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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hey if your looking for a fun wedding band consider these guys so fun!!

Keep Your Guests Entertained

       If you've ever been a guest at a wedding then you may have experienced the lengthy wait between the ceremony and reception. This is typically the time the couple leaves to take pictures with family and the bridal party. For the bride and groom this time may go by fairly quickly, but this is not usually the case for guests. To help keep guests at your wedding from groaning and complaining I have researched a couple fun activities either for the wait or during reception. During your planning process, if you find that your cocktail hour may take a couple hours then you may want to consider one or two of these ideas. Even if your cocktail hour will only take an hour feel free to add one of these ideas for a wow factor.


Sit down with your fiancé and write down a couple questions that only apply to one of you. Then have guests guess which one is about you and which one is about him. If your guests fill this out during cocktail hour have the DJ announce the answers during the reception or have an envelope on each table with one correctly filled out. This can be a fun thing to do as a couple and a good break from the stressful planning. 


Have guests write down marriage tips and advice. Place a jar or cute basket at the bar for completed slips then have your wedding coordinator or maid of honor grab it at the end of the night. Even guests who aren't married could have good ideas of how to better love each other.  

Date Nights

Another idea is having guests write down their favorite restaurants or date night ideas. This can be very helpful throughout your many years of marriage to try new things as a couple. Instead of going to the same restaurant every weekend draw a card and see where it will take you!
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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Of course you'll probably have a professional wedding photographer or videographer, but make your guests feel important by giving them a role in your special day. Place a list of picture ideas you and your fiancé would love to see from their perspective and give them the freedom to be creative with their shots. To see them all be sure to give guests a hashtag on Instagram to find them easily.  

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Inn at St. John’s ~ Lauren + Ryan 2/18/17

Lauren was referred to us by Deanna at Whimsical Occasions. We love referrals it means a lot! 
She and Ryan are busy Doctor's and had been planning their wedding but realized they wanted some assistance on the day of with set up and coordination. Lauren booked us for our Day of Wedding Management package for her wedding at The Inn at St. John's this past February. 

The flannels are perfect for a winter wedding although the weather wasn't too chilly that day which is surprising for Michigan as you never know what you will get in February.

Lauren looked stunning in her dress with a little bit of sparkle on her belt to complete her look. 

Ryan looking dapper with his handsome groomsmen!

A bittersweet moment as she takes that long awaited walk down the aisle with her father.

We really liked the dresses Lauren chose for her bridesmaids so different than what we usually see.
They can be worn again!  

The reception room looked amazing! We set up place cards, a popcorn bar, memory table, toasting flutes, cake and knife server, bathroom basket, lit candles and made sure everything was perfect before guest arrival. We also moved the ceremony flower arrangements to the reception so we could get double use out of them near the headt able. After dinner Samm and Tracie cleaned and packed all of the silver charger plates for the florist along with packing up all of the couple's belongings.

We always love the first dance such a special moment as Mr. and Mrs.! 

This group sure kept the dance floor packed!


Wedding Planner: You’re The Bride
Ceremony: Cross of Christ Church

Venue: The Inn at St. John's

Hair and makeup: The Makeup Loft

Flowers: Wedding Flowers by Heidi

Bakery: Buttercream Bake Shop 

Photographer: Alyssa McElheny 

DJ: An Ultimate Sound

Transportation: Millenium Limousines

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July Couple of the Month ~ Heather + Brian ~ Royal Oak Farmers Market

Brian and I met at a 2009 New Year's Eve Party at Central Michigan University. We talked for all of 2 minutes. A month later, we ran into each other at a mutual friend's house. This time we talked for hours and exchanged phone numbers. We started dating about a month after that. Seven years later, we got in engaged! Brian and I and our dog, Daisy, went on a long hike through the State Park up by Grand Traverse Bay with lunch packed. We ended up near the beach and it was there he proposed. 

Throughout the years, Brian and I have been through many changes together; from graduating college to starting our careers. A few years ago, we decided to move from Lansing to the Metro Detroit area where I grew up. Brian is an Account Manager for a large landscape company and I am a Benefits Coordinator for a Fortune 500 Company. We are lucky to live relatively close to both of our families and are able to see them on a regular basis. 

We are getting married September 30, 2017 at the Royal Oak Farmers Market. Ceremony and reception will both be held there. A good friend of ours is the officiant. There are 4 bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen, 2 ushers, and one absolutely adorable flower girl. The bridesmaids are wearing a two piece dress; white sleeveless top and eggplant tulle floor length skirt. The groomsmen are wearing dark gray 3 piece suites. Our theme is rustic garden with fall colors. 

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yes you can incorporate your fruits and veggies into your head table design!

Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Home

             When your planning a wedding you get caught up in all the wedding details so it's easy to forget about insurance. When your joining your lives you need to consider a way to protect your new husband and your home. Obtaining a life insurance and heath coverage are also key. 

            A lot of things make you happy. But what makes you content? The things that may come to mind - success in your career, or your happy marriage - are likely on your list because they create a few key feelings: a sense of belonging. A sense of love. A sense of security.
            In other words, contentment comes with peace of mind. Contentment doesn’t mean that you believe nothing can go wrong - it just means that you’re sure that you’re as prepared as you can be for things to go wrong. You’re not sure that you won’t have a reason to get stressed and fight with your husband or wife, but you are sure you’ve picked the best person possible and that the situation will be handled as well as it can be. You aren’t sure that everything will go smoothly at work tomorrow, but you are sure that you are a good fit for your job and that, no matter what, you’ve chosen a career that has value to you and have done work you’re proud of. Contentment means you’re secure in yourself, and don’t need any assurances from the outside world.
            That kind of peace of mind doesn’t come from any one thing. You haven’t earned contentment in your marriage because you remember your anniversary or happened to buy flowers last week: you’ve earned it through the sum of all those things. You achieve peace of mind by degrees, through actions and through decisions. You achieve it through your expertise and your experience at work, and through your years together and your words and actions in marriage. And you achieve it because you prepare for life’s difficulties, not just in the form of your experience and connections, but in concrete ways as well: from things as small as keeping a spare tire in your car to things as important as protecting your health, your home, and your family.

Protect yourself, your family, and your home with insurance

            There’s a reason insurance advertisements always mention “peace of mind.” They want you to buy, of course, but they’re right: insurance protections mean less worrying, and that can have a huge affect on your overall happiness and contentment.
            Not everything in your life needs insurance - contentment also means that losing small things won’t bother you. But there are some losses that no normal person can shrug off, and above all others is the wellbeing of your family. You don’t need to be rich to be happy, but you do need to have enough to get by, and that means that financial catastrophes can (and should!) worry normal people.
            What insurance offers is the ability to stop catastrophes in other areas of your life - from house fires to health emergencies - from becoming financial catastrophes as well. Nobody wants to lose a home, but as long as loved ones are safe, it’s a loss that most people can handle. But if you’re not insured, losing a home to fire means a massive financial loss that could prevent your family from being comfortable again anytime soon - and that’s a risk that will drain your sense of security and disrupt your peace of mind.
            Homeowner’s insurance is the answer, of course. Depending on your policy and any riders, homeowner’s insurance will pay for water damage repair after a flood or burst pipe, cover fire damage repair after a fire, or even help you replace your home entirely.
            That’s not the only type of insurance you’ll want, of course. Health insurance is absolutely vital (and the law currently mandates that you have it). Becoming seriously ill is a blow that even the most content among us would have trouble handling, but absorbing that blow is a lot easier when you can count on your insurance to cover the high costs of care - and in your (hopefully very many) healthy years, health insurance will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re as prepared as possible for any medical emergency.
            No matter how content you are, you probably aren’t thrilled by the idea of dying. But even this ultimate disaster can be made a little less awful by some of the small actions that help us build peace of mind. While you can’t wave a magic wand and guarantee that you’ll never suffer an untimely death, you can at least gain the massive sense of security that comes with knowing your family will be cared for no matter what. Life insurance like that offered by Our Life Covered can help make sure your husband, wife, kids, and/or other loved ones will have enough money to cover funeral costs, the loss of your income, and other potential expenses. Like other forms of insurance, life insurance is one small thing that helps build an overall sense of security and preparedness - and can make you feel more comfortable and content in your life.

            Contentment, like life, is more journey than destination. Our love for our families, our sense of belonging in our homes and careers, and our security in our lot in life are ever-changing and depend on the decisions we make. Just as with love and belonging, our sense of security comes from the sum of our actions. The actions we take to protect ourselves, our families, and our homes are our path to increased peace of mind and contentment. Buying good insurance is just one of those actions, but it’s an incredibly important one. Consider it an investment in your peace of mind, and one more step towards contentment.

Photo Credit: Amanda Mae Photography

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Find Exercise Opportunities in Everyday Activities

If your engaged you are worrying about a ton of things to get done on your to-do list. One of them is probably how will you look in your wedding dress! Being a busy bride-to-be with so many tasks can make you wonder how you can get fitness in but there is always a way! Here are some tips below that will help you reach your goals even if you are not a bride-to-be.

  When you think about physical fitness, you probably have some pretty strong associations. You may think of early-morning yoga enthusiasts or lunch-hour joggers. Or maybe you think of the New Year’s Resolution crowd sweating on exercise machines in the gym, or even bodybuilders shouting and straining under huge weights.

            These are all certainly good fitness activities, and if you’re hoping that this article will tell you not to run or go to the gym, then you’re out of luck. But what this article will argue is that these are not the only way to exercise. You can find ways to get a little exercise at a time through everyday activities that you would never think of as “working out.” There are ways to make calorie burning and muscle building a seamless part of your day-to-day life! These methods work best when combined with a running schedule or gym membership, of course, but every little bit that you do will help you.


            We mentioned yoga enthusiasts, joggers, and bodybuilders as fitness examples above, and each of those are associated with a particular type of exercise. But try to think for a moment of a group of people who you associate with physical fitness but not with any one particular type of exercise.
            You’re likely to think of urban dwellers or Europeans. There’s a reason that these people are stereotypically thinner than the rest of us, and it actually does have to do with one type of exercise that they’re all doing - though it’s not something we’d always think of as exercise. It’s walking.
            No, not “walking” in the sense of exercise, with the spandex and the iPod and the circular path around your neighborhood. Walking as a mode of transportation. These people are more likely to walk to the grocery store or the library. They walk to get around, and it becomes a normal part of their life. They walk at a comfortable pace. There are no fitness goals, just a simple destination.
            You can walk this way, too, though you may feel like you can’t. Even in car-dominated suburbs, there is likely at least one place you visit frequently that is less than a mile away. Do you drive to your neighbor’s home to visit? Why not walk instead? You can try longer trips, too. And you don’t have to walk the whole way - carry around the number of a taxi or car service. Call them when you’re tired or have them drive you halfway and drop you off. If that’s too extreme, just park further from the entrance of the store. Make walking a part of your daily routine, and you’ll be burning calories constantly.
            And if it’s really too far to walk? Maybe you should invest in a bicycle and double or triple your range.

I’ve got it!

            America is full of hard-working people. It’s a place where capitalism reigns and customer service is vital. So, as Americans, we enjoy a lot of opportunities to let other people do things for us.
            The taxi driver takes your bags and puts them in the trunk. The bellhop gets them from the trunk and carries them to your hotel room. Someone at your local farm and garden center will carry plants, soil, and other purchases to your car for you. Even grocery store employees will help you out.
            Here’s an idea: carry more things yourself. It builds muscle and burns calories. Walking while carrying something is a better workout than just walking. So find ways to slowly increase the amount of times that you volunteer to carry your own things. Maybe you don’t need to run out to your car and drop those bags off during your mall shopping trip (though, if you’ve parked your car far away, the extra walking will be nice!). Maybe you can handle your own groceries - on a smaller grocery store run, you may even be able to walk home with your bags in hand.

Fun, fun, fun

            Everyone has activities that they enjoy. And unless you’re solely interested in video games, you probably have at least one hobby that’s also exercise.
            Runners and tennis players know this, of course, but even more sedentary activities can include some exercise. You burn calories when you cast your fishing line, and you can burn more if you walk further down the river to a better spot, or move around a bit during the day. Choose to spend more days doing your favorite outdoor activity, and fewer inside eating food (and when you do go fishing, maybe bring fewer high-calorie beers).

            If you don’t have a calorie-burning hobby yet, consider getting one. It’s the most enjoyable way to sneak even more exercise into your daily life. If you’re attending dancing classes multiple times a week (and walking to the grocery store, and carrying your own bags), you may find that you get and stay thin without as many hard hours in the gym.

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