has a huge impact on your wedding budget. The average cost per guest is $258 according to a survey from
The Knot. Even if you want to invite everyone you know, it may not be financially feasible to do so. Make sure to finalize your guest
list by setting a deadline for invites and don’t be afraid to limit plus ones. Accommodating any last minute requests will have you
exceeding your budget.

Not Allowing Some Breathing Room

Even if you finalize costs with vendors, there will likely be unexpected costs. Some examples may include vendor transportation
costs or paying for additional prints of your photos. Set aside at least 5% of your budget for miscellaneous costs. And if you don’t
use the allocated amount, you can always put it towards your honeymoon fund. Be sure to ask suppliers up front about any additional
costs and read the fine print of your contract before signing.

Making Impulse Decisions

It happens to all of us – You see something that you just have to have so you immediately buy it right then and there without hesitation.
But later it might turn out that you actually didn’t need it or you could have found a more cost effective alternative. Before buying anything
for the wedding, take a moment to consider whether it’s actually a meaningful purchase and decide with your partner.

Not Tracking Expenses

There are so many things to pay for that it can be difficult to keep up with everything. But you definitely want to get into the habit of tracking
all expenses related to the wedding. Download the spreadsheet onto your phone or keep a detailed notebook on you at all times to make it
easier to track how much you’re spending.

Booking Multiple Vendors

Vendors typically have their own individual costs which also cover their services and travel expenses. These costs can add up with the more vendors
you book. Instead, try to limit the number of vendors involved. Be sure to also ask the venue about any additional services that are offered and the
costs for each. Streamlining vendors ultimately saves you time and money.

Not Prioritising

Prioritizing items on a budget is important so you can allocate more money and effort on the things that matter to you. Many couples simply work through
their checklist of items and make purchases without a particular order. Instead, sit down with your partner and create a short list of priorities together.
That way you’ll be in a better position to make key decisions which vendors to prioritize and which ones you can cut out.

Wedding budgets can be rather stressful but taking the time to research your options and staying organized will make things much more manageable.
If the wedding is still many years from now, consider opening a high interest rate savings account. You can use the funds you earn from interest to pay
for portions of your wedding.

Author’s Bio

Alex Morrison has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including event management,
financial support and signage. As the owner of Integral Media, he is now utilising his knowledge and experience with his rapidly increasing client portfolio
to help them achieve their business goals.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tips for the Perfect Destination Wedding

Planning the perfect wedding can be time-consuming and overwhelming. From the flowers to the cake and every
tiny detail in between, planning for one of the most special days in a couple’s lives can become a huge production.
One of the most recent trends in wedding planning is creating an idyllic destination wedding. This concept, while exciting,
can be a lot to take on. It should be done efficiently and with proper planning. Here are a few tips for creating the destination
wedding of your dreams.

The most important aspect of any destination wedding is, of course, the destination itself. While many may lean towards tropical
locations such as Jamaica or Aruba, more unique locations can make for a memorable trip for you and your guests. Start by
contacting industry experts to help you transform your celebration into a full experience. Exotic locations like Africa, Asia,
Oceania, and Europe can provide you, your bridal party, and your guests with the opportunity to explore parts of the world they
may not have seen otherwise.

Should you decide to bring family and friends along for an extended trip before the big day, set plans for accommodations as far
in advance as possible. Of course, this step is also important for those who are simply attending the day of the ceremony.
You want to be sure that for those exploring the area, there’s a comfortable place to regroup so that everyone is looking and
feeling their best for the main event.
No matter where you choose to roam for your destination wedding, various accommodations from hostels to hotels to a
bed & breakfast are available for you and your guests. Many bridal parties decide to rent entire homes for the days leading
up to the wedding in order to spend as much time together as possible, soaking up the experience that their travel provides.

Everyone wants the perfect photos to capture the highlights of their wedding day. Before your trip, find a photographer in the
location of your choosing who specializes in special events. Many travel sites will be able to recommend someone to you, so be sure to ask.
If you decide that you want a more old-fashioned set of photographic memories, consider providing your guests and travel companions with
disposable cameras to document their individual highlights. When you’ve all unpacked back home, plan a day to meet up and share your
unique photos and memories as opposed to emailing or texting photos from your phones. This way you have something to look forward to
after your trip has ended, extending the fun and excitement of your wedding just a little while longer.

The best part of any destination wedding is exploring the beauty of the world around you. Finding scenic tours, group excursions, and local
hotspots to explore with your future spouse and the people you love is the perfect addition to the memories of your special day.
An exciting adventure taking ice cave tours in Iceland followed by hot spring baths in their many geothermal pools could be just the thing to
energize and pamper your bridal party. Perhaps you’d rather take a romantic hike with your future spouse through the many ice caverns and
mountain regions in the area with an afternoon snorkel through the Silfra rift.
If you’re looking for an even more unique location for your destination wedding, why not explore the underrated beauty of Madagascar in the
Indian Ocean? Walk through waterfalls, meet exotic animals, or take a boat tour through the crystal-blue waters.
A location growing more popular in the world of getaways is the Maldives. With its breathtaking white sand beaches and clear aqua-colored
waters, you’re sure to relax and unwind as you walk across the glass floors of your private bungalow. Looking to bring along your bridal party?
Book a group of huts and plan your adventures. The Maldives are most known for scuba-diving, parasailing, hiking, and a variety of other
fun-in-the-sun activities.

Whatever your choice of location may be, planning these tours and activities with a group in advance will ensure that each day of your trip is
filled with potential memory-making outings. When all is said and done, your wedding day will become more than just a day, but a trip to
remember for a lifetime.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I love coming across photos of past clients ❤️ These two love birds have a beautiful son now. #boulderpointegolf #michiganweddingplanner #magazine #brideandgroom #yourethebride

The Colony Club ~ Lauren + Kevin 12/1/18

I was honored when the Mother of the Groom Holly recommend that Lauren contact us to help with the wedding. We coordinated her daughter Bethany’s wedding in 2013. Lauren and her bridesmaids started getting ready with hair and make up at the Greektown Casino Hotel. The guys also started preparations there followed by photos at the hotel and around Detroit. 

Maureen and Tracie began their day at The Colony Club setting up the decor including a cluster of hurricane candles and holders on each guest table adorned with rose petals, place cards, toasting flutes, champagne glasses, table numbers, guestbook, signs, bottle opener favors card box and lining the ceremony aisle with rose petals. Everything looked so beautiful!

The room looked stunning!

Lauren looked so radiant as she made her way down the aisle to Kevin. The ceremony was extra special as Kevin’s Aunt officiated.

The guests then enjoyed cocktail hour with a live jazz performance before being seated for a delicious plated dinner.

She's gorgeous!

Bethany and Lauren

Former Client Love Bethany, Scott and Raelynn

Everyone danced and celebrated the evening with the newlyweds! 


Officiant:  Kevin's Aunt Dawn

Venue: Colony Club

Hair and makeup: Bridesmaid Nicole

Flowers: Blossoms

Photographer: Ignited Photography

Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride

Transportation: Metro Cars

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Summer Beach Bag

Summer is just around the corner and we are excited to share this great nautical inspired bag to take along when your having fun in the sun! Gather all your essentials from your beach towel, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, sunglasses and pack them in this cute beach bag.

This makes a great gift for anyone especially the boater in your life complete with rope handles.

The bag can be personalized with up to 15 letters.

Click the link below to place your order.

If your looking for gifts for other occasions be sure to check out: 

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