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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Feel Like A Princess On Your Wedding Day

We all want our wedding day to be a time that we will never forget and some will be keen
to go a little further than this. You might, for instance, want to ensure that you feel like royalty
on your wedding day. Is this possible? Absolutely, and here are some great tips to ensure
that’s exactly what it feels like. 

Find The Right Dress

You should always start by finding the right dress. Any bride will tell you that the right dress
will make anyone feel like a princess. We suggest that you go beyond the typical seller and
consider spending a little more to ensure that you find the absolute perfect fit for your wedding.
There are some great sellers to consider too like Allure Bridals who are certain to have some
beautiful dresses you are sure to love. 

Rent Jewelry

Everyone knows that a princess will always sparkle and shine with some incredible jewelry.
After all, who could forget the jewelry that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wore on their
wedding day. The right jewelry can accentuate the dress beautifully. Unfortunately, this might
not fit into the typical budget, but there are ways around this. You can actually rent wedding
jewelry to ensure that you will certainly look like royalty on your big day. 

Invest In The Ultimate Stylist

You might also want to consider investing in an ultimate stylist for your wedding day.
Have you ever seen a celebrity without makeup and wondered how on earth they look
so glamorous on-screen and at award shows? Well, their secret is a stylist and if you look
online you’ll find these experts are available to hire for your big day. They will guarantee that
you look incredible on your wedding day, like a true princess or even a queen. 

Choose The Perfect Venue 

You do need to think about selecting the right venue for your wedding day. If we’re thinking
about royalty, why not get married in a castle? Yes, there are venues like this available but
do be aware that they tend to get booked up fast. As such, you should make sure that you
are exploring this possibility as soon as you start planning your wedding. If you are open to
a location wedding, then Scotland certainly has a mystical magical atmosphere with plenty
of stunning castles to choose from. 

Arrive In Style

Finally, you definitely want to think about how you are going to arrive at your wedding.
There are lots of possibilities here and your partner is sure to have some ideas including
a classic car. However, if you are keen to have an incredible wedding, then why not consider
a horse-drawn carriage? These are still available to rent and are the perfect way to ensure that
you feel like Cinderella on your wedding day. They are a little more expensive than the typical
options but certainly worth it for the aesthetic they bring. 

We hope this helps ensure that you do feel like a real princess on your wedding day. 

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Healthy Habits for the New Year

Whether you are getting married in 2020 or just want to adopt some healthier habits as another year unfolds, people may reevaluate their ways and habits. These things affect their lifestyles in general. For example, vices affect one's health. Great workloads may trigger stress. Thus, it is essential to be mindful of how one spends their time and what they choose to indulge in. There are many healthy habits that one can incorporate this year.

Engage in Brain Exercise

Although it is good to move your body, your brain is important, too. Brain games such as Sudoku can be found on many websites. You can have a Sudoku monthly subscription. These activities can help you gain mastery of skills. These brain games are also a productive way to relax. Having your brain constantly stimulated will help prevent the onset of dementia. It is never too early to invest in still having a sharp mind even as you age.

Moreover, brain games are loaded with benefits but are inexpensive. Your free time is better spent in such pastimes rather than browsing through social media.

Choose to Go Green

Being more aware of your surroundings will translate to a healthier place to live in. Simple things such as reducing plastic use have a great impact when done collectively. The choice to walk or ride a bicycle to reduce carbon emissions also makes a person healthy. Organic produce is also better for the body. Truly, a person cannot outgive nature. When one decides to take care of it, nature has a way to give back to the person with positive things.

Connect with One's Soul

With the noise of the modern world, it is easy to disconnect with the inner voice in you. As such, you may find yourself confused, stressed, or rattled easily. Thus, for the new year, it is good to regain a sense of calm.

You can try yoga and meditation. But there are other practices to reconnect with your soul. This endeavor is beneficial. If you can hear your inner voice amidst all the noise, you will be more driven with your goals.

Explore the World around You

Stepping out of your comfort zone is good. Traveling is always a good investment. Aim to see the world more. It does not need to be grand. It can be somewhere in town that you have not been to before. But remember not to go in debt just to fulfill your desire to expand your world.
Traveling poses many benefitsand is good for your well-being. The mental stimulation, social connection, and emotional break are only a few of them.

Do Things with Others

People are social beings. Having activities involving others is beneficial in themselves for interaction. But there are more advantages when you do things with others. For example, exercising with somebody will keep you more motivated. Sharing a meal with somebody will make you more aware if you are already full. Volunteering or traveling with friends deepen relationships. It is vital to go back to the basics of having warm interactions rather than the superficial connection that social media offer.

Being healthy is not only about the physical aspect. Healthy habits encompass different aspects of a person's life. If you are not yet practicing some of these habits, the start of the year is the perfect time to begin doing so.

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The Chaos Of Keeping Everyone Happy At Your Wedding

Ultimately it’s your wedding day, and you would think that as long as you’re happy, everyone else in the room is going to be happy. But life is just not that simple. Families and relationships are literally torn apart due to the chaos of having to keep everyone happy at a wedding. Some family members might not speak to each other, some hate their seats, some hate the wedding DJ. The point is, everyone has something to moan about at a wedding, and it can ultimately ruin your day. So when you’re planning the day, you have to think about what’s going to make everyone else happy. The more you do so, the more the day is going to flow. You’ll find people dancing until the early hours of the morning, rather than an empty venue by midnight. You’ll see and hear laughter all day long, and most of all, you’ll be over the moon with how the day has gone. So, here’s how you can calm the chaos of keeping everyone happy at your wedding.

Image Source

Keeping The Bridesmaids Happy

Your bridesmaids are going to be your support system through all of this. Probably more so than your partner. If you’re the type to take the lead and make all of the decisions, then your bridesmaids will definitely be your confidants. So to keep them happy, there’s a few things you need to do. The first is to visit for dresses and pick out the one you know they’re all going to love. Always get their opinion, and always make sure they’re happy with the dress. Some brides make the mistake of going for what they want, even at the expense of their bridesmaids unhappiness. The second tip we have is to dish out jobs between them. Big arguments are caused over who does what, which can all be solved if you hand out roles that you think they’d like  to do.

Keeping Your Families Happy

Your families are going to be a tough one to keep happy, especially when they’re no doubt investing some money into it. To keep families happy, you simply need to make sure the seating arrangement is done so that people are sitting together who talk and interact. Sitting people with those they don’t know can be a complete party killer, yet some like to do it so that all the guests are mingling. Another tip is to let them contribute and help towards planning the day. The more involvement they have, the more they feel like their money is being well spent.

Keeping Yourselves Happy

Finally, make sure you’re keeping yourselves happy. It’s so easy to let the want of others take over your own needs. A wedding should ultimately make everyone happy, and you shouldn’t be bending over backwards to make that happen. The more simple you keep the wedding, the easier it’s going to be to keep everyone, including yourselves, happy.

Hopefully you’ve got some great tips ready to plan your own wedding, no matter when it is!

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Honeymoon Planning: The Do's And Don'ts

You and your spouse-to-be have probably thought a great deal about your wedding day and the

precise itinerary you’ll follow. You may, however, have spent less time thinking about the honeymoon -

you know, the fun bit after the show!

When it comes to marriages, the wedding is essential, but the honeymoon is where you lock it down.

That’s when you find out why you decided to marry the person you did, and you get to explore the best

that they have to offer. 

But how do you plan a honeymoon and organize the trip of a lifetime? Take a look at the following ideas. 

Do Book Now To Keep Prices Low, Especially If You Have A Particular Destination In Mind

With the rise of last-minute travel deals, it is tempting to leave booking your honeymoon to the last minute. 

Bad idea!

While you can get some decent last-minute deals, they tend to be for destinations which, for some reason,

can’t fill vacancies. More often than not, they’re in places you never planned on visiting and never would have,

even if you lived a thousand years. 

The best time to book a honeymoon is around six months out. This window of time is when prices for both flights

and accommodation are lowest — leaving it to the weeks before could mean that you pay more than you need. 

Don’t Copy Anyone Else’s Honeymoon Schedule

As a couple, you intrinsically understand how much or how little activity you want on your honeymoon. There’s no

need, therefore, to follow the itinerary of another couple. Honeymoons should be unique, bespoke, and tailored to your relationship. 

Don’t Always Use The Internet As Your Guide

The internet is a fabulous resource - no question. But you don’t need to rely on it entirely to find out more about honeymoon destinations.

There’s still a role for actually talking to people who’ve been there to find out what it’s really like. 

Just use your common sense, too. Look at the way that holiday companies represent places you’ve been in the past - even your home town!

Often, you’ll find that they use flattering angles and saturated colors to make destinations look better than they actually are. It’s sneaky,

but it happens. You don’t want to arrive and be disappointed. 

If you don’t know anyone who has been to the location you have in mind, then use sites that offer reviews. See what people said about the

destination in general and the local amenities, like hotels and restaurants. 

Do Use A Travel Agent

A honeymoon isn’t just a regular holiday. It’s an opportunity for you to delight at the beginning of a new life with the person you love.

It should feel a little different from a regular trip. 

Because honeymoons are a once-in-a-lifetime event, you want to make sure that they go off without a hitch. You don’t want to arrive

having flown halfway around the world, only to find that your hotel is a building site.

While many people try to go without travel agents, honeymoons are an exception. With a travel agent, you can make sure that everything

works like clockwork, and there are no disasters. You can still design your holiday however you like, but you get a little extra assistance along

the way. All the tedious planning is done for you. 

Do Leave A Break Between Your Wedding And Honeymoon

While it is traditional to get married and then go off on honeymoon, you don’t have to. Many couples now wait for several weeks, even months,

before they set off on their big adventure. 

Giving yourself a little break is probably a good idea. It gives you a chance to rest and recuperate after the wedding, get your bearing,

and think about where you really want to go. 

Don’t Spend The Whole Time Relaxing

While leisure is an integral part of any honeymoon, there should also be a sense of adventure. You want to do something that

is challenging and will help bring you closer together as a couple. You want to get to the end of the

experience feeling as if you’ve achieved something. Ideally, you’ll have more to show for your efforts than a nice tan. 

Do Keep It Off Social Media

While social media is the outlet most people use to advertise their holidays, honeymoons are something special.

They’re your private getaway with the person you love. There’s no need to involve anyone else. 

Are you planning a honeymoon? What do you think of these ideas?

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Why People Spend a Lot on Beauty and Personal Care Products

Did you know that women in America spend an average of $313 every month for beauty and personal care products? That is about $250,000 in their lifetime. Some people are then left wondering why women tend to spend a lot of money to stay beautiful. Is it for vanity, popularity, or just narcissism? What other people do not realize is that taking care of one's self is necessary.

There is also the truth that society places very high standards when it comes to beauty. As a result, people tend to purchase a few tools and products that can help them improve their appearance. Some even hire professional stylists, visit a dermatologist, or go to a hair salon in Orem.
People believe that if you look and feel good, great things will happen in your life. Take a look at the following scenarios that will make you invest in beauty products, too.

Increase your confidence level

If you have all the tools and items to look great, you will not feel terrible every time you look in the mirror. You will also gain the confidence to face anyone and anything. Beauty products do not only improve your attractiveness. They also make you feel great about yourself. So, you will feel braver to take on different tasks.

Improve your career

Investing in skincare and cosmetic products can also give you a better chance in your chosen career. Simple grooming and styling techniques can make a huge difference in your appearance. This is important, for instance, when you are invited for a job interview or a business meeting. You will make a better impression if you show up looking professional, stylish, and elegant.

Focus more on hygiene

A lot of personal care products also help you pay attention to your health and hygiene. With all the products out in the market, you will find specific items that address issues in your body. These include breakouts, skin dryness, and frizzy hair.

Boost your chances of attracting a partner

Some people go through a phase when they want to find a partner for life. If you are one of those who would love to attract a potential partner, you might want to improve your appearance. This does not mean that you need to undergo cosmetic surgery or expensive procedures. You only need to learn a few things about beauty, style, and fashion. If you always look great, people will more likely notice you. With this, you will be able to attract someone.

If you want to start investing in beauty and personal care tools and products, do it for yourself. Do not let anyone dictate you about what is best for your appearance. Keep in mind that staying beautiful can help you gain more confidence. If you take care of your looks, you will stop being scared to grab big opportunities waiting for you. Also, you will learn how to take care of yourself more. The most important part here is that you get to live a happier, contented, and more confident life.

Photo Credit:  Jesse Speelman

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Friday, January 17, 2020

How to Avoid Mortgage Refinancing Scams

Many couples refinance their homes after a while but they must be careful as refinancing scams are unfortunately very real and very rampant. To avoid falling victim to these types of mortgage scams, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.

If you're looking to refinance your home, don't risk sinking even deeper underwater by falling for a refinancing scam. These scammers can bury you in deeper debt, cause you to lose your home's equity, or even lose your house entirely.

When looking for an opportunity to refinance your mortgage, here are some tips you should keep in mind to avoid getting scammed:

1. Avoid companies that contact you

Scammers often use predatory measures to sniff out vulnerable people who are looking for ways to keep their home. Most of them will try to contact you via phone, email, or direct mail and try to bait you with an "easy way out." Instead of dealing with these suspicious companies, contact a reliable source only, like a trusted mortgage broker in Provo, Utah.

2. Don't give out personal information

If you receive a phone call, email, or direct mail asking for your personal information in exchange for their service, be wary. Many scammers like to offer enticing deals but not without asking you for your name, age, birth date, and Social Security number. If they get these kinds of information, they can steal your identity and commit fraudulent activities with it, which can cause disastrous repercussions for you.

When you receive offers like these from companies other than your lender, don't give out your personal information, especially over the phone.

3. Never pay upfront fees

Scammers can ask for upfront fees so that they can "work" with your current lender. They will usually ask you to pay through suspicious means (e.g. gift cards, wire transfer, prepaid debit card), which are untraceable and make it easy for them to run away with your money.

Requesting upfront fees is illegal; the FTC's Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule states that a homeowner doesn't have to pay a fee until their lender has accepted the request to refinance. So if you run into a refinance offer with an upfront fee, stay as far away from it as possible.

4. Find help on your own

Contact your current lender first to see what you can do with refinancing or modifying your mortgage. Try negotiating your current payment terms before looking for refinancing options. If you must work with a third-party, do plenty of research to make sure that the company is legitimate before doing business with them.

5. Be wary of suspicious emails

Scammers may use names of fake companies or the names of existing companies to do their bidding. Either way, you must be very analytical when reading emails that offer to refinance your home. These emails may want to trick you into giving out your personal information (phishing) or make an unnecessary payment to a fake company.

If you receive an email with one or more of these characteristics, it's probably a fake one:

  •                 It's asking for your personal information
  •                 The logo, web address, or email address don't look real 
  •                 The grammar, punctuation, or spelling is off       
  •                 The message is pressuring you or making you panic         

With these tips, you can have more peace of mind knowing that you know how to spot a refinancing scam. If you want to learn more about mortgage loans and refinancing, visit Intercap Lending today.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Start the Year Right: The Things to Improve for Your Business

It's the start of a brand new year. Now is the time to take a look at how you can improve your company's products and services to keep you at the top of your game. You wouldn't want to lose customers and all the good reputation you've built up after all.

6 Simple Things to Improve for Your Business This Year

1. Keep up with the latest trends.

In business, the more you know, the more you grow. Keeping up with what's hot in the market and what the projected trends are will help you strategize and make well-informed decisions as an entrepreneur and businessman.

Know the pulse of the consumers and patrons. Find out which products are evergreen, which are fads, and which ones are not worth investing time and money. These things help save your company precious time and resources which you can allocate for worthier pursuits.

2. Consider reinventing the company or brand.

Innovation is the key to success in any business. Take the time to take a hard and honest look at your company and see if changes need to be done immediately.

Do you need to tweak some processes or update certain standards and protocols or is your company in dire need of an overhaul?

Sometimes, small changes are enough to keep your company toe-to-toe with the competition. However, there are also instances where dramatic changes need to take effect to serve as your business' launchpad and propel it all the way to the top.

3. Make the most of the latest technologies available.

In this day and age, technology is one of your best allies in improving your business. Make use of the available technology that applies to your industry and type of business.

For instance, find out more about that POS system grant in Singapore to help you improve the way your SG business runs. Research about that intercom system package in Australia that could help run your medium business more efficiently. Acquire the services of content and digital marketing companies in the United States to boost your online presence.

Whatever form of technology it is, do your due diligence to see if it will serve your company. If it does, do not be afraid to invest in it.

4. Make two to-do lists.

The concept is simple. One list is for the general goals: short-, medium-, or long-term. These are the things you hope to accomplish in a month, a quarter, or a year. All of that is in the first list.

The second list contains the things you can do today that will help contribute and tick off items from your first list. This to-do-today list could onlyprobably contain two or three items or if the tasks are easy, about five to seven items.These will help keep you accountable for your actions and time management and keep you right on schedule.

5. Share the load with your team.

No man is ever an island. Get your team together and share whatever burden it is that you can.
Unload your worries on them and ask for their input about your concerns. The brilliance of teamwork usually shines in brainstorming sessions. Ideas you don't have or have never considered pop up from these meetings, giving everyone a fresh take on matters.

Do not be afraid to delegate. Let your team take ownership of and responsibility for the company.

6. Know where you stand in the race.

We all say it's not healthy to compare yourself with others. While this statement may generally be true, comparing where you stand in the marketplace against the competition will give you the necessary motivation to act.

Check out how you are doing against your rivals. Find out what their best practices are and what things they did wrong. Knowing these things and factoring them into your decisions will help your company improve the goods and services you offer to your clients.

Follow these helpful tips and prepare yourself for a busier and more productive year ahead. May this new year bring in bigger and better opportunities for you, your team, and your company.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Are Promotional Products Still Important?

Over the years we have handed out many different items to prospective clients when participating in bridal shows. Marketing one's business has entirely changed for the past couple of years. Now, you can efficiently market your products through social media or even in the most popular search engines that people use today. So, do promotional products still play a crucial role in the business world?

There are various factors that you need to consider when starting up a promotional business. Aside from planning its structure, it would be best if you also learned how to set yourself apart from your competitors. It's very much applicable, especially when you're promoting your brand.

Why Promotional Products Are Crucial

One way to let everyone know about your company is through effective marketing -- and what better way to do it than to use promotional products.

Using promotional products is almost identical to business cards but with a better purpose. You can order custom shirts in Utah and give it away to a customer to show that you care. It's an excellent ad strategy, especially if you want to remind them of the existence of your business.

When it comes to business strategies, most experts consider promotional products as one of the cheapest. Using simple products such as customized mugs are very much affordable. Yet, it still drives brand recognition as well as reputation.

Using these products can boost employee morale, too. There are several instances where businesses can give promotional products to their employees. Doing so helps create positivity within the office. For example, if an employee wins an award, you can give them a high-quality item as a prize. It's an excellent way to reward your employees while promoting your business at the same time. Now, it's crucial to ensure that you only choose products that your employees will find useful. That's because most people often see a useless item as a poor judgment on the company's end.

Choosing the Best Promotional Products

Choosing the right promo products for your business can be a challenge, especially if it's your first time to do it. It's only normal to feel overwhelmed about it at first. But selecting the perfect promotional items is a must if you want to ensure its success.

If you want to know the best promotional items for your marketing goals, you need to assess your business. You also need to see which products align with it. If you're selling gadgets, then it makes sense if you hand out products related to the items that you're selling.

You need to consider the quality of the items, too. Since people expect to receive only the best things from every company, you need to ensure that your promotional products are on par with their expectations. If you sell clothes, you want to get your products from reliable fabric suppliers. Doing so can help you get the best value for our money.

As many people are becoming environmentally conscious, it is also a good idea to give away eco-friendly promotional materials. It is like hitting two birds with one stone - creating brand awareness as well as promoting and supporting a good cause.

Using promo products is just one of the many ways that you can market your business. So, before you start looking for the right items for your business, you first need to learn more about your target market. Doing so will give you the correct information that you can use to choose the best promo materials for your company.

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