Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bridal Footwear

When it comes to wedding shoes, brides now days are foregoing the traditional white satin heels for some fun and funky footwear with a bit more flair. Here are some alternatives to the basic white heels that really show how versatile wedding shoes have become:

Cowboy Boots

These are perfect for a barn wedding or if you want to add a little country kick to your wedding day look.

Barefoot Sandals

These are a popular choice for beach ceremonies. While most brides go barefoot on the beach anyway, these add a pretty detail to your feet.

Customized/Hand Painted Shoes

With online sites such as etsy and pinterest, the options are endless when it comes to a bride's creativity. You can have customized shoes that are hand painted to suit your wedding colors, theme, names, date, or whatever else your little heart desires.

Flats and Flip Flops

Many women (myself included) just can't handle walking in heels even for a little bit. Flats are an easy alternative and are perfect for dancing the night away. Take it a step further and match them to your color scheme and coordinate with your bridal party for some fun photos. 

Your 'Something Blue'
Many brides have chosen to incorporate their something blue into their wardrobe in the form of their footwear. If this is the route you choose, don't be afraid to try out all different shades the color to make sure the blue you choose is right for your skin tone and really 'pops' against your dress.

Whatever you call them, brides (and grooms!) are going casual. I love this look because the couples are staying true to their personal style and the look just works.

Whether you decide to wear Toms during your wedding or hold on and get some like the ones above for your honeymoon, they are a comfortable choice for everyday footwear.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Krista and Josh 5/31/14 ~ Elegant Black + White Affair

Krista contacted YTB in March of 2014 for Day-of-Coordination for her May 2014 wedding. She had planned all of the details but needed someone to pull it all together on the day of. Since Krista lives in Ohio, Tracie and Melissa first met with her on Skype. Melissa was the lead Coordinator and Emily assisted.

It was the perfect sunny day to have an outdoor reception on the patio of 42 North located inside the Renaissance Center. It was absolutely beautiful overlooking the river and Canada. 

Go 4 Baroque string quartet was the perfect addition to create the ambiance for a romantic ceremony. 

Krista looked stunning in her wedding gown. I loved the texture of her dress. 
Denise Tucker from Perfect Day Celebrations pronounced Krista and Josh, husband and wife.

There was a little break between the ceremony and the reception. Krista and Josh changed in Korean wedding attire for photos to honor Josh’s culture.

 Melissa and Emily finished all of the set up during this time. Krista was very crafty and made all of the centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, favors, and seating cards. 

Every other table had a beautiful vase with Manzanita branches with magnolias attached. 

The other tables had one pillar made of wood, one pillar made of mercury glass, and a crackled glass candle holder.

When guests arrived for cocktail hour they signed the guest book, grabbed their seating card, and signed a beautiful wooden P. It will make a neat addition to their home.  


Cocktail hour was out on the balcony of 42 North. Guests enjoyed yummy hors d’ oeuvres and drinks with a wonderful background.  


After cocktail hour the guests came inside. The room is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, the view was amazing!  

Next, the bridal party and the new husband and wife were announced. 

Everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner. 

Krista and Josh cut the elegant, all white cake that had a pretty white flower on it. 

The guests partied and danced all night!

Congratulations Krista and Josh! 
You're The Bride is thrilled to have been a part of your special day.

Venue: 42 North
Hotel: Marriott Renaissance Center
Photographer: George Street
Officiant: Denise Tucker, Perfect Day Celebrations
String Quartet: Go 4 Baroque
DJ: JD Entertainment
Wedding Coordinator: You’re The Bride ~ Melissa and Emily
Cake: Mannino’s
Hair and Make up: Christine Fitzpatrick

Friday, July 18, 2014

Accommodating Elderly Wedding Guests

Your wedding is a special day for you and your entire family. When it comes to planning, its important to remember the part of the family that may need a little more attention. Oftentimes when we are looking for the perfect reception venue we are focusing on the party and not if the restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Here are some things to keep in mind that can make sure that grandma and grandpa enjoy the celebration as much as everyone else.

***Not all elderly require any special consideration and this post is not meant to be ageist or demeaning in any way.

The elderly want to enjoy the party as much as everyone else, and with a little extra consideration on your part you can make that possible. Things to consider are uneven terrain and hillsides or even stairs at your ceremony site (like the picture above). If you do not consider mobility when looking for your different wedding sites, then it could end up becoming a huge issue that you have to deal with on your wedding day. Before you do any planning, figure out if there are any elderly guests that you will be inviting and find out what their limitations might be. A good question to ask yourself is "will they be able to walk?" Do they need assistance with a cane or maybe just need an escort? A valet may also be something to keep in mind so your guests, all of them, don't have to make the trek from the parking lot to the front door. This is especially important if the parking lot is gravel. An unconventional venue like a barn, which has been such a huge trend for a while now, might not have wheelchair ramps and will most likely only have gravel or dirty parking areas. Other privately owned and unconventional venues will be similar. Historical sites, such as mansions, museums, and gardens might also have difficulty accommodating your elderly guests. 

Lets say that you fall in love with a venue and absolutely have to have it, but they don't have any ramps to accommodate guests with those needs. Well, you can rent ramps from companies or even if you are up to it, build one on your own. 

Bathrooms are another issue as a lot of outdoor venues or unconventional venues might not have restrooms on site. You may need to hire port-o-potties or a restroom trailer, which are usually not at all handicap accessible. Speaking of outdoor weddings, especially in the ever popular summer months, it is beyond HOT. While most of your guests can sit through your ceremony for a half hour, your elderly guests may not be able to handle the heat at all. Try to compromise by finding an outdoor space that allows for some type of shade and provide some bottled water or small fans for guests to try to beat the heat. *Bonus-make fans that double as programs for your guests and kill two birds with one stone.

Lastly, many elderly have a regimented medication schedule that they follow daily. You may have to designate a trusted friend or family member to make sure those that take pills are taking them when they are supposed to. Also, some  elderly will have a caregiver and you need to be aware of this information so you can accommodate them as well. 

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Wedding Day Style is not just for Brides Anymore.

A man can never go wrong with a traditional black tuxedo on his wedding day. The black wedding tux is the perfect blend of sophistication and class for the occasion. However, more and more grooms are taking a break from this wedding day staple and thinking outside the box by incorporating their own unique personal style into their wedding day look. Wedding day fashion is not just for brides anymore!

Even though I like to think that I have a pretty good eye when it comes to men's fashion, I admit that I am no expert. I asked a friend of mine, Jason Carbary, Owner of Detroit Beautiful Events, to share with us some of his favorite wedding day looks.

Looking to the Past....

1940's London

Take some inspiration from the past-when men wore suits everyday and weren't afraid to add different color and pattern combinations. This might be far from the black and white traditional tux, but its still a very classy look. Just make sure you don't overshadow the bride. 

Go Bold or Go Home....


Wedding guests can also get in on the action. Solid color suits can definitely make a statement. Try pairing one of the suits above with a subtle shirt to compliment the bold colors or go big and match the suit with a great striped shirt and dotted tie combination. Here are some suggestions for pairings below.


The Comeback Kids....

The last few years have seen a reemergence of suspenders and bowties. They are virtually everywhere-and for good reason. I absolutely love these items. And it is no surprise that Jason included them in this list, since I have seen him on many occasions rocking a bowtie and some suspenders of his own.

From Head to Toe...

While a nice pair of shoes, such as the ones below, can really tie a look together, its whats hidden inside the shoes that's really making a splash nowadays. I am talking about socks. Now Jason is known for his signature wild socks, which he wears everyday. So its no surprise that I got some great images from him. Here are some unique ways that grooms are showing their personality below the surface.

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